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The Buzz that Was


April 29 -- Pamelawatch: Anderson says she wants Lee back... Singer-priest Sinead O'Connor withdraws donation... U.S. study: Films, songs make vices look good... Tony Orlando takes Wayne Newton to court... Richard Gere inspects Kosovo refugee camp.

April 28 -- Gary Oldman to play Pontius Pilate... Pavarotti singing the tax-man blues... Manson postponing five concerts... Last call for Lilith Fair... DiCaprio departure: Changing planes in a hurry.

April 27 -- Mayor proposes boycott of Marilyn Manson show... It's a girl! for Tea Leoni, David Duchovny... Paul McCartney's artwork in Germany... Gary Oldman to play Pontius Pilate.

April 26 -- The artist formerly known as Sinead O'Connor... Woody Allen now known as Dad... Virginia Madsen figures out 'Unsolved Mysteries' offer... Funk musician, brother dead in apparent murder-suicide.

Sharon Stone

April 23 -- Viewers flock to news shows after school shootings... Few Hollywood films make the cut for Cannes... HBO plans drama on lesbian experience with Sharon Stone... Gospel group finds Billy Graham's words sweet as a song.

April 22 -- CBS pulls 'Promise Land' episode... Leno to set pace at Indy 500... Meter maids don't spare Oprah... Widower of silent-screen star dies.

April 21 -- Spielberg stays put at DreamWorks... Advocates of TV-free week to advertise on TV... Fans make Jane Seymour newest 'Walk of Fame' star... Johnny Cash voices electronic collection of Scriptures... Folk rocker's obituary makes one BIG MISTAKE.

April 20 -- Woodstock '99 stocks bill with more acts... Drama Desk doesn't warm to 'Iceman,' 'Blue Room'... MTV finds eight reasons to like 'Mary'... U.S. directors sidelined by Cannes 'sidebar'... Sonny Bono's blood to be tested in paternity suit.

April 19 -- First and last: Three Tenors in Africa and good-bye to Boxcar Willie... From starving artist to MTV queen... Mad about Janeane Garofalo... Eartha Kitt stands in support of Jesse Ventura... 'Happy Days' actress to stand trial in shotgun incident.


April 16 -- Holly Hunter, Jeff Goldblum jury members at Cannes Film Festival... Sinatra, Streisand tops in poll of century's best U.S. singers... New from Courtney Love: a romantic comedy?... TV's Hercules wants heftier pay check.

April 15 -- Pamela Anderson Lee loses the implants... Auctioning logbook linked to Glenn Miller's death... Jay Leno loves his cars, bikes... Las Vegas resort's Lenin statue loses its head.

April 14 -- London paper pays libel damages to Princess Diana's brother... Pop diva Whitney Houston takes blame for marital problems... Rapper Coolio changes plea again on gun charge... Titanic-sized splash on HBO.

April 13 -- New royalty on the way for Princess Xena star... Michael Jackson to give 'What More' proceeds to refugees... Former Cat Stevens says border guards robbed him... Liz Taylor's court action leads to National Enquirer donation.

April 12 -- 'Elizabeth' beats 'Shakespeare' in British Academy Awards... 'The Matrix' TV rights bought by Turner... Homeless shelter to be named in honor of Jessica Tandy... Study: TV has more ads than ever before.


April 9 -- 'Hawaii Five-0' booked for the box office... Attorneys: Wynette's doctor stood by his patient... The no-nostalgia Woodstock '99... Pavarotti's songs for the kids of Kosovo... Los Feliz Library: Dewey Decimal and DiCaprio.

April 8 -- Tyson Records? Former champ to take a punch at music biz... Gore gets lively support from former Grateful Dead... Disney drops 'Dogma,' but Weinsteins still faithful... Robbie Knievel to take the grand leap... Stones' Jagger, Watts seeing the sights.

April 7 -- Heart trouble puts George Jones back in hospital... Johnny Cash makes a resounding comeback... Jazz great Red Norvo dies at 91... It's official: Rodman and Electra file for divorce... Newest TV judge to meet out justice? Judge Judy's husband.

April 6 -- Lawsuit blames Wynette's husband, doctor for her death... New York theater loses innovative producer... No deal between Boyz II Men, Magic Johnson Music Management... Sixties survivors Dylan and Simon to tour together... 'Xena: Warrior Princess' episode withdrawn after Hindu complaints.

April 5 -- Cameron Diaz: $12 million to be an 'Angel'... Doug Liman is no swinger... Music stars remember Louisiana Hayride... Joe Namath: Back to bachelorhood... Stunt legend Gil Perkins dead at 91.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

April 2 -- Will 'Baywatch' team say Aloha to Hawaii?... Actor Tim Robbins on political protest and parenthood... Ali's personal boxing ring finds a good home... John Denver home sale: Rocky Mountain high... Movie star answers call of the wild.

April 1 -- Hawaiian governor begs 'Baywatch' not to go down under... Dr. Laura closes in on TV deal... Shirley Jones' hometown doesn't want to care for her statue... Husband to Lucille Ball dies... CBS announces purchase of King World.

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