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Child opera star records 'Voice of an Angel'

Web posted on: Wednesday, December 16, 1998 11:12:27 AM EST

LONDON (CNN) -- Charlotte Church started singing when she was still practically a toddler. By the age of 8, she knew several operas by heart, and by 11 she'd won a major British TV talent show and a recording contract with Sony. Now, the 12-year old is famous across Europe as a girl soprano, and many think the title of her current CD -- "The Voice of an Angel" -- describes her perfectly.

Why opera? "When I was 8, I was singing -- I was belting big Whitney Houston songs out becuase my aunt Caroline's a professional cabaret singer," she said.

Her aunt, recognizing a young talent, suggested that Charlotte's mother take her to a singing teacher. She did, a move that set off Charlotte's transformation into a stunning soprano. "That's how it all started," Charlotte says.

But lest observers suspect that her parents are pushing this talented young lady into a career before her time, mom Maria Church denies that Charlotte is doing anything more than what she wants.

She still hopes to someday meet the members of London pop group All Saints, and aside from memorizing operas, spends her time much like any 12-year-old. "She does this for herself, no one else," Maria Church stresses.

CNN World Beat Correspondent Steve Wright visited with Charlotte to learn more about this petite singer with the soaring voice.

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