Thursday, November 16, 2006
Why we love TomKat
Somebody recently asked me: Why is there such a fascination with the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding story? Why is it getting so much attention?

The answer is simple. All great stories are stories that are character-driven -- fueled by characters that provoke a visceral reaction because of who they are, how they act, whether they are liked or disliked, whether they are larger than life, whether they stimulate a "love 'em or hate 'em" feeling.

And all great stories have back stories with sometimes unbelievable twists and turns, and ups and downs, and characters acting out of character -- leading to situations that make you say "Are you kidding me?"

Think of it this way. Imagine the Cruise-Holmes story was fiction. It starts with one of the most famous and popular movie stars in the world, a drop-dead handsome guy who millions of women adore, an intensely private man involved in a controversial religion but priding himself on keeping his private activities private.

Then one day this star seems to become possessed, infatuated with a young up-and-coming actress many years his junior. This once private man goes on the most popular daytime talk show in the world and jumps on a couch like a giddy schoolboy. He's head-over-heels in love -- almost manic.

Ridiculed for his actions, he brushes it off and then goes on the most popular morning show on American television and not only attacks psychiatry but bashes one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses for taking drugs to deal with her post-partum depression, in one fell swoop ticking off the millions of women who once adored him.

His antics hurt his box-office appeal, he's fired by his longtime movie studio -- and he then turns the tables by flashing a giant middle finger at his critics and starts his own movie studio. Within weeks he gets one of Hollywood's most legendary figures to sign on to direct one of his movies.

Oh, and then there are plenty of other little stories going on, like having a baby with the young actress, keeping the baby under closer wraps than North Korea's missile program and fueling speculation the baby might have been a hoax.

All culminating in a fairy-tale wedding in a 16th-century castle near the city where he and the young actress first did their public canoodling so openly it made more than one person say "Okay! Enough! Get a room already!"

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. What a great story. Can't wait to see the ending.
Brooke Shields is "one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses?" That's news to me.
I don't think that America is in love with them. I think that Americans love witnessing a 'train-wreck' and that is exactly what this public relations-sham-of-a-relationship is. Millions of women are NOT in love with him, we find him vomit-enducing. From his crooked front teeth, to his little 5'4 body and his 'holier than thou' attitude about everything because he has been duped into thinking that scientology is a religion, when in fact it is nothing more than a scam revolved around making money. Its a 'diet-pill of the month' in the grand arena of religion, which targets wealthy people looking for SOMETHING to make their lives not seem as worthless as they are. I think it is pointless to have this lavish wedding when the whole idea of their fake marriage smells of bull manure.
People want to see "tomkat" get married just as fast as they they get divoced...their personal lives are more intersting than any movie/show they make.
Oh, whatever, Dave.

The real reason folks like you love TomKat is that he's money, money, money.

People say "Why doesn't Tom Cruise just come out?"

Because there are SCORES of people like you who stand to profit from Tom's closet.

Your shameless promotion of TomKat is merely a promotion of your wallet.
Why the comments are so nasty? I think she is cute and he is overall a good man with some faults. I wish them the best!!
Personally I can't stand either one of them. I think they're idiots.
The saddest part is that Katie gave up her precious faith in Roman Catholicism. No man, fame, fortune or baby is worth that.
Wait...we love TomKat? BARF!!!!!
This is not a story. This is an PR campaign.
People care about TomKat? IF they do, it's because, like kc said, it's to witness the up and coming train-wreck.
My sides are hurting so much. His assessment of the circus surrounding those two is so dead on.
Love TomKat!! please... speak for yourself, who has the time to bother??
Am I the only one who sees this guy as a nasty adulterer? I look at him, and it makes me sick.
Well done! Finally, a great and honest Tom Kat piece! Thank you :-)
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes just simply "need to get a life". Us "average" americans are struggling day to day and we absolutely get "sick" of hearing about this crap!
Wait...We love TomKat? We love Britney Spears? Paris (vomit) Hilton? I think you are delusional. I, for one, am so tired of having this celebrity media frenzy shoved down my throat. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy celebrity news as much as the next person, but this overwhelming, cow-towing adoration the media has embarked upon in recent years is just obnoxious. I've never looked to celebrities as role models that influence my life. Frankly, most of them are just pathetic, needy, uneducated megalomaniacs. What you should be writing about is exactly who is selling and buying into all of this hype. The public? I'm not so certain. We've got more important things going on in our "small" lives than wondering how many famous guests will be coming to TomKat's wedding or how many millions Britney Spears has left after the K-Fed debacle. I think it's the media and PR people whipping this all up and telling us that this is what we should be "loving".
i am just waiting unitl the dude comes out
I used to be a fan of Katie...I thought she was cute and sweet. But nothing, there's nothing left but a shell of a human being...that glazed look in her eye...that little midget she carries around...oops I mean Tom. Isn't it funny how the 'canoodling' and lip-locks start the instant they see a camera...but when shots are taken that they AREN'T aware of, they look dazed, confused and very NOT connected. Poor Suri..she thinks her father is Tom Cruise, when it actuality I don't think he's ever been near a v*gina.... haha
there are dangerous countries with nukes and we care what these two celebrity idiots are doing? Who cares.
I am a well-educated woman. I have always and still do like Tom Cruise. I love them both as a couple and am very happy for them and their beautiful baby. After all, they are human beings... just like you and me and deserve to have a happy life. Would each of you stand up to such harsh, cruel scrutiny? Or perhaps your children? Have a little compassion. Being actors is their job, they are still entitled to their life. Aren't you?? Its the media that hypes up all this crap to sell "their" rags.
Tom Cruise is a great actor, I don't think anyone Can deny that. What he does in his private life is no ones business. Why the American public think they have the right to be "a part" of a person's personal life is beyond me. If you don't like the Tom/Kat hype why did you read the article?
Who cares!!!! There are more important things going on in this world. If people would pay more attention to what is going on around the globe than caring what "Tom/Kat" are doing then this world would be a better place.
Why "we" love TomKat?! Speak for yourself. I can't stand him. Ever since he became a Scientologist he has just gotten weirder and weirder. The part when he really lost me was when he decried an entire profession (psychiatrists) and purported to be an expert on medications.

Really, I think Tom Cruise should just come out of the closet and be a role model. I loved that South Park bit on the Emmys and I love how in Bowling for Soup's new song they wonder "Katie had a baby so I guess Tom's straight".
If you dont like them, then why are you reading this article about them!!
Hello.. go away.
I agree with kc!! I wish TomKat would just go away!
most people here are right on...who cares, its a pr campaign, and cruise is gay....
I couldn't care less about this FAKE "Romance". It started out as a publicity stunt and spiraled out of his control and he was forced to continue with the chirade. Even going as far as making Katy befriend Brooke Shields (who was his biggest mistake to critique) and now you don't hear a peep out of him about "Scientology". I'd say he is a desperate man.
Oops. CNN just told me I'm supposed to love TomKat. I feel like a dummy -- I've been totally annoyed by them all this time. Sorry! OK, time to switch gears. Yay TomKat! Yay fake wedding! Here, just take my brain, because apparently I don't need it anymore.
"We" don't love TomKat. Give me a break. You people are sick with your fascination of these people.
It is just too much sometimes. Could we please come down to earth and forget about Tom Cruise already? Katie Holmes? They both appear to be larger than life snobs and am I really supposed to be concerned with their lives and eccentric behaviors? I read about Scientology and it put me to sleep. The religion of Science. Not something that impresses. Every time I think of Tom Cruise I think of the parody movies of him. He is a parody of himself.
I think little Katie is in over her head, but sweet. I guess I lost track somewhere over the years; Why does everyone think he is gay?
It's great that these two are getting married. It keeps many of the otherwise useless press employed and who does it hurt?
Like anything else on TV, if it offends you, grab the remote.
why do you people care so much?

do you not have your own lives? or perhaps you're so boring that you have to live vicariously thru movie stars.. the most narcissistic beings on the face of the planet.

you're pathetic.

i loathe you all!
Tom's female ex's have made past comments about his disinterest in having sexual relations with them. Rumors that someone is gay do not persist and abound for years and years on end unless there is some substance to them. (I think back on the many, many years of talk that Rock Hudson and Raymond Burr were gay before the truth was eventually acknowledged). So what I want to know is, "Who fathered Katie Holmes' child? Could this have been a case of artificial insemination using preserved sperm from Scientology's founder and creator (science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard)? BTW, as something dreamt up by a science fiction writer, how does Scientology even rate as a religion? Will this 'so-called' marriage even be legal? I agree with most comments here, Cruise is a boor and I am tired of him and his antics. This is a man who is petty and insecure: one of Nicole Kidman's comments following their divorce was a statement of relief that she could at least wear high heels again. Frankly, I feel sorry for Katie Holmes.
The saddest part is that Katie gave up her precious faith in Roman Catholicism. No man, fame, fortune or baby is worth that.
Posted By Dizzy Lizzy, Pittsburgh PA : 11/16/2006 2:11 PM ET

My sides are hurting so much. His assessment of the circus surrounding those two is so dead on.
Posted By Washington, D.C. ( Drew) : 11/16/2006 2:48 PM ET

I used to be a fan of Katie...I thought she was cute and sweet. But nothing, there's nothing left but a shell of a human being...that glazed look in her eye...
Posted By kc dawn lexington, ky : 11/16/2006 3:37 PM ET

It is just too much sometimes. Could we please come down to earth and forget about Tom Cruise already? Katie Holmes? They both appear to be larger than life snobs and am I really supposed to be concerned with their lives and eccentric behaviors? I read about Scientology and it put me to sleep. The religion of Science. Not something that impresses. Every time I think of Tom Cruise I think of the parody movies of him. He is a parody of himself.
Posted By Andrew Ro, Toronto, Canada : 11/16/2006 6:20 PM ET

I agree with the comments above.
Dave,Dave,Dave..Love TomKat? I think you are a little more liberal with the word "We" than you should be. You and every other liberal newsmedia who have run out of people to follow. When people say Love is blind, poor Katie fits that bill..As typical with these Hollywood marriages, another child will be brought up in a divorced household...Katie will probably wise up to Scientology one day..Right now she is in blissville..2-3 years max.
Who gives a crap about these two? People get a LIFE, there are so many other things in this world that we should be thinking about at this time. Do you really think that you are ever going to have lunch or dinner with these two? Do you think they really give a minute of thought to what actual peoples lives are like. If the media would spend have the money they spend on covering these ego-centric people on helping the homeless or global warmer, the world would be a much better place.
Wonder where all of Tom's Scientology cronies are? Weren't they invited? Leah Remini, the Travolta's, etc. This is such a publicity stunt. Tom's really grasping this time and Katie's letting him use their wedding?! Now that's a healthy way to begin a marriage. The writing of their ending is already on the wall. However, I gotta say, the whole circus is quite comical to watch.
I will give Katie about 5 years,and she will be adult(hopefully) and know the controlling freak she has married and that he is bad news. Tom is a little man, with a big head
I think they are a perfect couple. Most people are just jealous
who freaking cares?!?
I can't stand hearing all the crap about tom & katie. I think tom cruise is a jerk and katie is stupid for being with him. I wish he'd disappear off the face of the earth....maybe he could go into hiding for ever!
one morning katie is running on the treadmill at the sports club. next day the alien captured her. poor tom he has all this money buys his new toy, but still cannot that happy. what a way to live. this is the most boring story in the world.
I agree with many and believe this relationship is simply a hoax. First of all, has anyone realized that Baby Suri clearly resembles Katie's former fiancee, Chris Klein? The fact that the baby was kept under wraps for so long could also indicate that Katie secretly gave birth a few months before the April date that the public was given. I believe that she was impregnated by Chris Klein while they were still together, then after they broke up Tom found out there was an unwed pregnant woman in Hollywood that he could use to cover up the question of his sexuality in order to keep his "masculine" image and gain the movie roles he's accustomed to doing. The whole baby and wedding charade does nothing to convince me of anything other than the lengths some people will go to in order to keep a certain image.
just think how many people have died of hunger or AIDS or genocide during the few minutes you are spending reading this blog who gives
there are things much more important
Will someone tell Tom cruise to deal with his insecurities and get out of my tv screen .I know for a fact those two are not in love .Its not happiness you see on their faces its more like a tom showing off some trophy while kate always look lost
Why do we care? Because the media tells us that we do. We're inundated day & night with stories of these people. I used to really like Tom Cruise because he valued his privacy for his family. He has become a bad caricature of a publicity-seeking movie star. I don't love them, I don't hate them. I really don't care. Their lives do not affect mine in any way. I'm just tired of hearing about it. So why am I even responding to this? Because it's everywhere - you can't avoid it...& I'm tired of hearing about it.
What ticks me off is that while there are other things going on in the world, like missing children, the war in Iraq, etc, we are so engrossed in this sham of a wedding! Who cares where they are getting married and how much it is going to cost! I give them 3 years or sooner before they are in the news again about their divorce - and how much that is going to cost them!
I wonder if this reflects our lives that we can spend so much time keeping up with a wedding that we were NOT invited to and possibly couldn't afford to attend. I wish them well. The age difference is a factor. He's acting silly and she's acting old. Again, I wish them well.
Its the media that exposes them but lots of people do whether they dont admit it because its human nature to gossip. Most ppl love talking about other's lives than minding their own biz. Look at the many folks that responded here taking their time to read and post on TomKat.
I wish everyone love and happiness.
Plus the news is so depressing most times especially hearing crimes and many soldiers dying its good to escape now and them and be entertained.
People are fascinated because TOMKAT magazines sell like hotcakes and TV rating are up. As much as we hate the press the news goes on, magazines and papers have their businesses to think about and TV stations should go on too.

You cant end Access Hollywood,E news,ET,Extra and many others.
You cant end the business of Vanity and People.
I like Tom especially Katie. Many Americans care about the sufferings of our fellow citizens,our troops and the world but this is what Hollywood is for to give us a few hours of fun and escapism. We need more happy couples like Tom and Katie and this applies to all stars and regular citizens too.
Im depressed hearing all this divorce stories and kids growing up in unstable homes or with no married parents.

Im also on standby for the movies of Tom and Katie as well.
Good Luck TOMKAT! The media has put you on a pedestal. Don't fall off of it. I hope you last because if you don't all we are going to hear is about the TOMKAT feud - just like Brit and K-FED.
People need to give Tom Cruise a break, I think. What if he is really as nice a guy as he seems to be? Yes, he is devoted to a religion, but its beliefs aren't much if any stranger per se than some of those of Catholicism. It's just that it's only 50 years old instead of a couple of thousand.

(I'm not a scientologist.)

I met him a couple of times years ago, and he seems like just a genuinely great guy to me.

Enough already.. Get married so we all can move on with our lives!!! ;)
Go TOMKAT and God bless.
Tom Cruise has had the stage to be a role model for young and old. He has expecially had a responsibility to be a good role model for the young. However, he has chosen to be the opposite. He has shown that he has the morals of a barn yard animal, fathering a child out of wedlock, and giving young impressionalbe people the idea that it is OK to bed hop and bring and illigitamate child into the world. Then we have to indure headlines for weeks in the major magazines that line the grocery store check-out aisle ,speculating as to whether or not he and the mother of his new child will marry????? What is wrong with this picture?? Is there any wonder why aids, and children born out of wed-lock, and abortions, are so rampant in this country? It makes raising moral children more difficult, with examples like Tom Cruise, who thumbs his nose at the traditional values of morality. Decent Christian families in this country are stiving to instill in their children moral behavior and values. This type of behaviour adds to the already challenging job parents have of trying to raise a generation of moral, virtuous children.

I used to like Tom Cruise. I used to go to all of his movies. No more. I don't know Katie Holmes, but I am not impressed with her selling herself short by having Tom Cruise's child and then hoping to get a marriage proposal from him. She has cheapened herself forever in the eyes of decent Americans, and for what? I guess for an Italian wedding (and hopefully some of Tom Cruises' trappings, at least temporarily until he becomes bored with her as well) There are some things money won't buy and one of those things is a virtuous woman; someone who is willing to say, "you can't have the milk until you buy the cow."
I give tomcat about five years. She'll get tired of him watching her ever move. As soon as she wants to act again then we shall see.
We now live in a world driven by PR people and the reporters who depend on them for their next "scoop". We are constantly being told that we can't get enough of these celebrities, while they continue to shove every ridiculous detail down our throats. I recently saw a "kiss" between Tom & Kat that was obviously rehearsed. The sad part is that these celebs seem to think that we believe all the hype (lies).
Also, shame on gay designer Giorgio Armani for his part in a "scientology" wedding. Scientology, after all, professes that being gay is an affliction that can be cured by marriage.
As for Midge Yang of Hollywood, yes, Brooke Shields has a huge following of adoring include myself.I'm sure there are a lot of things that would be news to you. JGJ Wilmington, NC
TomKat, TomKitten, TomKarriage, TomKaput, TomFoolery?
I only opened this story link to add this comment: The only person I loathe more than Cruise or Holmes is Paris Cheap-Tart Hilton.
Can't we put them all in one space rocket, keep it orbiting forever, and make them REAL stars?
"Can't wait to see the ending." Yeah, me too. Only I'll probably miss it because every time they're shown I change the channel. Tired of the deification of these irrelevent celebrities.

How many wanna bet that if KH ever comes to her senses and attempts to leave with Princess Scientology she'll suffer an unfortunate "accident" such as a fall down the stairs or a header into the koi pond?
CNN, report on something that matters. Stop brain-washing the masses with this pop-culture banality. The real reason for this "TomKat" horse-manure is the media's over-emphasizing subject matter that not even a toddler gives two cents about. CNN and their ilk are not to be trusted; all their reports I suggest you take with a grain of salt.
Honestly, do we really care? Do we sit at home waiting for the news about TomKat or run to the supermarket for the latest tabloid? Who has time to do that? Last time I checked, I had a life ... with two kids to raise, a full time job and bills to pay. Unless TomKat is offering a million dollars to talk about them, I couldn't care less.
I bet they will be divorced in no time. I would never be able to put up with a man like that. He had her have a silent birth? I would have told him to "f" off and scream my head off while having the baby. IT HURTS!!!!! Katie may be "happy" right now but later down the road she will be feeling lonely and deep down inside wanting a way out. I bet a divorce will happen soon. I just bet! Nobody in Hollywood stays together, nobody.
For all those who so vehemently deny any interest in Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes: you obviously care enough to spend a few minutes reading the article, and a few more minutes posting a comment. If you truly didn't care, you would browse the article and move on. Hypocrisy reigns supreme.
I'm so sick of all of this - TomKat, Brangelina, K-Fed, Paris, etc. These people are so pathetic it's funny. Any time I feel down I just take a look at the Star or Enquirer to lisft my spirits.

A few other observations:

Tom Cruise is an idiot. If he is gay, he should just come out. I believe his marragine is a sham.

Britney has proven to be one of the most stupid people in showbiz. I hope that worthless K-Fed takes her for all she's got.

Paris is nothing but a publicity/money whore with a grossly altered nose and no butt.

Brad dumped Jen because she didn't want to have kids - her career (what career?) was more important....really stupid.
What a man:
I usually would not take the time to read an article about a celebrity couple, but this time I did, and even read all of the comments posted. It was educational - I was interested in all perspectives on why these celebrities do get so much press.

I can't say I love them, or hate them, or even that I don't care. I don't feel I know anything real about them. The spectical and publicity is interesting but I don't have much time for it, and I think it is a sad reflection on human nature that so many of us buy these magazines that a demand is created for them. It seems like the kind of thing that people have always done, in all cultures, but the current ease of communication makes it so much more prevalent now.

I just keep trying to remember that these are people. Yes, most of them probably are narcissistic, it's typical of a performer, so maybe some of them crave a lot of attention. But it's hard to believe that it is easy to be watched constantly, so that you can't even go through a painful life experience or make a single mistake without a whirlwind of publicity. That's the kind of thing that could make most people spin out or even do extreme things, overdose, etc.

We're fascinated with them, and love them in a way because they do seem like someone who's part of our life. And then, we tear them apart, rip them limb from limb, as though they had no feelings at all, as if they weren't just like us deep down. It's very sad.

There are plenty examples of all the things we're criticizing here in the regular people we know. Every one of us has made mistakes, sometimes really big ones. What do any of us have to be self-righteous about? Why would any person not be deserving of our compassion and love?
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