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The Buzz that Was


December 31 -- 'Ally McBeal' star admits panic attacks ... Payment gets limo company to back off Aretha Franklin ... Drifters' Johnny Moore dead at 64 ... Appeals court revives Kato's case against tabloid.

December 30 -- MTV scores German chancellor's first New Year's address ... Japanese filmmaker Kinoshita dead at 86 ... Second City makes Cleveland its fourth city ... Poll: Utah County residents support abridged 'Titanic' ... CBS ditches little seen Eye on People.

December 29 -- 'Thin Red Line' races to limited release record ... Connecticut hands Ken Burns $530,000 for Twain documentary ... New road safety campaign to feature E.T. ... Theater owner drops ban on R-rated movies.

December 28 -- Barbara Walters feels maternal bond to Monica ... Cyrus says he's singing new tune ... Columbus convinced stars to let him take 'Stepmom' voyage ... 'Mrs. Brown' influenced by Victoria's correspondence ... 'Conrad Bloom' wilts for NBC.

December 24 -- McGwire makes good on promise to help abused kids ... Gregory Peck honored for humanitarian efforts ... Busta Rhymes hates to disappoint autograph seekers ... Report: NBC making a grab for WCW special.


December 23 -- Alyssa Milano wins suit over nude Internet photos ... Chamberlain: From 'Shogun' to show tunes ... Artist Engelbreit 'sick to death' of millennium hype ... Heston 'sorry' for attacking Wallace, '60 Minutes.'

December 22 -- Broadcast critics name top 10 movies this year ... Anna Paquin: 16 and enjoying herself ... Farrelly brothers won't touch Clinton's escapade ... Kinnear not shying away from family life ... Stalking gets fashion designer two years in prison.

December 21 -- Julia Roberts finally finds the right guy? ... Cher still waiting for ring Sonny gave her ... Seinfeld to be seen in more AMEX commercials ... Peter Jennings, 60, ready for fatherhood again? ... Fox shows no mercy for 'Baby'; No 'Encore' for NBC.


December 18 -- Heston accuses '60 Minutes' of 'SWAT-team journalism' ... People mag finds Hillary Clinton, Ken Starr intriguing ... Baldwin raises eyebrows with Hyde outburst ... Marshalls seize property of Michael Jackson's father ... Eats, and more: 'Baywatch' restaurants on the way.

December 17 -- Which celebrities have the best manners? ... Garth Brooks is a million records closer to his goal ... Rick James: Stroke was message from God ... 'Mighty Ducks' screenwriter sues Disney for $25 million ... John Travolta is a busy, and rich, actor.

December 16 -- Davis and Dee celebrate 50 years together ... He'll be back? Schwarzenegger in talks for 'T3' ... Heidi Fleiss back in prison ... Dr. Laura drops lawsuit over nude pictures ... Gwyneth gets what she wants ... A billionaire, a politician -- and 'Annie'?

December 15 -- He's not Prince, and he doesn't like marriage ... 'Titanic''s Cameron, Hamilton getting divorce ... Orlando, Newton the talk of the town ... Tabloid journalist pleads not guilty in Cruise-Kidman case ... 'Fire' fanning flames in India.

December 14 -- Hanks, Ryan really get e-mail ... Kidman's Broadway debut packs house ... Godzilla isn't dead ... MTV apologizes to teen boy ... Maya Angelou knows her culture.

"60 Minutes" exec Don Hewitt

December 11 -- Sotheby's to auction Marilyn Monroe letter ... First lady announces all-star CD 'Song America' ... '60 Minutes' founder: Networks should combine forces ... 'Home Improvement''s Taylor Thomas heading for college ... 'Babe' sequel flopped but toys selling well.

December 10 -- Yoko Ono gives to food bank as art exhibit opens ... Howard Stern helps abandoned dog find a home ... RKO may turn 'Citizen Kane' into a musical ... Springsteen wins injunction in unauthorized collection.

December 9 -- 'One Life' actor Zaslow, Lou Gehrig's sufferer, dies ... Springsteen, E Street Band to reunite for tour ... Rodman: Liquor not a factor in marriage to Carmen Electra ... Paul McCartney to hold Internet chat session ... Malick thins audience for 'Thin Red Line' screening.

December 8 -- Jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval becomes U.S. citizen ... Judge praises Robert Downey Jr.'s progress ... Russian TV station cancels Solzhenitsyn documentary broadcast ... Helen Hunt wins Celebrity of the Year award ... WB entertainment chief declines to renew his contract.

December 7 -- Hootie & the Blowfish head to Persian Gulf ... Onetime Stray Cat makes big swing back ... More honors for 'Life is Beautiful' star ... 'Blue Room' gave Kidman the jitters ... Supermodel says charges are 'sour grapes'.

Bobby Brown

December 4 -- Estefans victims of $250,000 heist ... Bobby Brown turns himself in to police ... Fox wunderkind signs multimillion-dollar deal ... 'Peter Pan' moving to new Broadway home.

December 3 -- Spielberg, Hanks not through with WWII ... Buffett homecoming benefits hurricane victims ... Jazz great Burrowes dead at 72 ... 'ER' star Kellie Martin engaged ... Von Trapps honored as 'the most famous ambassadors of Austria.'

December 2 -- Heche, DeGeneres leaving Los Angeles ... Letterman trespasser given year's probation ... New Ms. owners promise 'livelier' effort ... A 'Charlie Brown Christmas' TV alert ... Former Mouseketeer lied about fraud, prosecutor says.

December 1 -- Jewel being sued by former manager ... Opera singer hangs himself in Cleveland clinic ... 'Lion King' headed to London ... Kidman, Spacey honored for London stage work ... Artists sing for peace on 'Bridge Of Hope.'

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