Monday, January 15, 2007
And now, the Oscar jockeying really begins
So "Babel" is the Golden Globe-winning best drama and "Dreamgirls" is best musical-or-comedy, making them the front-runners for the best picture Academy Award ... and "The Departed," thanks to Martin Scorsese's director win, isn't to be left out, either. (See article.)

The rest of the Globe winners pretty much confirmed the Oscar race conventional wisdom: Helen Mirren ("The Queen") vs. Meryl Streep ("The Devil Wears Prada") for best actress; Forest Whitaker ("The Last King of Scotland") the leading best actor candidate (though the sentimental Oscar voters might want to finally honor seven-time runner-up Peter O'Toole in the category); Scorsese, Eastwood and Inarritu for best director. "Dreamgirls'" Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson both seem to be well in front in the supporting categories.

So could the Oscar nominations offer any surprises? I wonder. Sacha Baron Cohen may actually get a best actor nomination. (And who knows? He would deserve it a lot more than Roberto Benigni.) "Letters from Iwo Jima" may pick up a best picture -- not best foreign-language picture -- nod. And I'm still pulling for "Children of Men" to sneak in, despite being completely ignored by the Globes.

What do you think?

In any event, we shall see. Oscar nominations will be announced Tuesday, January 23.
I have to say that for once, I am happy with the way the Golden Globes turned out. I was so glad that Forrest Whitaker won, Hugh Laurie's speach was a riot, and Sascha Baron Cohen always finds a way to be weird, yet entertaining. It was a good year for the Globes, and I can only hope that the Oscars brings me this much joy and HAPPYNESS!
Babel was amazing and deserves all the accolades...come on, Oscar nominations....
I completely agree that "Children of Men" deserves at least some kind of award. It seems to me that awards are given to movies that send certain messages rather than simply how good they are. I hope the Oscars will how some more unique and unanticipated pics that the Globes.
But where's Little Miss Sunshine???
Children of Men is terrible.... how could anyone pull for it to get an oscar?

High budjet great looking action screens. Story line as thick as a paper cup. The same thing happens the whole way through to movie.

Someone is selfish tries to catch heroes.
Heroes run away, someone good dies.
Someone is selfish tries to catch heroes.
Heroes run away, someone good dies.
Someone is selfish tries to catch heroes.
Heroes run away, someone good dies.

This movie left me so disappointed. There is so many things that could have been done with the concept, it was a great concept but unfortunately people tend to butcher these ideas when they could spend another 3-6 months putting substance into the movie.
I think Dreamgirls will be the big winner at the Oscars. I hope the Academy recognizes actresses like Annette Bening (the still owe her an award for American Beauty) and Maggie Gyllenhaal along with the Queen and the Editor. I love to see Pedro Almodovar take the best director award. And finally, for best foreign film, L�Enfant, the best movie of the year.
Sorry, I disagree. Babel was ok, but not the best. In fact, it's a little far fetched and the stories exaggerated to make the case. Little Miss Sunshine and the Office were overlooked. I also think 24 had a better season than Grey's Anatomy. One last comment - the musical category really needs to be separated from the comedy category for the Golden Globes.
I thought that the Globes was fair, but I am sure that there are a bunch of people without a sense of humor that complained to the FCC about Cohen and Hanks's remarks. I just wish that Alan Arkin would be given some sort of an award during Oscars. His performance in L.M.S while brief proved how brilliant he really is.
Meryl Streep�s win at the Golden Globes was well deserved, but given the Academy�s bias against comedies, a win at the Oscars seems unlikely. Besides, the brilliant Helen Mirren is long overdue for an Oscar, and this might be her year. Meryl Streep has a better chance of winning in the best supporting actress category, as the Academy has a history of honoring comedies in the supporting roles, rather than leading roles (the Benigni win is the exception that proves the rule). Nevertheless, I agree that both statuettes for supporting roles will most likely go to Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson for their amazing performances in Dreamgirls.
Frank, you are on the spot, Babel should get it all.
I personally think Dreamgirls should not win picture. I like Babel or Little Miss Sunshine. As for supporting actress and actor- I cannot believe Jennifer Hudson won. Eddie Murphy was due.
How could you possibly compare cohen to benigni. cohen is vulgar.
Has anyone seen The Departed? Hands down, DiCaprio should have taken the award. Forrest Whitaker - I think not.
To "Jogger"' from cannot believe Jennifer Hudson won??? I take it you haven't seen Dreamgirls??? In the words of the inimitable Stevie Wonder...that award was "signed, sealed and delivered" to the most deserving, amazing young woman I've seen in years...Ms. Jennifer Hudson.
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