Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Hatin' on K-Fed
Go ahead, hate on me, Kevin Federline said last week. I can take it.

You sure about that, K-Fed?

Britney Spears' hubby's album, "Playing with Fire" (Reincarnate), came out today, and the critics let fly.

"As an MC, he’s got decent flow and OK rhymes, but he’s just not believable -- and cred is hip-hop’s most essential ingredient." - Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

"$50 million can't buy talent." - Sonia Murray, Atlanta Journal/Constitution

"One day, either in this life or the next, Britney Spears will have to atone for unleashing Kevin Federline upon the world. ... [H]e's not nearly as shocking as he'd like to believe or as amusing as his haters would hope: he just comes across as a big boob." -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Allmusic.com

Only The Associated Press' Ron Harris appeared to have anything nice to say. "Hats off to K-Fed. There's a lot here to like," he wrote, praising Federline for having "some of the most sincere urban storytelling you'll hate to admit you like."

Most publications did worse than give K-Fed a thumbs-down; they didn't review him at all. Even Amazon.com, where the album had a sales rank of 4,919 as of 1 p.m. Tuesday, had zero reviews -- and Amazon's customers review everything. (Update, 3 p.m. Tuesday: One person has since posted an Amazon review, giving "Playing with Fire" one star and saying the criticism of him is justified. No Justin Timberlake pun intended, I assume. The album's sales rank has also fallen into the 7,000s.)

Also out today:
- "Bat Out Of Hell III" (Virgin), Meat Loaf
- "Endless Wire" (Republic), The Who
- "Closet Freak: The Best of Cee-Lo" (Arista/Legacy)
- "Can't Quit the Blues (Silvertone/Legacy), a Buddy Guy box set
- "Hard Workin' Man: The Jack Nitzsche Story Vol. 2" (Ace), a continuation of the fine anthology Ace began with "Hearing Is Believing" last year

And I'm intrigued by "Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Nirvana" (Baby Rock), the latest in a series that also includes lullaby renditions of songs by Led Zeppelin, Tool, the Cure, Radiohead and Metallica. Newborns, start rebelling now.
No comment says it all!!!
I wonder how much Britney paid Ron Harris at the AP for his review. Ron Harris has lost all credibility at this point. No one in there right mind would give "Stup-Fed" a good review. Either that or Ron Harris is the whitest man in the world and knows nothing about hip hop.
Can you say Vanilla Ice?
I think her husband is a scum bag and shouldn't even be allowed near those kids! Apparently through all the crap we hear...which could be wrong! But the only thing I hear about is him coming home all drunk and smoking in front of the kids. He should be shot! What could she possibly see in a man that has no style and is tryin to strike it rich as the next "vanilla ice"....um WHATEVER!
Well, this would possibly be slightly different if K-Fed was an underground artist that had paid his dues and honed his craft before deciding to become a hip-hop artist. But he is not and that is why I will not buy the album. I would rather listen to chimps mate with one another before I listen to his album.
What is the big obsession with this guy? Who am I to judge Ms. Spears for marrying whoever the heck wants? I didnt realize she was required to have the public's approval or to wed someone with as much talent as she has been blessed with and that she should not support her husband in his work. I think you are all just jealous - get a life and stay out of theirs.
oK, I have to admit, I am not one to judge rap music since it's not on the top of my list, however, do we have to trash someone so bad that we have never met? Never mind all the trash we are being fed about celebs through the media. Even if K-fed's music doesn't live up to your standards, that doesn't make him a bad guy! Enough of these judgemental comments! "He should be shot"? Learn about anger management!
K-Fed, hahahahahaha, what a joke of a person. Just be lucky your were able to marry a millionare. What would K-Fed be without using the star power of his wife. I wish pro wrestling was were and John Cena would have beat him up for real. But, what can you do, I guess just make fun of K-Fed for being a loser. Does he really think he earned respect in the hip-hop community, let alone hollywood. Please have of hollywood is a joke, especailly douchebags like K-Fed
Oh Lord, what a waste of an article. Who give a care about some overprivileged want to be rapper. K-Fed is a joke and he probably knows it himself. He is just trying to get some recognitoin of something other than Mr.Brittany Spears. I wish John Cena would have body slammed his butt for real on WWE Monday Night Raw. K-Fed is trying to fit into the Hollywood Culture when he has nothing to offer besides looking like a fool. I must be pretty bored right now, to even write such a long blog about a scumbag, worthless piece of dung. Hey K-Fed do something worthwhile and contribute to life, not live off your wife.
At least Vanilla Ice was drop dead gorgeous, built, and sexy hot.

He had total stage personality, cockiness, and some sort of essense about him that went with what talent skills he did have.

Not to mention the guy is still around and touring.


There are people (musicians or singers) who can only produce music or singing in a studio because their musical singing methodologies are artifical; it's digitized, and really with their use and dependence on backtracks and remixes, those are almost strictly studio artists, not performance or acoustical artists.

These type of artists do not do well with live performances, nor do they make good touring bands.

You could not just hand any of them a guitar or a keyboard and say, hey go sing your song.

No one would believe any of them had any talent nor would they buy it.

That's why they make their music the way they do.

And yet Brittany Spears husband catches flack, lmao. Spears tracks are totally heavy on all the studio remixing and verbing. I don't think she can even stay on key, I've looked at some of her songs, and her voice bytes clips show that its digited and reedited, and backtracked...... and the industry.

Yes, point blank, I am saying, their music and their voices are faked out remixed, verbed, digitized, to heck and back, because it is.

That's why when people often go to live performances, concert dates, they are like, dude they don't sound nuttin like what they sounded like on the discs.

85% of the people who put out music anymore are fakers.
Poor K-Fed... even if he had an ounce of talent, he would still be maligned because he managed to get on the elevator to a record deal while more talented people than him have had to take the stairs. However, I did attempt to listen to his music with an open mind but there's no redemption for him because he is quite, quite bad. If Britney Spears considers it worth her money to invest in him, well, it's her money to burn! Hopefully, it's a lesson well-learned...!
I cant believe no one will let them live peacefully! They are just 2 human beings trying to get by and live their lives. Kevin may not be top on my music list but its not like he sings about homos and shooting his wife like Eminem. He doesn't sing about getting shot 10 times like 50, or about murder like all the other rappers out there. I think everyone needs to get a life and quit complaining and knit picking about theirs!
Kevin Federline is a no-talent, no-class, wannabee who attached himself to a star in an effort to acquire a career. Hopefully his 15 minutes of 'fame' are over and he will fade into the obscurity he so deserves.
I agree with J Stirling on K-Fed having no talent. Who in their right mind would ever sign them to a record label. Did they not listen to his demo tapes before having him record the songs? Lets all hope that Britney get full custody of the kids and that K-Fed never brings out another CD.
Well Brit: Here is to the TRASH you married and are now divorcing!!!! Wish you could have seen it from the beginning that he was only using you. I feel sorry for you and Shar the mother of his 2 other children. Where will he get the money to support all 4 of his children and who knows how many more!!!!
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