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Web posted on: Monday, October 19, 1998 3:29:50 PM EDT

Today's buzz stories:


Jimmy Buffett wants to settle Paradise lawsuit

HONOLULU (CNN) -- Jimmy Buffett is hoping to settle a 1997 lawsuit he filed against the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants on Maui and Oahu. The singer claimed in the suit the restaurants are using the title to his song of the same name without permission. Buffett said Friday he plans to meet with the restaurant owners to discuss a possible settlement; he is seeking unspecified damages. Cheeseburger in Paradise officials also hope a settlement will be reached. A federal judge in Los Angeles last month ruled a trademark on the name held by the restaurant owners was invalid, but the judge did not rule out allowing the owners to keep using the name.

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Leona Helmsley still searching for buyer of Arizona mansion

PHOENIX (CNN) -- New York real estate magnate Leona Helmsley is apparently having trouble selling her 20,000-square foot estate on Mummy Mountain in Arizona. It's been on the market for more than a year, but still hasn't found any takers. One reason might be the price: Helmsley is asking $25 million for the estate. Even the realtor, Pauline Mundy, admits it may be an uphill battle. The price is "possibly detrimental to it selling," she said. The mansion includes a 36-foot misty waterfall, a powder room with 24-karat gold faucets, 12 bathrooms, elevators, staff quarters and three pools, including an Olympic-sized pool that has an underwater sound system.

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Lennon CD pokes fun at fellow '60s icons

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and George Harrison might not be thrilled with an upcoming John Lennon release. The four CD collection "John Lennon Anthology" features previously unreleased material. On the albums, the former Beatle, who was slain in 1980, pokes fun at Dylan, McCartney and Harrison. The Los Angeles Times says one song is "Serve Yourself," a caustic response to Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody" when Dylan was in his born-again phase. Another cut, "The Rishi Kesh Song," pokes fun at Harrison's interest in Hare Krishna. The collection also includes a Lennon parody of McCartney's "Yesterday" that includes the lines "Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be/That's because I'm an amputee." Harrison and McCartney were bandmates with Lennon in the Beatles. Lennon was shot to death by a crazed fan outside his New York City apartment in 1980.

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How will Jimmy Smits leave 'NYPD Blue'?

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The season premier of "NYPD Blue" is Tuesday, and the television world is buzzing over how the show will get rid of Jimmy Smits character. Smits has quit the show and will be replaced by Rick Schroder in the sixth episode. USA Today reports that Smits' Bobby Simone character will get stabbed in Tuesday's season opener but says creator Steven Bochco is coy about whether that foreshadows Simone's departure after the fifth episode. Other members of the cast say their characters will "grieve" over Simone's loss and producers won't say anything about the prospects of a return guest appearance by Smits.

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Cash released from Nashville hospital

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (CNN) -- Johnny Cash has been released from Baptist Hospital in Nashville after a stay to determine how to best treat his Shy-Drager's Syndrome. The condition has no cure but can be treated by medication. It is characterized by blackouts and tremors. Cash, 66, best known for hits including "I Walk The Line," "Folsom Prison" and "A Boy Named Sue," spent about a week at the hospital before his release Saturday. Cash announced in November that he had Shy-Drager's Syndrome.

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'Goosebumps' writer reveals habit: hard work

MINNEAPOLIS (CNN) -- During a weekend book-signing in Minnesota, R.L. Stine of "Goosebumps" fame revealed how he cranks out a new book every two weeks: hard work. "I sit down every morning at 9:30 and I don't get up until I've written 20 pages," says Stine, who has written 80 books in six years. His success with "Goosebumps" has spun off into a TV series, a Disney World attraction and a traveling "Goosebumps" stage play. His latest work, which he was promoting this weekend, is called "Seniors," a series that targets kids ages 10 to 13. With a new book each month, "Seniors" follows the graduating class of Shadyside High through a doomed final school year, with hapless teens biting the dust along the way.

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Reuters contributed to this report.

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