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Wednesday night's primetime lineup: Something for everyone

Web posted on:
Thursday, September 02, 1999 5:55:51 PM EST

From Paul Vercammen
CNN Entertainment News Correspondent

This is the third installment in a five-part series in which we look at plans for each weeknight of the fall television season.

What's new on

ABC: "Oh Grow Up"

CBS: "Work With Me"

NBC: "The West Wing"

The WB: "Roswell"

FOX: "Get Real"

See what's on the
schedule this fall:


LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Wednesday nights can take you creekside, as in "Dawson's Creek"; lakeside -- that would be Erie -- at Drew Carey's popular comedy set in Cleveland; or riverside by the Potomac, near which Martin Sheen occupies the Oval Office in "The West Wing."

In NBC's White House, Rob Lowe plays Sheen's chief of staff, a role he's taking quite seriously. "I really had myself convinced that I worked for the President," Lowe says. "I'd watch the Sunday news programs and go, 'I'm going to have to speak to him about that.'"

9 p.m. hour-power

That entry airs at 9 p.m. against three other hourlong sagas: UPN's highest-rated show, "Star Trek: Voyager"; "Roswell" on the WB; and "Get Real" on FOX, a family-drama dysfunction junction.

"They're very good at arguing," says Christina Pickles, who plays Grandma Elizabeth on "Get Real." "And arguing is part of life. Any family that doesn't fight really needs therapy."

"Roswell" is the New Mexico town of UFO renown, where there are high-school headaches and alien ancestries.

Backing up to 8 p.m.

"Roswell is scheduled to follow "Dawson's Creek" on the WB, with Jennifer, that troubled teen played by Michelle Williams. "I relish and I enjoy playing the bad girl," she says "because there's so much range within that."

"Beverly Hills, 90210" battles "Dawson's" on FOX.

"Cosby" starts off CBS' Wednesday prime time, followed by the new "Work With Me," with Kevin Pollack and Nancy Travis as married lawyers in the same firm.

"The first thought was to have a lot of nudity and sex," Pollack jokes, "and then we realized after I'd been cast, no one would watch. So we did an about-face, as it were, and it'll just be Nancy who's nude and talking about sex."

9 p.m. again, Drew

ABC also plays the sitcom card Wednesday, returning the franchise "The Drew Carey show" at 9 p.m., preceded by "Two Guys and a Girl" at 8 p.m. and "Norm" at 8:30. "Norm" introduces Artie Lange as Norm Macdonald's brother.

"Oh Grow Up" is the network's Wednesday night 9:30 p.m. sitcom newcomer, featuring one hunk, one newfound daughter, one artist and one just-discovered-I'm-gay man divorcing his wife.

View the whole lineup for Fall 1999 primetime
What do you think of the fall TV season?

10 p.m. serious stuff

ABC caps off prime time with "20/20" at 10 p.m. The news magazine is up against NBC's "Law & Order," which has a new detective on the beat: Edward "Eddie" Jordan, played by Jesse Martin. "Ally McBeal" fans might recognize him as Ally's love interest, Dr. Greg Butters.

"I don't feel like I have to fill somebody else's shoes," Martin says. "I'm a whole new character. I've got my own things to bring to it."

CNN Entertainment News Correspondent Paul Vercammen contributed to this report.

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