Monday, December 25, 2006
James Brown
James Brown is dead.

I can't even begin to talk about his importance. He was sui generis.

But rather than talk about his death, it's better to celebrate his life. In concert, the man had unparalleled energy. Watch him perform -- and enjoy.
James.........What can I say. You are truely a legend. You have opened the doors for many entertainers today in the music industry. Prince, Michael Jackson, The Black Eye Peas, etc. I grew up listening to your music and to this day, when I have parties at home, after dinner, everyone gets up to burn the calories to your music. You are now the Godfather up in heaven!........
Now, we can say "The KING has left the building"
Party on james!
I will truly miss James Brown. He was a very gifted and talented entertainer. His music will never die. Long live the King of funk, soul and rap. May Mr. Brown RIP
James Brown was one of the greatest entertainers and he will be truly missed. I started listening to James Brown in rap music. Later I was buying his CD's. The man is truly THE GODFATHER OF SOUL.
"James Brown's Funky Christmas" has been played in this home every Christmas season for years. His version of "Please Come Home for Christmas" is heartfelt. Well James, the good Lord has called you home for Christmas. Thanks for everything!
My first memory of James Brown "live" was the T.A.M.I. Show of 1964. Considering the incredible lineup, both British and American, James Brown and the Famous Flames and Band came on just before Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones and literally destroyed the place. There was a time when many African-Americans were ashamed of his kind of funk. He turned our minds around.
Besides being one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, an icon, legendary Afro-American business entrepeneur, and innovator of music and dance, few people realize how much JB changed the way we look at music.... for example, he took the role of rhythm away from just the drums and bass and actually turned the band itself into one big punchy hard hitting drum set. Alongside Ray Charles, he was bold in mixing Jazz, Blues, Gospel and African influences together in was NOBODY before him dares - - To sum it up, JB made modern music more rhythmic and driving.... I think this is what most people miss about James Brown. He made music multi-dimensional and in doing so came to influence everyone in almost every musical genre around the world. In a post JB era, if its not funky no one wants to hear it... and that's because through he managed to take the world by storm and turn music on its side.
James Brown was a true icon in every sense of the word...his talent and diversity in the "soul genre" is timeless and unmatchable and will live on for generations to come.
Thank god for " ! you can catch so many of his career performances there.
Heaven just got another angel but one with soul!
James Brown is a legend. "I'm Black, and I'm Proud." - with this line, he empowered African Americans. Much more needs to be done, but he contributed to a great degree. The Godfather of Soul is missed already.
I'm really gonna miss him james you paved the way for people like michael jackson and prince and when I heard this news michael came to mind cus I can't imagine how torn up inside michael is right now to find out that his hero has passed away this was a man who he looked up to for most of his life and his entire career what also comes to mind was little michael auditioning for motown and he sang "I got the feelin" but anyways james had an unbelievable career for half a century and for me personally I got to see him in california with my mom 3 years ago and really had a great time so james enjoy heaven. Goodbye.
I saw him perform less than 6 week ago here in the UK at the UK Music Hall of Fame ceremony and he had so much energy. He put on a great performance and only Bon Jovi received louder cheers that evening. He will be missed.
James Brown and his music have been part of my life from the moment I could crawl "Try Me" , as a child of 7, I still remember "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" and the effect the tone of his voice as he sang about his need for his woman made me feel then. Later as a troubled teen my dad's theme song was "Papa Don't Take No Mess (Part I)" and I danced to it then. As I got a little more into the "Funk" I started to "Get Up Offa That Thing"! Once I was out on my own, "Living in America" was the song and our anthem. James has been there from back in the day and he will be missed today and tomorrow.
My boyfriend and I were on a European vacation last summer, and we were in London for July 4th (just over 5 months ago). We wanted a special way to celebrate our country's history in a foreign land, particularly England. I found out James Brown was to perform on the ground of the Tower of London on July 4th, so my boyfriend and I decided to attend.

We are of the younger generation, but know the history and respect the man who literally was the founder of R&B music we so love today. Two black 30-somethings, vacationing in London to see James Brown, it symbalized how far our people have come and what a great country we live in - we wanted to celebrate that and we got to do it with Mr. Brown.
Drug using, wife beating alcoholic. Let's not re-write history simply because he was a good entertainer.
Won't miss James Brown too much. He was a very talented and gifted entertainer, I'll give him that...but as a human being he was an arrogant and violent person not to mention a drug abuser.. sorry but he was.
Those in heaven will be lucky to have you...James can literally GET ON UP!!!
Drug abusing, alcoholic, wife beating, who are you to judge? I could name 50 or more stars who have done at least one if not all of the above. Give the man peace.
Looks like St. Peter will have to put his earplugs on because I bet there's gonna be some mighty heavy partying on New Year's Eve up in Rock N Roll Heaven.

Controversial personal life aside,
professionally he was a legend.
While James Brown may have been so all important to the music industry, I am concerned with the leagcy his personality has left that no one wants to talk about, the sad, over indulging completlety at times abusive behavior towards many of the women in his life. How sad that he will forever be thought of by many of the masses as nothing but great, while countless victims of domestic violence once again saee one of society's prepetrators of this horrible phenonenom hailed as a hero rather than a human with issues and in need of some assistance simply due to his talents. Very sad....
My favorite memory of JB is from one of the Rocky movies, when he sings "Living In America". In our house, if you are having a good day, you don't hesitate to sing, "I feel good ..." The man was a legend with God-gifted talent. His music spanned race & generations. R.I.P
"He was sui generis."

So does Klein write this blog too? Klein has used this tired expression so much in the last year it's more tired than ever. Someone who's proud of being a "micro-manager"....I'm thinking yes he writes this too or you're all requited to start talking like a moron to fit in.
Professional life - outstanding; inovator, the Godfather of not only soul, but rap, disco, and a lot of rock. A true musical and performing great. Rest in Peace.
Private life - full of drugs, prison, spouse abuse, law breaking.
There has got to be a better role model for young Black men in our community.
I remember back in the day when my stay-at-home mom use to dance her afternoons away to the music of James Brown, all the while singing his lyrics at the top of her lungs. As a young child, it was so amazing to watch her and even more fun trying to keep up with her!

Unknown to me at the time, those were the days of my beginning influences to my love and appreciation of R&B music which is still with me today after 40 years.

Thank you, James Brown, for your God-sent gift in music which greatly inspired so many of us around the world. You indeed inspired my mother which, in turn, had greatly inspired me and I will never forget you. Your music has paved the way to my lifelong love and appreciation of music, and has also left me with the fondest memories of my late mother.

From earth to the Heavens above, please say hello to mom for me.

May you always rest in peace, dear friend.
an overated criminal. none of his songs are great and if he were white hed be considered a nothing..
Yes the man was a musical genius and innovator but let us not put him on a pedastal just because he died. He was a notorious drug user, wife beater and criminal. This does not make him an idol but a seriously flawed human being. It is wrong to present this man as a hero to our youth same as it would be to present Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley as idols. All the pomp and circumstance that went into the televised funeral was a spectacle and not a good one. Al Sharpton turned his euology into a political spin, Michael Jackson of course had to thank his fans and James Brown's daughter was dressed like she was going to a club rather than her own father's funeral. If they loved him as much as the professed, why didn't they let the man go in dignity instead of a circus?
James Brown never professed to be a saint- and unlike some other famous folk, he paid for many of his mistakes while he was alive... Like his music, he was emotional, raw and very human. Those of you who live your lives so far above reproach- I salute you... The rest of us can find a way to separate the flawed man from the purity of his musical genius, and give him credit for having a significant influence on modern music. As far as I'm concerned, his debt is now paid in full- and I realize that I am no one to judge... James Brown, thank you for your lasting contribution to MY human experience. God bless-
He was a drunk and a rapist. His music, while interesting and of some entertainment value, was not nearly as barrier breaking as people give him credit. We should all move on and get the man into the ground.
hahaha - importance.
if you call drug abuse and domestic violence important.
He won't be missed from me
While I do believe that James Brown was a great entertainer, I can't help but remember the numerous times I saw him in the courtroom for various reasons. As an african-american young woman, I do believe that James could have been a better role model than what he was, and the funeral was more like a 60's concert.
I live in Augusta, GA -- the hometown of the Godfather of Soul. Augustans live and breath James Brown. So, can you imagine the hoopla around here when he died? I've never been a fan of Mr. Brown, but ever since I moved here ... things changed. I'm not saying I'm a fan of his, but I developed some respect for him. He was a good entertainer who paved the way for black musicians. Yes, he has his faults - which I truly disapprove of. But I'm just trying to remember him as James Brown the entertainer.
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