Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Celebrities! They're just like humans!
Tyra Banks is fat. Angelina Jolie is petulant.

Or, perhaps, they're just human.

Banks has been criticized for gaining weight, thus making her look more like a healthy adult woman than a skeletal mannequin. She, wisely, has admitted to liking the occasional pancake, which makes her pretty much like everybody else.

Jolie appeared sullen on the Golden Globe red carpet and was criticized for her attitude. Turns out her mother was dying of cancer. (Marcheline Bertrand died Saturday.) Maybe Jolie was trying to cope with a welter of emotions.

We put celebrities on pedestals and then tear them down. It's the way the game works, fairly or unfairly. But to tear people down for being people ... that seems, well, inhumane.

But, then again, you know what they say about opinions. Including this one.
Right. The media and parasitic viewers would be better off, as my grandmother use to say, tending to their own gardens.
How come voices of reason rarely get heard?
Rock on Tyra.

Jolie doesn't need to tell anything to anyone. Its no ones business what her kids have for breakfast, if she and Brad are having more kids or anything else for that matter.
A Larry King special because someone called Tyra "fat"??
I was just begining to be impressed by her talk show..For the postiive messages she is trying to give young women.
But it truly seems to bother her that she was called "America's top waddle"
She looks great..And the way she went on and on..seemed to make it clear that no matter how rich famous or attractive you are, it 'DOES' matter..The opposite of the point Tyra was trying so hard to make..

We surely do have a long long way to go..:(
It all comes down to money. When we see these icons on our favorite entertainment programs, we expect to be entertained! Because they make so much wealth for "pretending" to be a persona that we dream about, we can't imagine that they are phased by pressures that we face on a daily basis. "Let the agent / maid / doorman / bodyguard / P.R. person handle that." is the thought that often crosses our minds. I was even cross with Angelina when she stood quietly by Brad Pitt as he fielded questions from Seacrest at the Golden Globes. :-/

Well, Tyra is a thick sista, and brothas like me love her that way! :-)

May the Great Sprirt have mercy on Angelina Jolie's family. :-(

And may the public (including myself) ease up on these entertainers as they struggle thru their private Dante's Infernos just like the rest of us.
You said it correctly, celebrityism (actors\actresses+hollywood role=celebrityism) is a game and you have to know how to play it, WELL! They have all these extra qualities because money obviously plays the big and only factor. It's a hit and miss game when it comes to tearing down a celeb and this month is Tyra which I must say she is VERY fine and needs to change not a thing! They make the big money and live a large life which is what every person in the world tries to build on a daily basis and this is what goes with the territory: gossip, poperatsy, lies, divorce battles and fans that stalk.
Why does anyone care about Tyra's "extra" weight? Or Angelina's long face? To expect celebrities to be their perfect selves all the time is entirely unreasonable. Besides, who's to say what's Tyra's perfect weight or Angelina's perfect state of mind? Not you, not me.

And I'd bet you a dollar that those who write about them aren't perfectly proportioned or a ray of sunshine 24/7, either.
So who cares if she is fat or not, it's her business, she's not on the runway anymore, so if she gains a bit of weight so be it. I'm so sick of the media blowing things out of proportion, they are never happy. If she were skinny, they'd say she was not eating and anorexic. The fact is she looks healthy and there is nothing wrong with that.
Tyra Banks is fat, if your going to put yourself in the public spotlight and reap the benefits (with no talent) you should be openly criticized. She's fat, and so is 55% of the U.S population. What's your point?
You mean, like, opinions and sphincters? Everybody has one, and they're all so full of, um, is that what you were thinking?
I enjoy movies made by actresses/actors. When they aren't making movies I don't care what they do.
yeah, and she's gonna lose weigth quickly and make a few millions from one of those diet companies...
Agree with all of you. We need regular lookin people and regular emotioned people.
Wrong, Diana. Jolie and Pitt chose their celebrity lifestyles and everything that comes with it - including being in the limelight, having a microphone shoved in their faces, and asking them such personal questions. It's part of their job. If she doesn't want to perform this particular part of her profession on this day, then she should have stayed home, or went in through the back door, or at the very least acknowledged the questions and said "thank you, but no comment today". To snub a reporter as she did when she "accepted" the position by showing up on the red carpet makes her a bit of a snob.
You know, I totally agree with Todd Leopold. My wife is a singer and I have met many a celebrity, but I treat them no different than my other friends. The only difference between a celebrity and average joe is the fact that a celebrity makes in one year what an average joe makes in 50 years!
I dont care what the media says. That women is stunning no matter what her weight is. The media just waits for moments like this to pounce on celebrities, writing cruel headlines and then wonder why so many celebrities (mainly women) try to lose weight too quickly. THEN the media jumps on them for being too skinny and being unhealthy. Celebrites do sign on for this type of deal when they become famous but they are still people who can get their feelings hurt. They are just fodder for the masses to tear down. I admire Tyra Banks and she has paid her dues in the modeling world and can do what she likes now. The media needs to find some worthy news to talk about instead of scrapping the bottom of the barrel w/petty insults.
Now really people... do you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO? What is your idea of fat? my idea of a fat person is 400lbs.. Tyra is not fat... Find some real news to talk about.
tyra banks is unbelievably charismatic at 160lb....all females of her age should be so "lucky"....to look like
"WE" don't put celebrities on pedestals-the news media does. If the media wouldn't do a news flash everytime a celebrity farts or sneezes then maybe they could actually live a normal life. But on the other hand these celebrities knew what they were going into when they chose to enter that field. So if life isn't how they visioned it to be-then change your life style Angelena Jolie and any other celebrity that spends their time whining because they have NO PRIVACY!
Of course celebrities are humans! Just because they have a special talent to act doesn't make us any lower.
Usually I have little sympathy for celebrities but I was appalled by how some bashed Angelina Jolie after the Golden Globes. First, even before I learned of her mother's passing, I thought she acted fine and just didn't want to take the spotlight away from Brad on his big night, and Ryan Seacrest isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and asked stupid questions anyway, but to learn her mom was in the late stages of cancer just breaks my heart. The media and the general public need to lighten up on Brad and Angelina. Every word uttered from their lips gets twisted and every expression gets nitpicked to the point of craziness. It's turning into a witch-hunt and they don't deserve it.

Tyra looks great with the extra pounds.
I think the media has run out of topics to discuss so they are turning to photo shop and creating stories that have no credibility. As for Angelina Jolie...they can't find anything else on her so they waste our times discussing her demeanor? Give me a break; it seems like anyone can work for the media...all you need is a certification in photo editing and the gift of gab! No educational criteria required!
Tyra should have just told them to f**k off. Angelina (or Tyra, for that matter) should have no reason to explain anything to anyone.
You people are insane, Tyra Banks made a fortune of having her picture taken on her terms looking her best. Her fortune was made on that most shallow of professions, and now a pic or 2 surfaces that aren't quite as flattering and it's some kind of crime? She certainly didn't mind all the money and opportunity her modeling career provided...seems a bit hypocrytic to complain about the fat stuff. The fat pics are just the other side of the coin, it's fairplay.....go to hell Tyra, literally.
if 161 pounds is "fat" for someone as tall as tyra banks? That's ridiculous. Celebrities don't have to look a million bucks every minute of every day. I'd look pretty sad if my mother were ill too.
Tyra is just a regular person huh? Geez, I thought she was a former supermodel.

Tyra Banks has become rich and famous because of her looks. She might have other talent, but probably not nearly enough to make her rich or famous (just like the rest of us).

If she doesn't like the criticism, quit and take an office job. Otherwise, go on a diet or take whatever the critics dish out.

From the photos, she does look "fat," IMO. Which is fine for most people, but if you've built your reputation posing in a bikini, your beach body is fair game. Its no bigger a waste of time poking fun at her cellulite than it is watching the silly programs she appears in.

If her audience doesn't care, more power to her. But forget getting indignant about it.
Thank goodness someone like Tyra Banks is speaking out. It is impossible to be model thin forever. You'd be dead if you did. Personally, I feel pretty good hearing what she weighs. I'm 33, have three kids (ages 2, 4 and 6), I'm 5'7" and weigh 145, and was feeling bad because I wasn't as thin as I was before I had kids. I feel like a SUPER MODEL now! Thank you Tyra for speaking out. I do think that most of America is overweight, but there is certainly NOTHING wrong with weighing EXACTLY what you should weigh for your height. She's 5'10", people. That's taller than most men! THANK YOU and enjoy your pancakes! Stop by my house for Sunday brunch and enjoy pancakes with my family anytime.
For Celine, Medford, OR - I saw the clip on CNN from Tyra Banks show. She was very open and honest about her weigh gain. She states that she has gain and lost weight post-modeling and seems to happynwith herself. She does made alot of statement about getting girls and women to accept their bodies. Although, I haven't seen Larry King, I'm sure that her message, as it also has been her message oin Next Top Model.
ANd to James Olsen - according to the medical community for accepted body weight, Tara Banks at a current 148 lbs is at the top 10% of the noraml range for her height. You need to change your definitions of "fat".
The average american woman is a size 14. I don't know what size Tyra is bu it shoudn't matter. You know you gain weight as you get older sometimes in spite of yourself. Our genetics effect us all the idea is to maintain a healthy weight--HEALTHY not skin and bones. Not everone has good metabolism or it doesn't work like it should. Tyra is just fine leave her alone.
I love it when it is said that the media is to blame for putting "these kinds of stories" on the sites and on air... when the audiences are the ones pumping the Neilsens and clicking on the gossip columns and denying it. They only sell you what you will buy, if you claim to not like it, then stop wnting it.
At 5'10" tall and 161 lbs, Tyra Banks is 5 pounds over the recommended weight for a woman of medium frame.


I would not characterize that as "fat", especially because she is tall enough to carry those 5 extra pounds. She is a beautiful woman and I think she looks great!

Most busy women struggle to maintain their weight as they get into their 30s. And most women are larger than high fashion models, who are all underweight to one extent or another. Plus size models are mostly average-sized women.

It's great to be healthy and fit, but I'm seeing a lot of stick-thin celebrities who've gone waaaay overboard. Tyra looks happy, healthy and womanly.
Celebrities get special treatment and it's part of their job to be on the spotlight. They are not average people like me or everybody else. This scrutiny is part of their job and it's the public's prerogative to pay attention or not. I think it's great that Tyra is speaking up. I think the point is not to focus on people's appearance, but focus instead on who they are as a person--celebrity or average Joe/Jane.
I think the obvious play here is Tyra getting more pub, so she can extend her celebrity and look like a martyr in the process. Her entire career is based on her appearance and it seems preposterous to think that she does not enjoy having the limelight a little longer. Dressing up as a fat person does not make you a hero, but it does get you attention. By the way, she is not fat, slightly overweight, but how absurd she acts so self-righteous. Please! If we could all have the misfortune of being a rich, famous supermodel. Even though she didn't plan for this PR, its only a matter of time before she doesn't get any. I have to give Angelina the benefit of the doubt, considering her mother was dying. That's always tough, even for a celebrity. I realize she put herself on the red carpet, (she is also annoyingly glib) but again its hard to lose a parent.
I am actually sick of the media right now. There seem to be a need to sensationalize everything.

People bashing Angelina I can't understand. This is a woman that was self destructive in her early 20's, and managed to turn her life around to be of use to humanity as opposed to falling out of the night club at night without panties.
Ryan Seacrest is supposed to be a journalist? Pleaaaaaasee.

I pray that God gives Angelina the fortitude to get through this tragedy, but I know the media will not give her the space to grieve since her name and Brad's name seem to guarantee hits for any mediocre who writes about them and moreso, negativity sells.

I am a fan of the work she has done and continues to do on behalf of refugees around the world, that is why I admire her.
For full disclosure, I don't like Angelina Jolie on a good day...BUT...if your mother is dying of CANCER in the hospital, why the *%$# are you at some fancy awards show scowling petulantly into a camera?
I'm a little suspect of Banks' sudden sorrow over criticism surrounding her body. While I agree with what's come out of her mouth-- she's eating like everyone else, she's a grown woman, and she doesn't need to look like a supermodel anymore-- this is someone who made her millions in the superskinny world, and all the aspiring models on her reality show are repulsively thin. She made her money in the skinny culture.

Now that Banks is on the other side of the coin, she's crusading for normalcy? I don't buy it.

Banks' Victorias Secret ads, and the harem of models bobbing in her wake, have taught an entire generation of women (and men) that a disproportionately low weight and enormous curves amount to beauty, sexual appeal, and success. Why is she shocked that someone rudely comment on her less-than-twiggy appearance?

As for Jolie... people love to hate her. She's like Jay-Z. But before saying she's bratty, let's consider how much time, effort, and money she's poured into assisting total strangers. If she's in a foul mood one night, it hardly overshadows her practically saintly good deeds.

Her mother was on her deathbed. Not that that is anyone's business (and Jolie does a wonderful job of proving that yes, you CAN keep the paparazzi out of most of your personal business. Lindsey Lohan could take a tip).

Bottom line: Thumbs up to Angie, even though she is more beautiful when she smiles. Thumbs up to Tyra, too, for purporting to approve of a healthy body weight and self-image-- but consider looking back and figuring out why people expect you to be thin in the first place.
I'm 5'10". I hate to break it to you all, but the medically normal (meaning BMI) weight range for a woman of that height is anywhere from 140 to 175 (yes, 175) pounds. So guess what? Tyra is now in the normal weight range. We need to adjust our perceptions as much as our waistlines.
Tyra and Angelina don't owe us a thing. And I agree that this country has a sick obsession with building celebrities up just to tear them down. It has almost become a national past time and that's sad. We want them to be perfect and superhuman and when they don't live up to our ideals we seek to destroy them.
As a former model myself, I not only understand but have gone through the same thing at 5"10. People are mean and very unforgiving. What is so sad is that when we were models we were trophy girlfriends and now that we are real woman with real bodies where are all the men? How sad our society is to be so superficial.

Tyra be you and be healthy inside and out. Angelina I'm sorry for your loss and the pettiness of reporters without knowledge of what is really going on in your private life. The truth is that it's none of their business.
Must be another slow news day. Who cares if they are "thin or nice", I don't. They put in their hours and get paid like the rest of us. Their personal life/lifestyle is of no interest to me whatsoever.....only those that don't have a life of their own care about this junk.....
Tyra Banks is crying because people are calling her fat? Give me a damn break. How like that shallow wench to get upset because she's being picked on. She made a career off of helping to create the impossible standard of beauty that exists in the world today, and now that she doesn't fit neatly into those paramaters anymore and people are laughing at her excess, she can't take it. Well Tyra, you made it hard for all the fat women in the world to avoid being ridiculed by cashing in on the modeling industry. Now it's time to reap what you've sown. You put yourself in this boat and I have no pity for you. You're only pretty on the outside, it seems.

As for Angelina Jolie, I DO feel sorry for her because of her mother passing away, but she chose to go out in public and face the media. Of course they're going to talk about her surly, anti-social behavior. Don't defend her right to be 'human', Leopold. She didn't have to be out in front of the cameras and flashbulbs, but she chose to anyway. I am a Jolie fan, however, and hope her difficult time goes quickly.
Yes, Tyra got a little chunky compared to when she was a full time model but that is her right and she should not be made fun of because of it.

Also I wish the media would stop exploiting everything Jolie and Pitt do to create stories out of nothing. I agree with whomever said it's starting to look like a witch hunt because some of the stories I read about them are so blatantly negative and bordering on slander. I applaud Pitt and Jolie because they don't complain and just go about living their lives but it's got to be hard.
A lot of regular people think actors, models and musicians are supposed to be glamorous just because they can entertain us. The media emphasizes that ridiculous line of thought. Everyone who has ever looked at a People magazine or watched reality TV, or the Oscars, or bought a concert T-shirt is to blame for the state of affairs in our celebrity-worshipping culture. I don't care how big superstars like Tyra Banks gets. She's on TV now, she was previously a top model. She's already famous. She could get to be 900 lbs. and people would still cut her slack. I'm honestly more intersted in people who actually have something to offer the world. Tyra is gorgeous. But, what I see when she's on television is a personality. And sometimes hair that I am jealous of. I never once looked at Tyra Banks and thought, "god, she looks fat today." They're not regular people. They've chosen a celebrity lifestyle. Now they have to suffer the consequences.
I don't think they help themselves all that much with some of the whacky stunts these so-called humans often perform. However it certainly doesn't help their cause that a celebrity hungry media and public put their lives under a microscope.

We all say and do stupid things at some point, and while no one particularly cares when we do strange things, they have every action analyzed, tested for rabies and thrust into every available media outlet.

Having said that, I have little sympathy for people earning hundreds of millions of dollars saying they want more privacy; after all their entire lives and the reason they are so rich is because they choose to put themselves out there – but I think we ought to cut them a little more slack when they crack under the pressure, then go off and steal babies from Africa.
The problem is that being in the public eye puts you in the stoplight, and when a bright light shines on you, everything is put out in the open. The reality is most people really care less about these people's lives, but there's a bunch of people who's lives revolve around these people. They wish they were these people, seemingly free of the worries that the so called everyday people have. The spotlight has been getting brighter and brighter since the birth of the cinema, the birst of television, the birth of the media as we know it today. It take all to create the monster it is, and it will get bigger. The only thing that would stop it is the death of the human race.
Basing Angelina Jolie's state of mind on one interview is rather narrow-minded isn't it? Even more so when you consider that the cable network E! has spent the last 2 years making her life miserable and recently commited burglary in an attempt to enter her home while she was out of the country. There are several other interviews that evening that showed Ms. Jolie to be in a fairly decent mood. Why don't we ever see footage of those interviews? Oh, I know why, because Angelina Jolie in a good mood isn't going to sell copy, now is it?

As for Ms. Banks' weight? Please. That is absolutely hilarious. She is 5'10" tall and weighs 161 punds. That puts her right smack dab in the HEALTHY catergory for her height. It's a sad day indeed when a woman is castigated for LOOKING like a woman instead of an emaciated porcelain doll.

Now pardon me, but I'm off to have a cheeseburger and fries. Hopefully my family will still love after I've eaten it.
I agree with Tyra Banks that too much attention is being paid to her physical appearance. I wonder why we never heard her complain when she was thin & making millions from her physical appearance?
Typing as I eat a steak & cheese sub: Tyra, you go girl! And...can people leave Angelina Jolie alone, already. She breathes and someone complains about it. She smiles and she's smiling too much. She doesn't smile and some people act like she kicked a puppy. And since when do people side with Ryan Seacrest?! The man thinks he's the Edward R. Murrow of the red carpet when he's closer to Pee Wee Herman but without the witty personality.
161 lbs is FAT??! I WISH i was that size. At 210 lbs myself, I finally find something to admire Tyra Banks for.
According to the BMI scale, at 5'10 and 160 lbs, Banks is healthy. So, Ok she gained 40 lbs after she was a model. That would mean she was 120, not healthy. With all this controversy surrounding models and being too thin, I think that Tyra is doing the right thing, the healthy thing. Leave this woman alone.
Tyra Banks is fat??? Oh Lord, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me a fat woman!!!
Ditto, Todd. Angelina Jolie is owed an apology from the pundits who turned on her. The loss of a parent, especially one so young as Angelina's mom, is heart breaking. Actors are not gods. Acting is a game, albiet a well paid one; a job just like all of us have. They are human beings.

My heart goes out to Angelina.

Thank you for posting
I feel bad for Angelina. One is never prepared to lose one's mother. I hope she is given time and space to properly grieve. My heart goes out to her.
If Tyra wants to eat pancakes and gain weight, that's her right, as long as she accepts that it marks the end of her modelling career. No fatties.
I just wanted to tell Ms. Banks that she is a beautiful women and has no flaws in her body. People in this world should worry about the important things like Iraq, homless people in America, etc. My husband served 2 terms in Iraq and on April 15th a sniper shot him in the head which his cavilar hat did not stop the bullet from going threw it. Maybe we should consentrate more on the ill equipment our military is using. TARA is Beautiful and Dont hate Appreciate.
I have never understood why people need to know an actor's total private life and criticize everything they do. They are just people doing a job which gives many other people pleasure. Just leave them alone and be thankful they are doing their jobs so well.
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