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September 20, 1999
Web posted at: 2:45 p.m. EDT (1845 GMT)

Today's buzz stories:


Mel Gibson flick readies for Revolutionary War

McCONNELLS, South Carolina (CNN) -- Pre-production of Mel Gibson's latest movie project has closed the doors of a popular historic site in South Carolina. The Historic Brattonsville plantation is currently getting a face-lift as the crew for the Revolutionary War film "The Patriot" readies the site for filming.

In the movie, Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a reluctant hero who is swept into battle when the war reaches his farm. In an effort to protect his family, he joins the American militia and fights beside his idealistic son. The plantation will be looking its best as a backdrop to the film -- buildings are being painted and restored.

Officials in charge of the site say the changes will also make the plantation a more pleasant place to visit when it re-opens in mid-October.

Gibson is one of Hollywood's top male stars -- along with the "Lethal Weapon" series, he won best director and best picture Oscars for 1995's "Braveheart," which was set amid the 13th century battles between Scotland and England.

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Lucci looking at lead role in 'Annie Get Your Gun'

NEW YORK (CNN) -- And now for her next challenge ... soap actress Susan Lucci, who just this year won her first Emmy after 18 years of being nominated, is heading for Broadway.

The "All My Children" star is negotiating to take over the lead role in the Broadway musical "Annie Get Your Gun," the New York Post reported Saturday. If a deal is worked out, Lucci will replace current leading lady Bernadette Peters for three weeks beginning December 21 while Peters is on vacation, the Post said. Peters won a Tony for the role this year.

Lucci, 52, has never appeared on Broadway.

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Whose sex does George Michael want?

LONDON (CNN) -- George Michael kept his word to British tabloids. The pop star gave them exclusive interviews, answering anything the tabloids asked in exchange for "compassionate coverage" of a forthcoming initiative to raise money for the world's destitute.

During the interviews, Michael admitted he had not made love to a woman for a decade and said he wanted to have sex with Tom Cruise -- and his wife, Nicole Kidman. He also admitted he was being sued for $20 million by the Los Angeles policeman who arrested him for performing a sex act in public last year.

Michael rose to popularity in the late 1980s with pop hits like "Faith" and "I Want Your Sex."

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Eminem sued by mom

MOUNT CLEMENS, Michigan (CNN) -- The mother of rapper Eminem is suing him, partly because she claims her son implied to the media that she was lawsuit-happy. Debbie Mathers-Briggs also says her son insinuated that she was an unstable drug user who moved around aimlessly during the rapper's formative years. She is seeking at least $10 million in damages.

The lawsuit was filed Friday against Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the 26-year-old performer known as Eminem. The lawsuit cites interviews published in Rolling Stone, Rap Pages and The Source and statements he made on "The Howard Stern Show."

Mathers has not commented on the suit.

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Sophia Loren turns 65

ROME (CNN) -- Italy said "Happy Birthday" to its favorite daughter on Monday, as Sophia Loren turned 65. The film star first shot to fame in the 1950s and '60s with movie like "Two Women," for which she won an Oscar.

Apparently recovered from a health scare last year, when she was hospitalized for stress, Loren shows no signs of slowing down. Her latest book, "Recipes and Memories," is already a hit in the United States and is due to be published in Italy soon.

She's also considering a role in a series about Italian-American immigration, and an offer to star as the matriarch of of a 19th-century southern Italian family. But most of all, she is happy with her family life, she says.

"Being a diva is a job like any other," she was quoted in Monday's La Repubblica newspaper. "When you go home, it's like leaving it (the job) at the office."

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Reuters contributed to this report.

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