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The Buzz that Was

August 31 -- Juneau bash for Bill Gates attracts rich and famous ... Marilyn Manson's pad the 'Studio 54' of Hollywood? ... 'Slums' star earns her dream: Manhattan apartment ... Merle Haggard illness postpones Texas music festival.

August 28 -- Brolin (and Streisand) honored ... Kevin Bacon's rock guitar show ... Pavarotti recovering from hip surgery ... Mouseketeer's fiance pleads guilty to fraud charges ... Bob Denver enters plea on drug charges.


August 27 -- Chevy Chase will talk radio in NYC ... Lionel Richie has a new daughter ... Young unknown cast as Princess Diana in musical ... Cuban bands play Miami safely ... Noah Wyle considering part as a 'Pirate of Silicon Valley.'

August 26 -- Bomb threat interrupts Cuban musician ... Elvis' widow wins defamation suit ... Gary Coleman pleads not guilty to assault ... Bernstein plays the Internet ... Ringo plays Moscow at last ... How karaoke started Tatyana Ali's singing career.

August 25 -- 'Titanic' video frenzy continues ... Hanson: College won't break up band ... Stern battles it out with 'Saturday Night Live' ... Walsh and company to play with 'Drew Carey' ... Rosie's big heart keeps on growing.

August 24 -- Reports: Now, 2 Spice Girls expecting babies ... Bo Derek playing widow in new NBC series ... British woman claims she is John Lennon's half-sister ... Member of 'Cannibal and the Headhunters' in coma after hit-and-run ... Shania Twain to perform with high school students.

Roberts is among those crusading for California's redwoods

August 21 -- 'Posh' has 'Baby Spice' coming ... Beautiful people fight for redwoods ... 'Classy' Carrot Top approved ... Buffett buys a prosecutor's story.

August 20 -- Does 'SNL' want a Trump-Stern showdown? ... Heroic anti-vampire ranks top actors ... Saving D-Day Museum ... 'Private Ryan' and 'Boogie' woman? ... Comedy Central gets Comet Cursor.

August 19 -- Clinton's admission drew coverage, viewers ... Fawcett's ex-boyfriend convicted of battery ... Maybelle Carter's guitar gets place of honor ... Role as Gopher fails to meet 'Expectations.'

August 18 -- Farrah Fawcett battery case goes to jury ... Curtains back up for Broadway's 'Cabaret' ... 'Titanic' video launch date set ... Rivera bares soul to Playboy.

August 17 -- Former intern suing Jay Leno over Clinton joke ... Loretta Lynn to revisit early years in Washington state ... Jeff Conaway will appear in film about Andy Kaufman ... Celine Dion recorded 'Titanic' song in one take


August 14 -- Judge fouls out at Harrelson hearing ... No-show puts 3 raps on rapper ODB ... Streep will play '50 Violins' ... Ben Stiller wonders why he's a loser ... Prince Charles will miss a pinch of Spice.

August 13 -- Is 'The Avengers' debut 'hip' or too cool? ... Stone Temple Pilot lands 3 months in clinic ... 3 join SNL, but 'Goat Boy' departs ... Seinfeld offers Puerto Ricans a truce ... James Dean's rose-colored stone returned.

August 12 -- CBS fights long tribute to 'Medicine Woman' ... Comedy Central may keep 'Five Questions' ... CBS shuts Bryant Gumbel's 'Public Eye' ... Frank Sinatra Jr. blocks kidnappers' profits ... Baldwins raise funds for breast cancer research.

August 11 -- Cosmo editor leaves to take reins at Glamour ... Jon Stewart jumps back into late-night wars ... Tommy Lee plays get-out-of-jail card ... Charlie Sheen admits to drug habit, gets probation ... Planet Hollywood serves up second earnings flop.

August 10 -- How Stella kept her clothes on ... Being a bad boy pays off for Sean 'Puffy' Combs ... Wonderful afterlife could be ahead for Frank Capra ... Vince Vaughn takes on 'Psycho' critics ... Reiner takes to political stage to campaign for children.


August 7 -- Seinfeld earns standing ovation -- before the jokes ... Hanks, Rock, Anderson to present at Emmys ... Matt Damon warns paparazzi: 'I might be more violent' ... Nina Simone says racism drove her away from the States ... Does your horoscope forecast pop-star success?

August 6 -- New law bans use of premature babies in movies, TV ... 'Ally McBeal' wins best comedy from grassroots group ... Athens archaeologists deny Calvin Klein fashion show request ... Hendrix guitar auctioned off for $32,600 ... WWF buys Reynolds' Las Vegas hotel.

August 5 -- 'Home Improvement' losing middle child ... Air Force will help with Keiko's trip home ... Harrelson calls dad's former lawyer 'stone cold liar' ... Stern TV given radio name ... Beatle Paul carrying on wife's work with animal rights.

August 4 -- Don Imus' costly good deed ... Jay Leno swaps punchlines for punches ... Back to 90210 for Luke Perry ... Woman files suit against Coleman in alleged beating ... Debbie Reynolds selling Las Vegas dream ... Barbie going Hollywood.

August 3 -- Stevie Nicks fans stunned witnesses to hanging ... Alfred Shnittke remembered as 'musical genius' ... Suzanne Somers spicing up 'Candid Camera' ... John Tesh, cereal singer ... Harrelson supports father in hearing ... 'Seinfeld' finale lures jail guards away from their jobs.

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