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Web posted on: Tuesday, May 26, 1998 5:34:27 PM

Today's buzz stories:


Stern says he received death threats

(NEW YORK) CNN -- Radio shock jock Howard Stern said on Tuesday he and his wife were the targets of death threats made by a man who was once convicted of threatening former President Ronald Reagan. Stern made the revelation on his nationally syndicated show. Michael Lance Carvin, 43, of Hilton Head, South Carolina, was arrested in April and charged with seven counts of sending threats through the mail and one count of sending explosives. Carvin is undergoing court-ordered psychiatric evaluation, according to court papers. Federal authorities said Carvin threatened to kill Reagan with a toy gun in 1976 and was sentenced to prison and eventually released.

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Carol Channing speaks out on abuse

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Actress Carol Channing, facing a divorce suit from her husband Charles Lowe that is shocking many in the entertainment world, told CNN's Larry King on Monday that she suffered from years of mental and emotional abuse from Lowe, and now she wants to help other victims.

Channing says her husband was a "control freak" who never even let her keep her own paychecks. She says now that she has revealed the abuse, she is hearing from other women who say they're stuck in similar relationships. "There's something wrong, Larry, and nobody knows about it," Channing said. "They're all voiceless about it. They're afraid to speak. And the strange thing is that while you're a victim of abuse, you don't know it. You don't realize it."

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Alleged Gibson stalker arrested

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A man was arrested and charged with aggravated harassment after allegedly stalking singer-actress Deborah Gibson following her performance in Broadway's "Beauty and the Beast" Sunday night. Michael Falkner, 29, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is currently being held by authorities. According to police, Falkner was seen hanging around outside of Gibson's dressing room at the Palace Theater, where she was performing. He had allegedly been harassing Gibson via e-mail and is a member of her fan club. Gibson -- who went by Debbie Gibson at the start of her pop singing career -- apparently recognized him and immediately called the police, who took him into custody. No weapons were found on Falkner.

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Seymour 'devastated' over cancellation of 'Dr. Quinn'

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Actress Jane Seymour says she is confused over why her show, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" was canceled by CBS. In a statement, Seymour said, "I was stunned and devastated to realize that winning our time slot every week for six years and having a loyal global audience meant nothing." CBS announced Wednesday it was dropping the show for more male-oriented fare, including "Martial Law."

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Robbie Robertson honored with lifetime achievement award

LEDYARD, Connecticut (CNN) -- Rock guitarist Robbie Robertson was honored Sunday night at the first Native American Music Awards. Robertson, a Mohawk descendant, received the lifetime achievement award for helping open the door to the music world for American Indians. More than 150 musicians were nominated for awards in 20 categories. Joanne Shenandoah, R. Carlos Nakai and Litefoot were among other artists who received awards.

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