Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Not even Santa can get ahold of these
"St. Elsewhere" finally made it onto DVD. So did Richard Donner's version of "Superman II."

But many worthwhile movies and shows languish in a video netherworld, available in some countries and not others, or issued on VHS but not DVD, or not available at all.

The reasons (or excuses) are many. Archival rights stifled even a re-broadcast of the landmark PBS documentary "Eyes on the Prize" until a couple months ago; the program is still not out on DVD. In other cases, music rights have gotten in the way, or the legal and financial status of the studio that owns the work.

And, of course, there's the matter of whether a DVD release can turn a profit. Even TV completists might shudder at shelling out 10 bucks for a DVD of the only telecast of 1969's flop "Turn-On" (though the commentary could be really interesting).

With that in mind, here are some DVDs I'd like to see:

  • "If ...." and "O Lucky Man." Director Lindsay Anderson's films -- one a 1968 film about a student uprising, the other a 1973 work featuring the same lead character (played, in both films, by Malcolm McDowell) -- are considered two of the great works of British cinema. Criterion could do a terrific job with them.
  • "Let It Be." The Beatles' 1970 documentary is available on VHS and laserdisc, but a DVD edition -- though long promised -- is still elusive.
  • "Cold Turkey." Norman Lear's 1971 film, about an Iowa town trying to give up smoking, featured a number of actors who would soon dominate 1970s TV, including Bob Newhart, Tom Poston, Jean Stapleton and Paul Benedict, as well as Dick Van Dyke, Bob and Ray and Vincent Gardenia. It also has a tremendous Randy Newman score.
  • "Shoot the Moon." Alan Parker's 1982 film, written by Bo Goldman and starring Albert Finney and Diane Keaton as a husband and wife going through a divorce, is often considered his best work.
  • "thirtysomething." The 1987-91 TV series, still seen in reruns, was initially attacked for its overly self-conscious portrait of yuppiedom, but affecting plotlines (a mother's cancer, the addition of the Machiavellian ad exec Miles Drentell) made it into one of TV's best. Creators Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick have since made "My So-Called Life" and "Once and Again"; Zwick is also a noted film director ("Legends of the Fall," "The Last Samurai," the soon-to-be released "Blood Diamond"). Bonus: The pair's gripping 1983 TV movie, "Special Bulletin" -- about terrorists holding a nuclear bomb in Charleston, South Carolina -- also deserves a DVD release.
What are some of the movies and TV shows you'd like to see on DVD?
I would love to have PBS's quirky "Posh Nosh" available on DVD. These BBC shorts portray a titled British couple and their cooking show (a la Food Network). Although "Posh Nosh" is seldom broadcast and elusive (rarely are they announced in TV listings), they are a prime example of British humor and simply hilarious!
The Godfather Saga, which has scenes not in any of the three individual films. It also puts the story in a chronological order.
The brilliant "The Last Polka" starring John Candy and Eugene Levy as polka kings Yosh and Stan Shmenge. And the out of print DVD of "Sleuth" - incredible performances by Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine.
There was a BBC miniseries from about 10 years ago called The Private Life of Plants. Available on VHS for about $20 per volume (for about 10 volumes). Would YOU pay that much? I would love it on DVD in the US.
Although available in other countries, the five seasons of Ally McBeal would be greatly welcomed here in the States!
A movie that I would like to see make it to DVD is Rad. That movie was a staple of my childhood, and I watched it practically EVERY day when I would come home from elementary school. I pray that it is released sometime soon!!!
Song of the South.
I would like to see the movie Folks with Tom Selleck put on DVD. It's a wonderfully hillarious movie.
Twin Peaks Season Two... come on already... Season One came out how many years ago?
To scared to mention "Song of the South" aren't ya?
There was a quirky, funny fantasy series called Wizards and Warriors back around 1983. This deserves a DVD release.

The Wizard of Speed and Time -- Mike Jittlov's wonderful comedy about a special effects artist (named "Mike Jittlov") who is screwed by his producer has never been released to DVD because Jittlov was, well, screwed by his producer. This one really deserves the audience it never got: it's a sweet, human story with some great visuals and ... well ... pretty good acting. Seriously, a loverly film.

Arsenic and Old Lace -- no, not the Cary Grant vehicle; the underrated 1969 made-for-TV version with Lilian Gish, Helen Hayes, Bob Crane, and Fred Gwynne.
"Andy Richter Controls the Universe." We get "Tabitha" and not this?
Oh, and to the poster who requested "The Wonder Years": it's taking forever due to song copywrights. They either have to pay a ton of money or replace some songs completely.
Fletch, and my wife would like Howard the Duck. Thanks Santa!
I would still like them to finally finish getting Everwood out on DVD. The first season is out there and then nothing more. Does anyone by chance know what the deal is?
The Chris Isaak Show - every season!
Homefront would be a great series on DVD. There's a bunch of on a Yahoo group who would dearly love to see this series on DVD. It was really great and I would love to see it all in one set. The same goes for Early Edition!
Cupid (Jeremy Piven, Paula Marshall). This show began the now often-employed and sometimes successful trend of waging campaigns to save beloved TV series when they are axed too early by impatient networks. Almost ten years after a season that was only six months long, this show still has a significant fanbase on the web.
China Beach
Seaquest DSV complete
The MTV comedy troupe series, "The State". They've been promising it for years now. There's an issue about the cost of obtaining the rights to all the songs included in the sketches. They released a lot of the episodes on iTunes recently, reportedly to gauge how many people would buy the DVDs, but if I'm going to buy the iTunes videos why would I then pay again for the same material???
I am waiting for Ally McBeal! They have finally come out with a 6 episode dvd but I would love to get all seasons. That show was the best!
The MTV sketch comedy show that ran 3 seasons and starred such people as Michael Ian Black and half the actors in Reno 911
Centennial. I would like to see the whole series put on DVD. This movie had alot of great actors and it is very hard to find a complete set.
The TV series "Route 66." I watched them with my father as re-runs on Nick at Nite. He watched them first-run.
I'd love to see the Wonder Years on DVD.
Designing Women, all seasons; Mahogany with Diana Ross
I woul love for my Grandchildren to be able to see "Song of the South". I loved it and my kids loved it. I have heard that is available, but not in the USA.....
Mad About You...They started and stopped My Wife and I watch it every night and laugh out loud
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman!
all the seasons of "party of five" would be nice. I still get teary-eyed just thinking about the finale.
With a little digging, you can find "Song of the South" (and, for that matter, some other films) on the Web in DVD. But these are NOT official versions. Caveat emptor.
I too would love to see Seaquest DSV completed. The first season has been out for almost a year now. What's the hold up?
I would love to see the MTV animated series "Daria" on DVD.
MTV's "Undressed"

Sure it's a late night soap but it was addicting damnit!
I'd like to see the entire "Eleanor and Franklin" on DVD
I would like to see Martin, with Martin Lawrence come to DvD. I would purchase every season.
Jeremy Piven as cupid (maybe) and Paula Marshall as the shrink was a great show!
One of my favorite movies is "Some Girls" with Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Connelly. A Christmas break visit to a girl's family home in Quebec that is full of laughs and tears. I love to watch that movie around the holidays or when it is cold outside. Also, that end of the world thriller "Night of the Comet" is long overdue.
I would love to see NBC's recent show Third Watch on DVD. I would also love to see MTV's original game show "Remote Control" either brought back to TV or on DVD.
WKRP in Cincinnati!
the movie "About Mrs Leslie " with shirley Booth. It came on Lifetime sabout 8 yrs ago and hasn't been seen since and has never been on VHS or DVD. that's a great movie in fact my favorite movie of all.
WKRP in Cincinnati.
Disney had a series call "So Weird" that I would like to see on DVD...
Batman, the 60's television series w/ Adam West!
Lets see:

Television -
High Incident
Other World
Team Knight Rider

Movies -
Too Much Sun
There was a show in the early 80's called Voyagers about time traveller Phineas Bogg and his teenaged companion who travelled through time with a pocketwatch time travel device. I loved this program!
I'd love to see Steve Allen's PBS show Meeting of Minds available on DVD.

And when it comes to music rights complicating a DVD release, you have to mention W.K.R.P. in Cincinatti which has got to be one of the most-asked-for TV shows that just can't happen 'cuz of all the music.
what about Bill an early eightys film starring Mickey Rooney. The Green Hornet tv series..Bruce Lee as Kato! Eddie Murphy:Delerious
The Monster Squad.
I would like to see the Tim Daly detective series Eyes. It was never given a chance!
MTV's "Daria", the staple of my teen years, along with a re-release of the full "My So-Called Life" on DVD. I'm shocked with how popular Jared Leto and Claire Danes have become that there isn't as much interest in bringing it back on DVD
Jake and the Fatman
WKRP in Cincinnati
I can think of 3 things. Song of the South, Flamingo Road and the Seduction. the last 2 starring the beautiful Morgan Fairchild.
Dear Santa,
I would love to find a copy of the movie "Breezy" (filmed in the 70's) in my stocking on Christmas morning.
Thank you.
I'll definately agree to The Wonder Years. I'd even pay if they somehow just released what I call, The Winnie Saga. Also a movie with Fred Savage, The Wizard.
Seasons 1 and 2 of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"!

I am still baffled that Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet hasn't been DVD'ed, yet.
China Beach!
I'd like to see the following movies on DVD.

Some may be out, but i haven't done my research.

Flight of the Navigator
You Can't Do That On Television (nickelodeon series)
Salute Your Shorts (nickelodeon series)
Batteries Not Included
Under The Yum Yum Tree (Jack Lemon Classic)
What about the movie "Angus." If nay movie should be on DVD it is "Angus."
Some series that got a start on DVD but haven't gone past first or second season:
Mork and Mindy
Hill Street Blues
Miami Vice
The Muppet Show
Seaquest DSV
The Cosby Show - First Season (Uncut) (the original release was the syndicated edited versions - they claimed it was due to music rights, but Season 2 came out without edits)

Still waiting on DVD:
Showtime's "Brothers"
The Star Wars Christmas Special (yes, it was horrible, but that's the fun part about it)
El Cid (was promised a few years ago, but never delivered)
Quark (quirky science fiction series back from 1977 that cashed in on the Star Wars craze)
I've been waiting for "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd" for years.
"Ladybug Ladybug" (1963) by Frank Perry. An amazing film that still holds true and jars the thinking viewer,
Larry Sanders Show!!!
How about The Man From Uncle and Car 54. Some of the BEST comedy there...
WKRP in Cincinatti WITH all the original music. I know it's next to impossible, but that's what I want, Santa!
TV Show:

Staying Together

WOULD LOVE, but not possible probably...All the soap operas past and present.
"Barney Miller" They have only released the first season on DVD. This was one of the best halfhour comedies ever.
more northern exposure - i don't think there's a complete set available is there?
I'd like to see the Sonny & Cher Show on DVD-ALL OF THEM and The Carol Burnette Show also.
I would love to see "The girl, The gold watch, and Eerything" with Pam Dawber and Robert Hayes on DVD. It was cheesy but fun.
"Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean", "Her Highness and the Bellboy", "I Married a Witch" (only available in Europe), and "The Outsider" (1979 Craig Wasson film).
I cast my vote for THE WONDER YEARS...I can resist most other shows on DVD, but if that came out I'd buy it immediately.
Cagney & Lacey! Come on, six Emmys for Best Actress all six years it was on, and no DVD? Ridiculous.

And in movies, Child of Glass from Disney and Crossing Delancey starring Amy Irving and Peter Riegert.
Nothing. DVDs are obsolete already. I won't buy anything but Blu-Ray or HDDVDs now. So in that regard, I want to see EVERYTHING released ;) But an official Song of the South is a MUST. Bootlegs are available at every flea market and web site, and Disney is losing a fortune because of misplaced political correctness gone amuck.
Parker Lewis Can't Lose!!!
Song of the South gets a lot of respect for a movie that involves a small boy getting gored by a bull at the end, and the parents blaming Uncle Remus (It's ain't all about Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da, folks).

For me, I'd love to see them at the very least release the fantastic Thanksgiving episode of WKRP. Give me that episode, with or without the original music, and I'm a happy camper.
Eddie Murphy's Delirious and the TV show Martin would sell like hot cakes.
It would be great to see Alley McBeal, full seasons, on DVD.
Where is Mchales Navy? There are a lot of shows that have been released, but not this one. Funny, clever, sappy, it is all of these. Released? Not yet. please Santa Clause, bring me Mchales Navy for Christmas.
I would like to see the rest of the seasons of Dynasty and Hart To Hart come out on DVD, and it would be great if science fictions series were not so expensive.
tops on my list of dvd wishes is Paul Bartel's "Scenes From The Class Struggle In Bevery Hills" and...ok..I admit it...I want "Lost Horizon" ...the 70s musical laugh fest....Sally Kellerman sings!
How about Spenser for Hire - - every episode!!!!
Birds of Prey.
I remember a movie with Alan Bates, "King of Hearts" as the "best" movie I ever saw. I can't find it and would like to see it on DVD. I've wanted to give it to friends.

I used to schedule my college classes around this show when possible. The fan base remains incredible and I will keep holding on to the hope that one day, they'll release the show on DVD.
I'd like to see Movin' On, the TV series starring Claude Akins and Frank Converse, come out on DVD!!!
Season 2 of Ned & Stacey
Frank Zappa's absolutely brillant "200 Motels"
Two words: Hee Haw!
Chris H. posted the TV series "Other World". I loved that show when I was a kid. I'm thinking that it would be one of those shows that was great in the day but now it sucks.
Disney's "Flight of the Navigator"
Would like to see the movie "Interlude" with Oskar Warner on DVD. (late 60's early 70's) movie
"A Year In the Life" was first a mini-series that won an Emmy and then became an outstanding TV series that won the late Richard Kiley an Emmy as best actor in a drama series. This wonderful show, which also stars a young Sarah Jessica Parker, was unfortunately canceled after only one season. That doesn't diminish its quality though and I would love to see both the mini-series and the regular series brought to DVD for a new audience. It was wonderfully performed by an outstanding cast and was smart, touching and meaningful.
I sure would like to have the "WKRP" series...fond memories of many shows, where it is ok to laugh at the ridiculous.
Bertolucci's masterpiece, "1900" the uncut 5 hours please! Oh yes, and undubbed as well.
definetley The Wonder Years!!! That was the best show on T.V!! Cant believe it hasn't been released!
Police Squad w/Leslie Nielson
Night Court - early seasons
China Beach
Shogun - Mini series w/Richard Chamberlain
The television series "The Fugitive" in which the chases (Lt. Gerard of Richard Kimble, Kimble of the one-armed man) were incidental to the lives Kimble touched while on the run. Still one of the best dramas ever on tv, starring the great David Janssen.
By the way, it looks like "thirtysomething" is already on DVD.

I'd like to see "MTV Cribs" on DVD. :D
the PBS show Ghostwriter
Picket Fences
I'd like to see the original Rich Man, Poor Man miniseries. It was the first miniseries (or "Novel for Television")and for me, still the best of them all.

And to the poster who mentioned Bertolucci's "1900" it just was released earlier this month. The complete uncut 5+ hour original version. You can check it out at Amazon or other sites.
"My World and Welcome to It". A TV comedy series that lasted only one season (1969) starring William Windom. It used the humor, stories and drawings of James Thurber.
I would love to see The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.
"Tales of the Golden Monkey"

Obscure show, but awesome!!
I second the request for Homefront.
And, Relativity with David Conrad would be very much appreciated.
Kenneth Branaugh's "Hamlet". Of all the incredible, 4-hour, cinematic masterpieces, why hasn't this been put into DVD form yet. They claim it's because it was shot in 35 mm, thus ceating a lengthy and difficult process to convert into digital form, but I don't buy it. Especially when movies that are more obscure or really, really, REALLY bad are on the shelves at Wal-Mart selling for 10 bucks.

And I know a few have mentioned "The Flight of the Navigator," and this has been released in DVD form. Horray.
Two of my all-time favorite TV series are Bosom Buddies (Tom Hanks' first big break) and Barney Miller.
Gotta have "My Mother The Car." I can always tell whether or not someone is a fellow Boomer just by whether they remember that one!

And very happy to see that someone else voted for "My World and Welcome To It."

And how about some of those great maudlin 70's made-for-TV movies--"Griffin and Phoenix" and "She Lives!" being two classics.
MTV's Daria.
Futureworld (1976)
Kissin' Cousins - Elvis (1964)
Girl Happy - Elvis (1965)
Tickle Me - Elvis (1965)
Full Body Massage (1995)
Portnoy's Complaint (1972)

The Gathering (1977)
Bette Midler's sitcom, "Bette"
Song of the South, of course. Its lack of availability is beyond ridiculous. It would also be nice to be able to get more than the first season of Without A Trace here in the United States as it seems to be available elsewhere.
I agree the WONDER YEARS should be released on DVD.... pronto.
Posh Nosh. This is the funniest show I've ever seen, but it is very difficult to find because it is never listed anywhere and only comes on PBS sporadically. Furthermore, PBS airs Posh Nosh at inconvenient times like 4am! It is a shame that a show this good is overlooked because it towers above all other comedies. Hopefully, some other fans who happened to stumble accross this little comedy feel the same way.
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