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Weekly Ratings for June 18 to June 24
1.(1) "American Idol" (Wednesday),Fox, 28.2 million viewers.
2.(1) "American Idol" (Tuesday),Fox, 25.47 million viewers.
3.(6) "House,"Fox, 21.36 million viewers.
4.(6) "Grey's Anatomy"ABC, 19.58 million viewers.
5.(5) "Dancing With the Stars"(Monday), ABC, 19.44 million viewers.
6.(4) "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,"CBS, 18.75 million viewers.
7.(10) "CSI: Miami,"CBS, 17.18 million viewers.
8.(12) "Dancing With the Stars Results"(Tuesday), ABC, 16.86 million viewers.
9.(9) "Desperate Housewives,"ABC, 16.13 million viewers.
10.(16) "Without a Trace,"CBS, 14.31 million viewers.
Prime-time ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research. Top 10 listings include the week's ranking, with rating for the week and season-to-date rankings in parentheses.

An "X" in parentheses denotes a one-time-only presentation. The rating is the percentage of the nation's estimated 105.5 million TV homes. Each ratings point represents 1,055,000 households.
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