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Fashion trends of the rich and famous
Clothes and effect:
  • In the 18th century, Marie Antoinette started wearing a pouf, an elaborate, stacked hairstyle. It was quickly copied by members of the court. The French queen also started the trend for wearing the chemise, something that was scandalous at the time: A portrait of her wearing the garment was said to have shown the queen in her underwear.
  • In 1934, Clark Gable appeared undershirt-less in the film "It Happened One Night." According to legend, undershirt sales plunged overnight.
  • In the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy was rarely pictured wearing a hat. He's often credited (though, again, not quite correctly) with furthering the decline of the American hat industry.
  • In 1977, Diane Keaton wore mannish suits, complete with tie, in the Woody Allen movie "Annie Hall." The look became a popular style for women of the period.
  • In the 1980s, Madonna began a trend of wearing underwear as outerwear that continues to this day.
And now, in 2006, the love-to-hate-'em trio of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and most notably Britney Spears has been seen around Hollywood nightclubs sans underwear.

Is a new fashion trend in the offing? Drawer your own conclusions.
A woman being widely photographed without underwear will always come across as her being too loose, promiscuous or slovenly, or all of the above. If any celebrity cared about their image, unless you are a porn star, people will generally always look down on such behavior.

There have been several fachion trends that are considered popular that are considered risque (like woman show a little more cleavage) but I don't think a woman flashing her crotch will become acceptable to the mainstream. Maybe this is acceptable in the porn industry but not to common people, especially those who want to protect their children.
This is probably a publicity stunt. grow up britt, you have children who will someday see your yoo hoo in magazines,t.v. internet. Brit as for everyone else deserves a "break" and some fun time but on a holiday? a mother of 2? I do think her fame will sky rocket though. I do believe her album will be good but shes no Paris Hilton and never will be.
Showing her "tatta?" Completely intentional of course! However, I believe her career will never be at the heights it once was - After her marriage to the loser K-Fed her "popularity" turned to "stupidity" quite rapidly. I foresee another "Michael Jackson" scenario in the making - no comeback in the future for Ms. Spears. Went from the frying pan into the fire (K-Fed to Paris?)! What is she thinking - and what in the world are her manager/agent/publicists thinking? Maybe that website PerezHilton is hitting the nail on the head - the naive young Britney of the past is showing her true colors.
Unfortunately, it would appear that your behaviour is no better than that of your ex. Money doesn't buy class - both of you are living proof of that (not to mention your new best pal, Paris Something.)

I only hope that someone will stop partying long enough to think about the two kids. They deserve better.
Brit was doing great for herself until she hooked up with K-Fed. After dumping him, I thought she was on the rise, but hanging with Paris Hilton of all people? And Lindsay Lohan? Now the crotch shot? Trashy...
I am appalled by the complete lack of discretion and maturity of Britney Spears. So, she's "single" again and wants to party? Guess what, Britney -- that is not how it works in the real world. When you volunteered for motherhood, you gave up the right to act like a complete ass.

I will never understand the celebrity mindset. It seems perfectly normal for them to have a child, then leave them with a nanny while they resume a wild life of parties and fun. Whatever happened to responsible parenting, where the children are raised by their own parents? Am I, a mother of two myself, the last of a dying breed?
Britney SPears unfortunately is turning out to be the white trash that everyone speculated she was. It is sad she is a beautiful talented young woman who now as the life of two gorgeous baby boys. I hope she realizes that the image will no longer effect just her. THose pictures will follow her, and her two children for the rest of their lives. Grow up Britney, you have two children, be the role model your supposed to be...
ewww...why oh why would someone aspire to be compared to Paris Hilton? I'm sorry but if you are a "celebrity" in 2006 you know photographers, fans w/ picture taking cellphones..etc are clamboring around you and stalking your every move...WHY wouldn't you wear underwear? These starlets have closets filled with $800 lingerie sets but don't have the sense to wear a $2 cotton pair when in public? GROSS!!! It is sad these "celebrities" are held in such high regard today to have stories printed about them, pictures taken....YUCK
Get some class Britney. Children or no children acting trashy is not classy.
As a young twenty-something I find it difficult to understand why it's such a big deal for a woman not to wear underwear. Seriously, it is not that uncommon. Going "comando" is popular among both men and women. Whether it's laundary day or just a comfort thing, it's not unusual. Now it's a risque fashion trend because a celebrity is doing it. Who really cares if Britney Spears wears underwear or not? She shouldn't be running around flashing her "hoo hoo" to anyone, especially someone with a camera, but she's not the first celeb to do such a thing and she certainly won't be the last. How about we focus on al Qaeda's apparent plans to destroy U.S. Stock Market and banking online databases. That seems a little more worthwhile.
Personally, I think it's great that Britney is running around without panties, footloose and fancy-free. Maybe I'll get a closer look someday.
Wow... Brit when i was little i was a huge fan but umm really you are a mother of two, imagine, u were a common mom and your child was doing a biography or was making a collage for a project or somthing, they search for britney spears and saw a picture of a woman exposing her crotch. What would u do, be a good role model and wear under wear, maybe this pic is good for porno or something but please, for the sake of your kids, and ours, be a little more modest! It won't hurt u will it?
Well, whatever the reason, i believe that foremost celebreties do have an example role. The signal most of these stars give off now is 'whatever!'. We are living in an age where we have serious issues. Let's face them with serious people and not spend too much attention to the one's who lost most of their marbles.
I have always considered this young woman to be a terrible role model. I won't allow her music or videos in my home. I do not want my children to be subjected to what she obviously believes to be socially acceptable behavior. She could pick her friends a bit better too. She's the mother of two children. She needs to start acting like one!!!
What ever happened to fashion. My opionion is that there is no class in todays dressing when it comes to teens and young women. As far a Brit goes. Her mother and father should have put thier foot down when it came time to making a sex kitten out of thier little girl and letting her advance into soft porn. I never thought Brit had a mind of her own in the first place. She hit stardom to fast and never really had any friends to talk to.
A small note to Britney. If you want to feel sexy were silk under your pants or dress. A man is more into seeing a ladies undergarments then raw skin when undressing. Glam is more!
It is no big deal! She can wear what she wants and what she does not want. People in America are too strict and conservative. Loosen up a little and have some fun. That is what she is doing. If you do not like it then you should mind your own business and look the other way.
I don't understand why people are so alarmed at Britney not wearing underwear. I am a young professional with class and I rarely wear underwear. Maybe it's my generation but not wearing underwear isn't a big deal. If I am wearing a short dress or skirt I sport a pair of boy shorts so I'm not flashing though I have been guilty of forgetting from time to time. I have not seen the pictures of Brit (nor do I care to) but I'm sure she wasn't getting out of the car with her dress over her head begging to be photographed. Someone was is the right place at the right time and got the "money shot" it happens. Get over it.
So she she doesn't wear underwear, big deal! Neither do I!
I've read the comments and I agree with those who are mothers. Women should wear underwear. Please consider the sanitizing situation (Fluids & secretions) wearing underwear minimizes this and the fact that Britney is a mother of two SONS she should now have a level of maturity. When you choose to become a parent your responsibility changes. The children come first, partying should be on the back burner. Don't have children if you are not ready to settle down. For those who choose not to wear underwear ok, but don't let the whole world see your hotsie- totsie. I saw the raw pics and if I was her mother I would, oh you can bet we would be having some serious discussions. I'm 50 yrs old and my mother continues to assist in my life and I appreciate her for this. Brit, Kevin now has ammo against you.
To all those people who think it is not a big deal she isnt wearing underwear..DHR...who cares if she wears underwear or not..but showing everyone you don't wear underwear when you know you are going to be photographed at every angle is sick.
I see some Hookers in our city at times and they seem to have more class than Britney Spears or Paris Hilton.
Britney turned into something worse than a WHORE
It's not a new trend, I haven't wore underware for years.
Ok it's not a big deal when you don't where underwear in public. Even I do it sometimes and I don't go around flashing my privates to strangers. BUT, it's not so much what she did as the way she did it. It is NOT a good thing when you are an A-class celebrity AND your image depends on the things you do AND you know the paparrazzi are following you all the time AND you intentionally don't wear underwear and fkash your privates, which is what Britney did. The way she did it was absolutely unclassy and it made her look like a cheap tramp. I expect other A-class celebrities to avoid her like the plague if they know what's good for them. I think people defending Britney should GET OVER IT. She should accept the consequences what she did because she'll be reminded of it as long as the internet is around.
I am disgusted with the latest antics by Britney Spears and her newest friend, Parasite (got that nickname from another website message board and I just love it!). I was hoping that she might have been on the road back after her split with Kevin Federline, but I guess I was wrong. I have no idea what is wrong with the young female stars today. They seem to have no respect for themselves or anyone else. The real victims are always the children, as it always is. It's scary to think that this girl is the mother of two babies. Sometimes you do things without thinking and you live to regret them.

As far as comments here about it being no big deal not wearing underwear, that is about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. My generation has been called the "flower children" and hippies and God knows what else, yet somehow we avoided sinking to this level. It is a big deal, it's unsanitary and gross. There is a reason underwear was invented.
I have always had a sneaking suspicion that, deep down, many people have a morbid fascination and curiosity about extinction level events. However, I doubt that a nuclear war would cause the end of humanity, because hundreds of millions would survive. An external impact force, like in the Bruce Willis movie Armageddon, or a natural pandemic, like in Boyle's Full Circle, are much more likely to close the book on homo sapiens.
we have all seen through time many signs of the degrading of morals reflected in fashion changes. The "beautiful people" look no better than high class street walkers. What kind of message does this tell our young people? TV is going too far when it makes sex and infidelity and loose sex so abundent,that it apparently condones both sexes regularly jumping into bed with the nearest available partner. No wonder babies are pregnant,
and a huge percent of our population have sex passed diseases.
wow people take things way to seriously. So she doesn't wear panties. Who cares. I saw the picture and from what I could tell she didn't purposely pull her dress up and say hey photograph me. Maybe people shouldn't be shoving their cameras in her face all the time. I'm a 25 yr old woman and I've worn skirts that were short in public and accidentally had them come up to high when i got in my car (i may or may not have undies on).

And okay.. she's a mother of 2. The kids weren't with her and many many people go out and leave their kids with a sitter.

Also, as someone who recently went through a divorce I can understand what she might be feeling. I sympathize with the need to get out and maybe do something a little wild.

And as a response to all these people about her career going no where. Christina Aguilera put out Dirty and everybody gave her hell about the album and the video & now she's back on top. So this doesn't mean anything.

Plus you guys give so much publicity to this stuff by speaking out as much as you do. If you don't like Paris, Brit, or the rest. Then change the channel and don't buy the gossip magazines. It isn't your place to judge people.


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