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The Artist

A former Prince says life changed, but commitment to music same

Web posted on: Wednesday, July 29, 1998 4:39:46 PM

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The musician who was once known as "Prince" is now 40 years old, and though The Artist (his new spoken name, since the actual name is a symbol with no pronunciation) says that while his music is the same, plenty of changes have marked his life recently.

For one, he's married to a woman 15 years his junior. Also, his business dealings are much different now, as he enjoys his independence from a major label. And he's trying to bring out more of his religious beliefs in his music.

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'She added to me'

Does marriage make for a new artist formerly known as Prince?

"Contrary to what a lot of people think, I haven't been domesticated," The Artist says. "She didn't change me, she added to me. Her influence is ever-present. I constantly think about her in everything that I do."

His marriage certainly hasn't cut down on The Artist's production. He released his latest effort, "Newpower Soul," four months after a releasing a three-CD set, "Crystal Ball."

Portrait of The Artist

It follows a trend that he has set over his 20 years in pop music. In that time, The Artist has released 27 albums with 32 hours of music -- twice the output of Madonna and Michael Jackson combined.

The Artist made his biggest dent in the annals of pop history with the 1984 Grammy-winning album "Purple Rain," which sold more than 13 million copies.

He has not reached that plateau since. His 1996 release, "Emancipation," has sold over 550,000 copies, according to Soundscan. And his latest CDs have not yet topped the 100,000 barrier, mainly due to the fact that The Artist no longer has the backing and distribution power of a major record company.


It's been many years since "Purple Rain." Is The Artist still relevant to the music scene?

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'The success'

He cut ties with Warner Bros. in 1996, so under his new business arrangements, he can and does make dollars, not cents, from each record sold. And he's using a Web site to market his latest efforts. The site also spreads his message of spirituality, billing itself as "a place where music, poetry and positive vibes can be shared freely without fear of retribution and every page offers a new awakening."

For the artist formerly known as Prince, selling millions of records hasn't always translated into happiness. He's finding that instead with his new wife, and the creative process of music.

"The success comes when the art is made, when we're in the studio and do our music, when we go to jam someplace and we see smiling faces; that's the success," The Artist concludes.

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