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"The Larry Sanders Show"

Garry says goodbye to 'Larry'

Web posted on: Thursday, May 28, 1998 11:37:49 AM

From Correspondent Bill Tush

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In this season of television goodbyes, the finale of finales belongs to Garry Shandling. The comedian's hit "The Larry Sanders Show" airs its final episode Sunday evening on HBO.

The show, in which Shandling plays a plastic, bombastic talk show host, earned critical acclaim and a loyal fan base during its six seasons on the air. But Shandling is ready for new adventures.

"I'm proud of it," Shandling said of the finale during its recent preview screening, which was also attended by co-stars Rip Torn and Jeffrey Tambor. "I think it's funny. I think it's good. I hope people watch it and like it. I'll be out of the country, but you folks enjoy it."

Carrey on
Jim Carrey grandstands as Garry Shandling hosts his final "The Larry Sanders Show"

For the final episode of "The Larry Sanders Show," the talk show's staff is, appropriately, trying to find a flashy way to end the fictional talk show's run. Episode 88 promises a parade of stars to help say "so long" to "Larry," including Jerry Seinfeld, who recently walked away from his own sitcom, and Jim Carrey.

But Torn says it won't be so easy to walk away from something they've grown to love.

"He kind of grabbed (me and Jeffrey) and said, 'We'll remember this as a golden time for all three of us.' And that's what touches me," Torn said.

"He worked very hard on this," Tambor said of Shandling's award-winning show. "This is his concept and he worked feverishly and he was always a pro."

What's next for Shandling? He has previously said he "would love to direct," and that there are "a lot of opportunities and decisions I need to make soon."

He's also currently tangled up in a $100 million lawsuit with former manager Brad Grey.

As "The Larry Sanders Show" comes to an end, Shandling has plenty to keep him busy.


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