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Chaka Khan teams with Artist to build 'House'

Web posted on: Wednesday, September 30, 1998 4:53:29 PM

From Correspondent Paul Vercammen

HOLLYWOOD (CNN) -- She rose to fame with dance hits in the 1980s, and now Chaka Khan is making a comeback.

She has just released a new album titled "Come 2 My House" in which she teams up with the Artist, formerly known as Prince.

"We are so similar in many ways, in that we are both so eclectic," Khan says. "And we love so many genres of music and we love to just mix stuff up."

Chaka Khan filming her new video

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Khan and the Artist independently produced the new record.

"Basically what we did -- I wrote poetry, he took it home and came back the next day with music to it," says Khan. "It was that simple. It took us three weeks' time to do the whole CD."

By recording on the Artist's NPG label, Khan dodged what she and the Artist both find stifling -- working with a major label.

"They are in it to make money, period," says Khan. "And they are looking at their earnings at the end of a fiscal year. You, on the other hand, are the total opposite of that. You are trying to express yourself, your deepest stuff. The two really don't go together when you think about it."

The new album isn't Khan's only ongoing project. She is also reaching out to women and children in need through her Chaka Khan Foundation and the sale of "Chaka-lates" -- "This is cute to me," she says of the sweets, "something good we can do, chocolates for any occasion."

And she is preparing a tour with the Artist, albeit belated. Their national tour was put on hold after both slipped and fell on stage during separate sets in Atlantic City. A fog machine was blamed for making the stage slippery.

The Artist suffered a sprained ankle while Khan did not sustain any serious injuries. Dates in Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco and other cities will be rescheduled.

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