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Smash Mouth members find out what it's like to be all-stars

Greg Camp and Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth

Web posted on:
Wednesday, July 07, 1999 12:23:29 PM EST

From Jim Moret
CNN Entertainment News Correspondent

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" is not only the title of a hit Smash Mouth song, it's also an accurate description of the fans' worship of the band.

The four members of the retro-pop-ska-punk band are seeing almost instantaneous success with their new album "Astro Lounge" (Interscope), which includes a hit featured in the 1998 Jennifer Love Hewitt film "Can't Hardly Wait." "Astro Lounge" has blasted its way to the 14th position on the Billboard Album chart, proving wrong those who dubbed the band a one-hit wonder.

"We kind of laugh at it now because we did come back with what we think is a good record," says lead singer Steve Harwell.

"Astro Lounge" got an early boost when Harwell personally took it to radio stations across the country to get airplay.

"We never do anything traditional," Harwell says. "We never go through the front door. It's always the back door, or an open window or something, to get our stuff played."

Now, their new single, "All Star," which hit No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 200 singles chart last week, is giving "Astro Lounge" some momentum. It also helped them land a June gig on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."


Listen to a clip from "All Star"
[160k MPEG-3] or [220k WAV]

(Courtesy Interscope Records)

'You're the Walking On The Sun guys'

The San Jose, California band gained national attention when its first album was released in 1997, with the hit single "Walking on the Sun." That song gave band members the recognition they craved.

Greg Camp remembers when one fan didn't recognize the band members. Camp told him they did the song "Walking on the Sun." The fan could hardly contain his excitement, Camp says, repeating over and over, "'Walking on the Sun.' You're the 'Walking on the Sun' guys.. on the sun. 'Walking on the Sun.' You're the 'Walking on the Sun' guys."

When they aren't walking on the sun, they're on the road having a good time -- you could even say a blast. Once, in the South, they were pulled over by police for shooting fireworks out of their tour bus.

"I go, 'Everybody go to bed.'" Harwell recalls. "'Hide everything you have, put it away. I don't care what it is.' So everybody jumps in bed with their shoes and pants on and the cops come on the bus."

They wound up with a citation and memorable story.

Smash Mouth will tour with Lenny Kravitz later this summer -- this time, without the fireworks.

Smash Mouth official site
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