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TV's 'Everything's Relative' finds humor in family

April 8, 1999
Web posted at: 12:58 p.m. EDT (1658 GMT)

HOLLYWOOD (CNN) -- NBC has packed its new Tuesday night comedy "Everything's Relative" with proven talent. Emmy nominee Jeffrey Tambor headlines the show, playing the eccentric patriarch of a mildly dysfunctional family.

Tambor comes to NBC after six years on HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show," on which he played Hank, an arrogant but insecure late-night show sidekick.

In "Everything's Relative," Tambor takes the role of Jake, a long-divorced father who considers himself something of a ladies' man. Two-time Oscar nominee Jill Clayburgh play's Jake's ex- wife. Eric Schaeffer and Kevin Rahm play their grown sons.

The show focuses on Rahm's character, young comedy writer Leo Gorelick, and his problems with this all-too-close family. Rahm describes the role as a break in his career. It's his first series and follows a string of film roles and TV guest spots.

"I feel like I was a rookie drafted to the Yankees last year. I got to win the World Series on the first try," he says.

Jill Clayburgh plays Mickey, the mom who's always caught in the middle of things. Apparently, Clayburgh is always giggling on the set.

"You know how when you were, like in high school, and you get the giggles?" she says. "That's what this show does to me."

As far as Tambor's concerned, the more giggles the show gets, the better. "You can't cure cancer in 23 minutes," he says, "but if you can give some sort of breadth and vision that helps you laugh at yourself, why then you've done what you should have done."

"Everything's Relative" airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Correspondent Lauren Hunter contributed to this report.

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