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Transcript of 911 call

June 2, 1998
Web posted at: 11:38 p.m. EDT (0338 GMT)

Police dispatcher: "Emergency operator 614."

Ron Douglas: "Yeah, hi, this is 5065 Encino Blvd. And, um, I was called over to the residence. I think there's been a shooting here."

Dispatcher: "OK, do you see a victim?"

Douglas: "Yes."

Dispatcher: "OK, hold on for the paramedics, OK? One moment."

Douglas: "OK."

Dispatcher: "I want you to stay on the line."

Douglas: "OK."

Fire dispatcher: "Fire Department emergency operator, how may I help you?"

Douglas: "Yeah, hi, there's been a shooting at 5065 Encino Blvd."

Fire dispatcher: "How many people are shot?"

Douglas: "Just one, and um ..."

Fire dispatcher: "Do you know what part of the body?"

Douglas: "I think around the head and the neck. I just got here."

Fire dispatcher: "The person who shot him, is he still around?"

Douglas: "Yeah, she's his wife."

Fire dispatcher: "(unintelligible) the wife shot him and they're both there?"

Douglas: "Yeah."

Fire dispatcher: "Is she hurt at all?"

Douglas: "I'm not sure. I'm trying to calm her down. OK?"

Police dispatcher: "Hello, sir?"

Douglas: "Yeah."

Dispatcher: "Did, uh, was this on purpose or was this an accident or what sir? Do you know what happened?"

Douglas: "I have no idea. ... She was drunk. She said she killed her husband and I didn't believe her."

Dispatcher: "OK, are they both there right now?"

Douglas: "You're right. Now, can you trace this address because I'm not sure?"

Dispatcher: "All right, where's the weapon now?"

Douglas: "It's in my hand because, um, she brought it to my house."

Dispatcher: "What's your name sir?"

Douglas: "My name's Ron, Ron Douglas."

Dispatcher: "All right sir, we're going to get the officers on the way."

Douglas: "OK."

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