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The Buzz that Was

Tommy Lee Jones

October 30 -- Tommy Lee Jones leaves hospital after riding accident ... Eating disorder? 'Ally McBeal' actress says it ain't so ... Farrah's ex-boyfriend receives light sentence ... Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx sued ... Celebs join space crowds for Glenn's launch ... 'Sesame Street' actors miss ideal days of show's youth.

October 29 -- Cruise, Kidman win damages from British newspaper ... Bardot must pay fine for criticism of Muslim ritual ... Schwarzenegger on hand for groundbreaking of Universal theme park in Japan ... Prince Charles 'spices' up his image.

October 28 -- Joan Cusack signs small-screen deal ... Geraldo Rivera sued by N.Y. lawyer over TV challenge ... Rapper Keith Murray begins three-year sentence ... Frankenheimer accuses video store of 'mutilating' Cameron's 'Titanic' ... Redford backs Democratic candidate for Colorado governor.

October 27 -- McCartney: Breast cancer screenings should be a priority ... Woody lashes out at Mia ... Armenian jazz fest wraps with jam session ... Freeman slated to play Mandela ... Oldies but goodies dominating Brit pop charts.

October 26 -- UPN's controversial 'Desmond Pfeiffer' benched ... NBC wants to see more of 'Jesse' ... Faith Evans has new love, new music ... Carol Burnett to sing Sondheim ... Slater says troubles came from lack of identity.

Trey Parker, of "South Park" and "Orgazmo"

October 23 -- 'Orgazmo' not NC-17, Trey Parker says ... 'Die, Die Diana' satirizes princess' death ... Naomi Campbell's former secretary says supermodel attacked her ... Depardieu could lose Legion of Honor award ... Cronkite to encapsulate 20th century for viewers.

October 22 -- Woman arrested for trespassing on Letterman's property ... Tom Wolfe meeting criticism from Atlanta elite ... Fan sues Aerosmith over loss of hearing ... Love and marriage for Frank Sinatra Jr. ... Robin Williams adopts portion of highway ... GQ Men of the Year Awards brings out the stars.

October 21 -- Seinfeld's new girlfriend is also new wife to another ... 'Gilligan's Island' cast receives 'Icon' award ... Pavarotti cancels Met shows ... Bobby Brown in trouble with law -- again ... Lenos taking on Taliban.

October 20 -- Ex-Spice Girl has new title: Goodwill ambassador for U.N. ... Buffy star rejects feminist label ... 'Lord of the Dance' star settles lawsuit with former manager ... Estefan to make acting debut opposite Meryl Streep.

October 19 -- Jimmy Buffett wants to settle Paradise lawsuit ... Leona Helmsley still searching for buyer of Arizona mansion ... Lennon CD pokes fun at fellow '60s icons ... How will Jimmy Smits leave 'NYPD Blue'? ... Cash released from Nashville hospital ... 'Goosebumps' writer reveals habit: hard work.


October 16 -- Winslet ready to wed ... Halliwell visits Uganda for charity program ... Jerry Garcia's ex-wife settles lawsuit ... Michael Jordan wins lawsuit against film producers ... No mercy for UPN's 'Mercy Point.'

October 15 -- CBS drops 'Brian Benben' ... Rock and Roll Hall of Fame losing money ... Fergie an activist after breast cancer scare ... Sandra Bullock ready for an acting break ... Coppola hits snag in 'Pinocchio' damages.

October 14 -- Johnny Cash back in hospital ... Calista Flockhart sued ... Arnold-Roseanne TV reunion off ... Lear says PC culture would cancel 'All in the Family' ... Nothing personal: Fox cancels Jon Cryer comedy.

October 13 -- Just Shoot Me' good medicine for Laura San Giacomo ... Kirk Douglas to receive lifetime achievement award ... Is Barbara Walters getting married again? ... Smokin' Joe not thrilled with Philly police ... Prince Charles donating art to benefit hospital.

October 12 -- John Denver memorials held on anniversary of death ... 'Life Is Beautiful' wins in Vancouver ... Joseph Cates dead at 74 ... Ann-Margret 'fascinated' with life of Harriman ... Claire Danes apologizes for Manila criticism.


October 9 -- McCartney's death prompts more calls to cancer charity ... 'Costello' canceled first this season ... Ethan Hawke as 'Hamlet'? ... Adulation for Sammy Sosa on 'Leno.'

October 8 -- More than friends: Cox, Arquette engaged ... Stallone offering painting valued at $2 million ... Elvis film shows the King at 20 ... Reynolds strikes deal to balance finances ... Oprah says 'Beloved' helped her realize gift from past.

October 7 -- Magic bouncing from TV to music ... Garth Brooks begins record run in Minneapolis ... 'Seinfeld' cab finds museum home ... Margaret Whiting sues New York for $3 million ... Nader accuses 'Sesame Street' of exploiting kids.

October 6 -- Springsteen asks court to block pirated release ... Judge: Don't call Al Lewis 'Grandpa' ... Mother rocker: Phair enjoys juggling images ... Spice Girls' former chauffeur wants to write book ... Actors' unions take steps to merge.

October 5 -- Bullock: 'I learned how disgusting actors are' ... Jonathan Demme quelled Oprah's 'Beloved' doubts ... Schiffer says she'll still stalk catwalk ... 'Deep Space Nine' dispute delays premiere for some.


October 2 -- Bobby Brown serves jail time for drunken driving ... Kathy Kinney of 'Drew Carey' has healing attitude ... Tom Cruise, real-life action hero? ... Valenti sticks up for movie ratings ... Gymnast Shannon Miller getting married.

October 1 -- James Caan's son accused in bar fight ... Australian mag 0, Jim Carrey 1 in lawsuit ... Court: Cicely Tyson entitled to full payment for Broadway appearance ... Naomi Campbell denies diva-ish behavior.

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