Monday, November 13, 2006
Welcome back, Britney!
I remember when I first met Britney Spears. She was just 17 at the time and her dazzling career had just taken off.

It was a steamy, almost unbearably hot July 4th and we were, improbably, at the site of the historic 1969 Woodstock music festival in Bethel, New York. Britney was there to perform a free concert, a promotional stunt for a soon-to-be launched Internet entertainment site called Centerseat, for which I was the VP of Entertainment. Although Britney would one day repeatedly declare "I'm not that innocent" in her smash hit "Oops! ... I Did It Again," on this day she was nothing but innocent, a cherub-faced, almost angelic teen with a look of wonder on her face, as if to say "I can't believe this is really happening to me! This is so cool!" She was polite to a fault, self-effacing and a symbolic representation of the anti-diva.

I spent the day with Britney off and on, from her "safe house" -- where her big demand for food was an assortment of cereal -- to the moment she stepped onto the stage. I became a big fan of her in the years that followed, watching her grow into an international superstar while her life evolved -- or, as she put it in yet another hit, "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman."

And like so many others, I watched in jaw-dropping disbelief and dismay as the life of this beloved young woman dissolved into an almost comical train wreck when she hooked up with and then married Kevin Federline, degenerating into the cringe-inducing reality TV show "Chaotic" and her public baby mishaps. (Watch: Did they marry too young? -- 4:10)

Talk about coming full circle. I was with Kevin Federline just days before Britney smacked him out of the blue with a divorce filing. Kevin had come to "Showbiz Tonight" on CNN Headline News for what turned out to be his last extensive interview before the divorce bombshell. He gave no indication there was trouble in paradise, telling "Showbiz Tonight's" Brooke Anderson "I love [Britney]" and insisting "We’re happy behind closed doors."

Whoops! Guess not. And now that Britney has shed her K-Fed albatross, is back in the studio recording her new album and trying to reinvent herself into what the New York Post calls "The Comeback Cutie," I can only say what so many others are thinking. Welcome back, Britney. We missed you.
Britney is a mother now! Has everyone forgotten about that!?! During the last week, while the media has reported on Britney parading around NYC, clevage barely and all, and has briefly commented on KFeds whereabout, I'm puzzled why no one is asking where's Sean and Jayden? Who's taking care of the children? Not once did I see a picture of Britney, or Kevin, with the children. While the reports on Brad and Angelina may be getting old, at least they are with their children. Just goes to show that maturity may have a tad bit to do with the Britney breakup. Get over yourself Britney and grow up! Life is not about you anymore, it's about the two children you decided to bring into this world. I pity those babies!
I am happy to see that Britney has finally made one good decision in her life. I blame her parents for stunting her growth by pushing her career and acting as the ultimate "YES" people. Who in their right mind would have stood by and let their daughter date and marry that type of guy? And now what does she have to show for it? Two failed "marriages" and two children all by her early 20's. It is sad that millions of little girls grew up wanting to be like Britney. I'm sure she is a sweet person, but she should never ever have been seen as a role model for young girls. But what is worse, an entire generation of pre-teen/teenage girls who look up to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. It�s just so sad.
I agree 100% with the first post. Britany can't forget what should be considered her number one priority. It's not her careeer anymore. It's her children.
I'm so sick and tired of people trashing Britney (or other stars for that matter) for not having their kids with them. I'm sorry, but I do recall growing up that there WERE times when my mother went out without us. We were with a babysitter or a friends house. Just because they are stars doesn't mean they aren't allowed to have a break from their children.

I say GO BRITNEY! Now that she shed that loser Fed-Ex, she can move on with her life, her two beautiful children, and a helluva lot of money that loser won't be spending on strippers and alcohol.
I also disagree with the first comment. Do you bring your children with you everywhere? Do you realy want them traveling like that or at home where they belong. Cut the girl some slack she is learnign from her mistakes. I have no doubt se loves her children. That was probably one of the reasons she dumped that loser.
It's been known for a long time that she has a "manny' to help take care of the kids. She also has her parents who love spending time with them, and let's be realistic about it -- for the few hours she's out in public, how many hours of the day is she NOT out in public. Everyone needs "alone" time, and there are a LOT of Moms who work 8 or more hours per day at jobs outside the home, why should she get bashed for it? I wish her all the best, K-Fed is such a wanna-be loser...
Britney is back? she will need a very high mode to come back to lights. Since her marriage, she has gone down the drain... now to come back will be really diferent from the times were she was a cutie girl dancing on a "table".
How sad....two little boys and parents that consider their needs after their own selfish demands are met first. It will be predictably interesting to see these children and what troubles they'll be getting into years from now.
I think its great that Britney is back. Good for her she is a very tanlented young lady. Im sure her children are just fine. Who are we to judge. I mean do you really believe what you see in the media all the time anyway. As for the role model thing can you imagine knowing that you were the rold model for millions of people. Remember that is not an easy position to be in.
Why on earth would she have her children with her in NYC when she knew she was planning to serve papers and that would surely turn into a media circus? It is completely unnecessary for her to take her kids everywhere she goes, I realkly don't see how this is any measure of her mothering skills
Glad to see Brit back but I wish she'd cover up and act like a "classy" mom. She can still be sexy without being too revealing.
Hopefully K-Fed-Ex's 4 kids and Danielynn Hope can enter a group therapy program together and overcome their lousy parentage!!!
BARF! Can't stand this chick!!!!
Doesn't anyone wonder who is raising these 2 babies?
I agree with the 4th post. Children are not accessories and it's better that they stay home, even if it's with a nanny, than being paraded around in front of the paparazzi. When she was in NYC recently, for just a few days, her appearances were brief and the rest of the time she was allegedly working on a new album (rather than clubbing until the wee hours of the morning, like K-Fed). Are non-celebrity parents expected to bring their children to the office? Or on a business trip? Let's cut her a little slack while she gets her life back together.
Ugh...isn't her 15 minutes of fame almost over?!? I'm so sick of hearing about her I could puke.
the first comment and the third comment are lame. So what you act like she abandomed them.
How can you miss something that was never gone?
I was so happy to hear that Britney filed for divorce from that scumbag "kfed". What a loser, he used Britney for her $$ and look at him, wearing diamond earings, sitting in his interviews with an attitude. I cant stand him and people make mistakes, Britney did and she deserves a second chance! I hope "Kfed" recieves NOTHING after the divorce because he deserves it. Britney you are in our thoughts and hopefully this experience with this idiot has made you stronger. Keep your chin up.
To a certain point I agree with all the comments above. She's now a mother of two and she also needs a little freedom from her soon to be ex adn that horrible life. I am so glad she finally realized what kind of man Kevin is and hopefully she will concentrate on her kids and her career. If Madonna, Faith Hill, Reba, and other singers can have a career and still be mothers... I say go Britney!!!
100% agree with Dawn, Abbotsford, BC, CANADA comment.
welcome back britney.go get them.
It is about time Britney comes back and shows these girls how it is truly done. I don't care what the nay sayers have to say, you GO GET EM!
I am so glad Britney finally realized that KFed is nothing but dead weight! We as parents know parenting is not an easy occupation. It doesn't come with instructions! There are alot of famous moms out there who still make movies, do concerts, etc and still find time to spend with their children. People need to give her a break!
little did she know that "oops i did it again" would be her motto...
In a world of anti-heroes, I'm surprised to see anyone happy about a Come Back. C'mon, does any responsible parent really think Britney (or Christina, or Madona, or PussyCatDolls) is (are) a positive role model? What are they selling really? What do they teach about "objectification"? Sure girls, you can do *anything* you want (as long as you can sell your body.)
To those of you who say she has talent, have you ever seen talent in your life? You have got to be kidding me! There is no talent there, just an image. That is the ONLY thing that has made her who she is.
And I am sure that "manny" is taking care of her just fine.....we may see the results of just how well he is taking care of her in about 9 months from now.
It sounds like K Fed can do whatever he wants and people are judging Brittney alittle to hard. Who do they think is with the kids every other minute of the day. I believe she has all the money they need. They have the best of everything, including nannys. So unless you walk in her shoes DON'T judge her. She will be judge by one person. You go Girl.
Oh course Britney is taking care of her children. Didn't any of the commentors have working mothers or working single mothers? Britney can afford to have great daycare and be a great mom as well!
Britney is a pig. She will always be a pig. She certainly can not sing and is relying on sex and controversy as fuel for her career.
Britney Spears' image has gone from the fantasy inducing girl next door to a soon-to-be-divorced bottom feeder. Can she make people forget her two years of trailer-trash behavior and looks that went along with it? Probably not. Will she be able to bring her performing career to the height it previously reached? Positively not.
I'm glad to see that through all the problems Britney has had over the last few years, she has risen above and returned to what she was originaly called to do... make music!!!

It's been a long time since I have seen her, but i wish her all the best!! Maybe some day we will perform together again!
I am so glad Britney woke up. now she can do her thing!
A mother of 2 kids still can have fun, go out, or work, and do things for her own good too. Doesn't mean that she has to be with her kids 24/7. Especially, when you have money likes Britney does, you can hire people to take care of the kids whenever you want to. Bottom line is, I am glad that Britney decides to come back. I kind of missed her too...
Can't wait for her new beat, can't wait to have her to fill up the dancefloor, 2007 wait for her, because Britney is plainly the best!, fullstop.
K-Fed is a genius.
He had the common sense to make a sex tape and hold it in secrecy until Britney slapped him with the divorce papers. Who needs talent when you've got a Britnet Spears sex tape?
I personally hope Britney Spears situation is a lesson to other young girls and women. If you know that a man is dating/involved with someone else and that individual is expecting a second child don't attempt to take that man, hurt that woman by posing with her man and children, and marry the man all in the name of hurting his woman. When you do such things you wind up with your heart broken, your money spent and a divorce on your record. Kevin never wanted Britney, he was always playing the PIMP role and that was always evident. I wonder now if Kevin and Shar will reunite and Shar will pose with Britney's son's on various magazine covers. Watch what you do because you will not meet a good ending otherwise. Ask yourself, would I want someone to do this to me?
First, I do not take my toddler with me to work or out partying so I do not expect this girl to either. Second, whom she married and divorces is her business. Nobody chose my spouse for me and I think people should mind their business. She, just like the rest of us, has to make her own mistakes so she can learn something. Lastly, I have a question. How many people reading this blog have never made a mistake? Never dated a complete loser, or made no mistakes raising their children? Who never ran a quick errand looking horrible? I bet very few people have NEVER made mistakes. The difference is that we do not have to do it in front of millions of people on camera. Cut the girl some slack. Pop Princess or not, she is human.
How could her traditional fan base relate to her anymore? Married, divorced, two very young children...I just don't see how she could come back as the powerhouse teen idol she once was.
she is better off without him. I mean really the guy is just riding her for a career boost and really what could he have to rap about. He is a joke and should stick to dancing. She needed to dump his trailer trash you know what! She has two kids now and apparently that is what she wanted from this relationship so its time to move on!
Couldn't agere more! So glad she's getting rid of the money-hungry scum bag who's after her money to support his going nowhere, doing nothing career. I'll be so happy to see what she does with her career now!
Britney is the most self-centered and vapid celebity out there. She is all about parading herself in front of the cameras while blaming everyone else for her problems. What's worse is she cannot sing at all. Her career is primarily based on scandals.

She is the one who pulled Kevin into a relationship by tempting him with her celebrity anf fortunes (who would refuse this). SHE asked HIM to marry her first. SHE WILL PAY FOR BEING A HOMEWRECKER.
well, i'm glad Britney is back?
And it's good that she dumped K-FED, he only used her money too party and drink...and don't forget his Song(Totally BAD, too bad for tv)...

You go Girl...
Britney, seriously, could you please just close your mouth when you're chawin' on that gum? Maybe stash it near your cheek when you're talking? Come on babe, you're a star. Shine for us.
I really think Britney is an idiot, and she does not deserve another change, in a long line of them. She married a man she knew was not only a train wreck but also a cheater, she has gotten what she deserves. You can take the girl out of the south but you cant take the south out of the girl. Nothing would make me more happy than to see her in a single wide moble home in Torrance not far from the freeway and the public hospital. She got famous and way to wealthy fast and she has just blown throug her money. I suspect she is about five years away from having spent it all, and she better get a grip on reality that the pop music wold is a different place today. I wish her all the worst :)
Thank God Britney filed for divorce......I was so embarassed for her when I was watching Kevin Rap on t.v. I don't blame her for not attending any of his shows, she must have been mortified by his obvious lack of talent.Has nobody told the guy he should stick to dancing???She is way out of his league, that was apparant from day one, everyone already knew.....she just needed to find out for herself.God bless you Britney!
Stick a fork in Her and Janet Jackson they are both done!
Kevin makes my skin crawl.....yuck, what did u ever see in that man Britney?And for Shar Jackson to stand up for him??That is a joke, the man LEFT you PREGNANT for Britney!And to say he doesnt pay support, but he pays for their expensive school?HE doesnt pay for anything honey, Britney pays for it!Wow, run britney, run!It is to bad he will get 1 penny from you, he deserves nothing, he came with nothing,and he should leave with the same.You have already suffered enough Brit.
I feel bad for her. She can't be with the one she loves because she is a slave to people like you who think they know better. She had two kids. I think everyone is jealous of Kevin. Really, this is how she is as a person. Is she supposed to be alone in an ice cube forever perserved into the person you want her to be?
I met Britney 2 years ago on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. She was walking on the sand as I approached her to speak. She was very friendly to me when I told her that I was getting married on the island the next day. she was there recovering from knee surgery and was on vacation with Kevin. She was gracious and wished me luck and was also friendly with the other guests at the resort. She actually played catch football in the ocean with 2 yoyng teenage girls. A memory which I am sure they will not soon forget.
I wish her the best in her new life after this divorce. true love will come her way some day, but I don't believe that it was it with Kevin.
Couldn't of said it better myself!
i agree what has she done to her self go away and leave us alone
She is old and so young
It is another common thing that happens in most of the celebrity life style. Divorce.. Why is this being talked about so much? Are we not very familiar with this issues? Definately what K-FED did is not right to have gone after a hooker. Now having been talked about K-FED going after Hooker may I ask people to justify how great is Britney for having posed nude when she was pregnant? Where is the justice?? When Britney can let everything bare for money then where is the question of finding fault?? I am appaled that celebrities are so materialistic that for money they can fall to any extent. Cheap Britney!
Everyone see this coming like a train, except Britney. The world not just all about her! I don't bashing her, but just remember this: she has the right to do whatever she wish, and people has the right to react. I'm sure she enjoing all this free publicity! Anyone is a real mother will tell you that when you decided to have kids, they are your first priority. No one should make their innocent kids pay for their stupid behaviors and misjudment of the spouse or partner. She picked Kevin knowing who he was, and still made him the father of 2 more poor kids. Who's in their right mind marry to a man that abandoned his 7 months unborn child and preg. ex. You entitle to do all the screw up thing you want in your life, but when you brought innocent kids it the battle, it's 100% WRONG!!!
I also feel Britney is a diamond who sought out the cubit Zirconia in her marriage. She wanted a baby,- got Kevin - and found out they hurt. My heart aches to think that K-Fed has a sex-tape of the two of them and is blackmailing her. I think the "pimps" written on the back of the grooms' warm-up suits at the wedding night might have been a clue. It's easy to 'throw stones', - and I've been shocked at the amount of hate - but here's a girl who has done nothing to hurt people, yet is the recipient of so much vitriol. You have to wonder if there is a balance in people made up of what a loser they are coupled w/denial of it - that gives them the energy to hate those who have achieved so much.
Kevin wasn't married to Shar. He only fathered her children
why is it that with one click of a mouse i can find a gazillion stories on britney, federline, tomcat, brangelina, etc. but the story about the father that broke his baby's leg and shocked her with a cattleprod is a tiny bullet point at the bottom of a news homepage?? whare are we going? we are forgetting about our responsibility as a community to the health (both mental and physical) and welfare of our children. It's atrocious!
Yes, I agree! Welcome back Britney!!! I have always been a fan, even when it supposedly became uncool to like (or in my case, love) her. She is talented, despite what many say. She is also a brilliant business woman (evidenced by the amount of money she made in such a short space of time and the phenomena she created). And like many, I was saddened by her hook-up with that virus, KFed. He was only ever using her to launch his own career. THANK GOODNESS no one took him seriously (except the 6,000 people who bought his album - WHO WOULD WANT HIS ALBUM???). I cannot wait until her new album drops. You have and have always had my support.
What a loser Kevin Federline is. I know he will get some money but I hope it's not much. I think she hooked up with him because she was in such a lost state over losing Justin Timberlake. I certainly hope no court in the land gives any kind of custoday to K-Fed. As for Brittany's little mishaps with her 1st child, give me a break. Unless you are a "perfect mother" everyone makes mistakes. When my fist child was born, you held the baby on your lap, not put him in a carseat.
she's wake up, at last!
Who cares who cares who cares???????
Is there nothing more to talk about? K-fed has spent more of Britney's money then want he has earned. His earning during there marriage was want? So his expense's she paid for and everything else. Please lets get over K-Fed and Britney! K-Fed saw Britney as a free ride, give her some kids and in the end he will get lots of money, he used her. Did he pay child support for his other kids? No he did not, he had no money!
"Beloved young woman"??!?! She basically prostitutes herself infront of the entire world. The influence of this "Beloved young woman" has been destructive and demoralizing. She is nothing more than a spiritually and emmotianally immature little sex toy for the masses. She never says anything intelligent. She is a lauphing stock.
I am glad she is dumping the money hungry k-fed, he thinks he can sing and dance??????? Hopefuly she can manage being a mom and a singer, she used to be wonderful and the K-Fed brought her down. Now it's time to make a great come back!!!!
My only question yo Showbiz tonight is why ask how many Benjamin's Britney has? Talk about bad timing!! It's nobody's business..
FED-EX! Poor KFed had a rough week :o( I bet sleeping on the streets might dent his ego.

Excuse me while I go barf.
The Bible says "Judge not lest ye be judged" Think about it.
I believe most Americans that have a college education could careless about Brittney, Tonkat, or whatever uneducated untalented infamous celebrity we have in the millenium.

It appears the entertainment journalists are focused on a demograhic population that attends elementary school, or teen wannabees, it's really pretty sad.

I am sure if a meteor was about to strike and destroy our planet and Tomkat was about to announce the birth of a second child the meteor story would have to take a back seat.

(Shaking head in total disgust)
I agree with Susanne. People, get a life! These show biz idiots are not worth the time you spend reading about them. Trash, Trash, Trash! I'm here out of curiosity, and will not visit again. This is ridiculous considering what else is going on in the world.
Wow. Today is Sep. 24th 2007. How sad that I actually read this post tonight. The day she sent the divorce papers, I thought the same exact thing as Dave Levine. Look where Britney is now :( .... The bottomest of the bottom of EVERY rock bottom! So sad, I could cry
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