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The Buzz that Was

Walter Matthau

May 31 -- Geri and George are friends... Sawyer leaving ABC... Billy Barty injured in scooter crash... Depp a dad.

May 28 -- Court: Sinatra kidnapper can't profit from story... Hartman estate files wrongful death suit... Ossie Davis: Remember the reason for Memorial Day... Divorce for Barkin, Byrne... Lucci gets key to NYC.

May 27 -- 'Star Wars' bootleg saga unfolds... Backstreet Boys' return is a record-breaker... Should Sinatra kidnapper profit from past?... Rosie puts money where her mouth is... Looking for the best? Click here.

May 26 -- Walter Matthau treated for pneumonia... A phantom 'Phantom Menace'... Marisa Tomei enters 'Lobby'; Greg Louganis says yes to 'No'... Marisa Tomei enters 'Lobby'; Greg Louganis says yes to 'No'... Don't fight it: Distributor says Springer will go tame.

May 25 -- Julian Lennon: Stepfather knew best... Jim Bakker: Warning Solid Rock about space boulder... Julie Andrews and Alan Greenspan: Degrees of honor... Bill Gates: Host with the most... Tim Allen: Dad's Day tools for charity.

May 24 -- Springtime for Springsteen... Martin mania hits Dallas... Lucas bids for part of Presidio... Bernhard on the Middle East: Make phone calls, not war.

Ricky Martin

May 21 -- Dana Plato's death ruled suicide... Sharon Stone gives up guns... Ricky Martin, top of the pops... New Jagger baby?... Hugh Grant says yes to kids, not yet to marriage.

May 20 -- Selleck commercial triggers NRA debate with O'Donnell... Singaporean film censors lift ban on 'shagged'... Coppola sticks up for Lucas... Cannes competitor learns meaning of 'invitation only.'

May 19 -- Oprah gives Northwestern students the business... Sawyer, Gibson won't abandon their alarm clocks yet... 'Ally McBeal,' Part Two?... Paula Jones' psychic future murky.

May 18 -- Badu to the rescue... Reeve says video creates false impression... Rosie at the Tonys, briefly... The Force as defined by the stars.

May 17 -- Remembering Kubrick as a 'demented perfectionist'... Brokaw warns college grads of technology's 'ugly scar';
Cosby tells 'em to clean their rooms... Catherine Zeta-Jones rates Sean Connery's kiss... Leading composers pay tribute to Linda McCartney... Ronald Reagan's daughter communicates with dad without words.

Erykah Badu

May 14 -- Badu to the rescue... Reeve says video creates false impression... Rosie at the Tonys, briefly... The Force as defined by the stars.

May 13 -- Good cop, Carrey cop?... Gifford goes to Broadway... Don't blame Hollywood, says Seagram head... O'Connor returns to 'Follies' stage... Cops nab Springer guest.

May 12 -- Shocking Mia: Farrow on Allen and Previn's child... Downloading the Dead: Live tracks on MP3... New lease on Liz: Taylor wants a comeback... 'Whitewashed windows and vacant stores' and no Springsteen statue... Morning shows: Packing problems.

May 11 -- Releasing a 'new' Beatles track, reboarding 'Yellow Sub'... WB undeterred: 'Buffy' season to close with armed students... Court ruling doubles the 'Easy' score: Torn 2, Hopper zip... Brooks sings undercover on upcoming CD... (1) Geffen vs. Beck; (2) Beck vs. Geffen.

May 10 -- Schoolchildren craft celebrity quilt for Kosovo... 'Wit' strikes again... Neeson backtracks on quitting acting... Dench does double duty... Jackson goes Jedi.


May 7 -- Monica Lewinsky on 'SNL'?... Wynette's husband dropped from lawsuit... Scott Wolf: From 'Party' to Broadway... Eagles to play L.A. on New Year's.

May 6 -- Hugh Downs stepping down from '20/20' post... Priscilla Presley wins $1.7 million in lawsuit... Busted Busta Rhymes won't do time... James Brown must feel good about this.

May 5 -- Springtime for Julia Roberts: TV, films and a guy... English wedding for Greg Kinnear: New wife, old church... A first for classical music: Three women take the Avery Fisher... No joy in Fogertyville for fans: No Fogertyville, for that matter.

May 4 -- Steamy Kubrick film nabs R rating... 'Cabaret' music team receives Helen Hayes Award... Rosie O'Donnell to be Gloria Estefan's new neighbor... Postal workers get no respect on TV.

May 3 -- Sophia Loren to break the bubbly... Dylan McDermott late for school... That's Mr. Weasel to you!... British Airways smokes out Harvey Weinstein.

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