Monday, November 27, 2006
Britney goes to Paris?
Imagine for a moment that you were Britney Spears right after she shed her albatross, Kevin Federline. After a couple of years of transforming your image from America’s sweetheart to baby-endangering, trash-talking, sloppy-looking, no-longer-so-hot-looking momma, you have now ditched the hubby everyone loved to hate and who turned you into a head-to-toe black eye. Time for a meeting with "your people" to plot the comeback trail.

The image makers would likely address the following:

First of all, Brit, there is the issue of relationships. You’re only 24 years old and you’ve already been married twice (even though the first was for a nanosecond).

Second, there is your image. You’re no longer the girl every guy would like to introduce to his parents and say "Hey, Mom and Dad! Ain’t she swell?"

And third, there is your music. You haven’t put out anything new in some two years and the Fergies and Aguileras of the world have you in their rear-view mirrors.

So, if you’re Spears, to whom would you attach yourself in public to prove you’ve turned over a new leaf? Well, if this were the Bizarro world -- that strange planet from Superman lore on which all logic and sensibilities are the exact opposite of Earth’s -- the first suggestion to come to mind would be Paris Hilton!

Well, guess what. Here on the planet Earth, that is exactly what’s happening.

Ever since Brit shed K-Fed, she has been parading in public -- even stripping to her fishnet stockings while dancing at a Vegas club -- with none other than Ms. Hilton, who is the last person on earth you would want to associate yourself with if you are a) trying to clean up your image, b) looking for someone to steer you in the right direction with relationships, and c) right the wayward ship that will prove you can still turn the magic of music.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote on this site how nice it was to have Britney back, out of the clutches of K-Fed. But now I wonder if I spoke too soon.

So now we must deal with BFF Paris & Brit. I doubt that when Paris crooned her inexplicable, studio-created, cotton-candy illusion of a summer hit "Stars Are Blind" she had Britney in mind. But the song's title sums up this mashup, which, if nothing else, will be interesting to watch as it swerves and careens, only to end in the inevitable car wreck of a relationship.

Britney as the new Nicole Richie? Or was that the old Nicole Richie?

Whatever. Either way, before long, Paris will find a new BFF and Britney will be left as roadkill. What Brit really needs is the regenerative powers of Claire the cheerleader in "Heroes" so she can repair the damage she’s done over the past couple of years and is sure to inflict upon herself if she continues down the path she is now traveling.

Save the Britney. Save the world.
Leave the poor kid alone! She's a young girl with her life in chaos and the press is merciless.
I agree with the above post. Just leave Britney alone. She's young and everyone makes mistakes. She will bounce back though.. as for the Paris Hilton friendship .. well thats just bogus. Britney will soon realise after partying up with Ms. Hilton (if you're nice) that she just ain't worth it. Brit Brit is back folks. Fergie can't compare.
Amen Dave! You got it right!
Britney is in big trouble. She can't get a public relations firm to handle her and she certainly makes all the wrong decision when left on her own Face it, her 15 minutes are up and if she keeps associating with the likes of Paris Hilton she'll be back in Louisiana in no time! She really is pathetic.
Will someone please tell Brit that when she is making ANY kind of public appearance to spit out her )^%%%$ gum.
She looks like a cow grazing at al times!!! Get some manners!
I agree with Dave. I was excited to see what Britney would do with herself now that she has the chance to clean up her image. She was off to a good start, dressing nicely on the David Letterman show, and for the week after. Then along comes the Paris image, trashy clothes and all, and Britney is right back to her sloppy look.
You'd think Britney would look at Paris' rap sheet on how she has treated her friends in the past, and take the hint.
I agree that the press needs to leave Brit Brit alone, but if she's hanging out with Paris then obviously she wants her face to be in the press. It's a big publicity stunt in order to gain some of her fan base back. I like Britney, but I don't like Paris, so in my eyes she's losing a lot of "cool points!" I mean she is a mother of two going out every night. Not that there is anything wrong with going out when you have kids. But every NIGHT smoking, drinking, showing um, er, various body parts!!! Paris on the other hand is a single girl without any children just hanging out and having fun!! Britney has obligations, it just seems so fake......
I suspect that Paris is laughing behind Britney's back. In the days they were together, Paris looked absolutely gorgeous and classy next to the trashy and unclassy Britney. The other day, photogs snapped pictures of Britney with Paris, and they caught Britney not even wearing panties when she was getting out of a car!

Pairs Hilton said this is on how she weeds out her friends: "I'll pick out two outfits, one which is disgusting and one nice and I'll ask my 'friend' what they think. If they go for the revolting one, I cut them out of my life." So, based on this, Britney might not be a friend of Paris for long.
How about staying home and taking care of your kids, Britney? And while you're at it--put on some underwear. There are pictures of your nether region all over the internet!
I also agree that everyone should just leave Britney alone for awhile. Being married to someone who doesn't give a dam and doesn't spend anytime with their own kids and leaving her to do it all herself, she should enjoy kicking up her heels right now. As for Paris, come on, it was just a one time encounter. Next thing you know the press will have them vacating together.
I think you all are living in bizzaro world, if Brit is trying for a comeback she is best this she could do. No press is bad press, and when she finally releases her new album it will sell a billion copies regardless of it's quality. Also if she tried the good girl image again so one would buy it.
I second the 'leave the girl alone' comment. There's way too much interest in this girl. She's young, and allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, and be given a break. Apparently she's someone who put effort and a lot of hope into her marriage but her husband seems to have been quite unsupportive of her. There's only so much the girl can take. As for her image building, remember this girl has a lot of people working for her who make a job of protecting her image. From coloring her hair dark, to being blond again, all comes from the someone else doing their job for her. And remember when you see Paris Hilton in photos, you know she's being paid to be there, and same goes for Britney, and Lohan, etc. Whatever opinions you have about Paris Hilton, are not reflected in Britney just because they're clubbing together.Britney has always said that she wanted to be a young mom, well, she's done it. And the Britney bashing can take a rest because I think we're all getting tired of the poetics.Worry about your own backyard before you worrk about those of others.
Poor kid nothing. She's an adult with the lives of two children in her hands. She needs to be a role model for them. Her first mistake was being with a man that already had a girlfriend, pregnant at that. She puts herself in the circumstances she's in. We all have choices to make in our lives. It's up to us to make the right ones. Britney just loves to live in the moment, for herself, no matter what it costs her children.
Stupid is as stupid does. In this case, times 2.
It sort of makes a weird sense...if your image is that you are trashy, make bad decisions, are impulsive, irresponsible and just out to have a self-destructive good time BUT people hate you, you'd want to pair up with someone who has the same image but is somehow making it work for her.. No matter what Paris does she seems to be bulletproof. Ms. Trailer trash probably wants some of that to rub off.
Who gives a flying rats behind? You can take the girl out of the trash, but you can't take the trash out of the girl. She decided to make her life public, she should deal with it. Cause and consequence people.
I would not buy a Britney album ever again. The wave of celebrities acting badly will run its course and people will be fed up with tolerating and supporting such scandal-plagued and clearly UNTALENTED celebrities as Britney and Paris.
So you use BFF in your Brit column - TWICE! - and then two days later you're calling for the term to be banned?

I hope Jesse and Al can counsel you through these tough times ahead.
Bottom line, Britney is stupid. She's making dumb choices that are only going to hurt her. What kind of mom parties until 5 am on the morning of Thanksgiving?? Last time I checked, moms were supposed to be taking care of their kids ... not pawning them off to some nanny so they can go strip in clubs and drink themselves into an oblivion with some bimbo that has absolutely no talent. Boo Britney ... I hope you clean up your image soon and become a good mom. You don't realize that you have a slew of young children watching you're every move ... and what you're doing is teaching young girls that its okay to pawn their children off and party with their friends instead of taking care of their responsibility.
Britney should hire a new the one that Vanessa Minnillo or Britney Murphy uses.....those 2 girls look fashionable all the time.

And a personal word to Brit S. - RUN FROM PARIS HILTON!!! Don't you know that when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas!!!
I, personally, think people should leave her alone becuase we all deserve a second chance!! She's young and beautiful!! I'm an 18 year old and she's one of the people i look up to. So give her some slack already!
What if this is the real Brit coming out now, and these chain of events are an example of the inner trailor trash she's been hiding from the world.

Granted, people do make mistakes, but it took waay too long for her to realize that K-fed was a train wreck. She only has herself to blame, though, because she took a piece of trash man from another woman who had a baby (and one on the way, if I am not mistaken).In the real world, we would have trash-talked her and called her a home-wrecker for that.

It's amazing how we put celebs on pedestals.

So what if she ruins her life. She has a gazilion dollars to blow and could care less what we think - it's the well-being of those babies I worry about.
Ms. Spears is an embarrassment to her children, her family and yes, even her country (OUR country--the USA)...Not to mention God.

Don't you think the rest of the world is disgusted, laughing at her and/or feels sorry for her? They are also judging the rest of us by her behavior--i.e., thinking that all Americans have no class, are boorish and immature. Her actions reflect on America--this is not 'OK' to many of us. America's image is already in a very sorry state around the world. We need to work on IMPROVING our image, not further eroding it!

Britney is shameless, an exhibitionist and shows no respect for her children, family, God, self or country with her bad behavior and poor judgment. She needs to stop acting like a child with an insatiable need for attention. Be a WOMAN (adult), already!

Likewise, the rest of us (including the press) need to stop caring so much about her and other "celebrities" (obsessing) when there are so many serious, important, life/death events happening in our country and world that will determine the future of civilization and, indeed, our very planet (Earth).

Wake up, America!

P.S. Ms. Spears: You are the mother of two (2) children whom you chose to bring into this world. For God's sake, stay home and raise them!
Why does Britney have to stay home with her kids all the time? Like any mother doesn't she deserve some time away? I'm a new mother and all I want right now is just time away from my child for a night and spend time with my friends. Britney is going through a divorse and deserves a little friend time. Who cares who it's with? Let her live her life the way she wants to! No one sits and judges you people on your parenting skills! And I'm sure that she didn't mean for her privates to show. God let the girl be, maybe some of you should sit and be judged everyday like she is!
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