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Ready for a movie? Here's what's out

"Toy Story 2"

(CNN) -- It's fall -- time for school, sweaters and star-studded films with Oscar ambitions. Which are worth watching? Take a few minutes for some light reading here.

Recent releases

The End of the Affair (limited)
Release date: December 3

On a rainy night in 1946, novelist Maurice Bendrix (Ralph Fiennes) has a chance meeting with Henry Miles (Stephen Rea), husband of his ex-mistress Sarah (Julianne Moore), who abruptly ended their affair two years before. Bendrix renews his obsession with Sarah.

Official site.

Sweet and Lowdown
Release date: December 3
Woody Allen's latest film is a fanciful biography of Emmet Ray, a legendary jazz guitarist from the 1930s whose star rose, then crashed and burned. Sean Penn, Samantha Morton and Uma Thurman star. Official site.

Holy Smoke (limited)
Release date: December 3

In "Holy Smoke," an Australian couple rescues their daughter Ruth (Kate Winslet) from an Indian cult leader. They introduce her to P.J. Waters, an American cult specialist (Harvey Keitel) who tries to reprogram her. Jane Campion, who won international acclaim for "The Piano" (1993), wrote and directed. Official site.

Virtual Sexuality (limited)
Release date: December 3
Seventeen-year-old Justine (Laura Fraser) goes to a technology fair and tries out a machine that lets her create her perfect man. Midway through, an explosion occurs that makes the computers go haywire, and Justine winds up in the body of her ideal guy.

Toy Story 2
Release date: November 24
In this animated sequel, an obsessive toy collector kidnaps Woody the cowboy, who unbeknownst to himself is a highly valued collectable. It's up to Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog and the rest of the gang to bring him home before Andy returns from camp. Official site.

Coming Attractions

November 12:

American Movie (limited)
Anywhere But Here
Felicia's Journey (limited)
Light It Up
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

November 19:

The World Is Not Enough
Mansfield Park
42 Up

Release date: November 24
Robert DeNiro stars as a retired security guard who suffers a debilitating stroke late one night while helping a neighbor in his apartment building. Too stubborn to leave his apartment for therapy, he gets a different kind of rehab -- singing lessons -- from a local drag queen. Joel Schumacher directs. Official site.

End of Days
Release date: November 24
As the end of the century nears, Satan (Gabriel Byrne) visits New York in search of a mortal bride (Robin Tunney). An alcoholic ex-cop (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who now runs a security agency must stop this personification of evil. Official site.

Ride With the Devil (limited)
Release date: November 24
This coming-of-age story, directed by Ang Lee, follows the lives of a young Missouri man and his gang of "Irregulars" who push the secessionist movement along the Kansas/Missouri border during the Civil War. Together they find the friendship, loyalty and sense of family needed to survive desperate times. Skeet Ulrich, Tobey Maguire, Jewel star. Official site.

Liberty Heights (limited)
Release date: November 19
Written and directed by Academy Award-winner Barry Levinson, this drama set in 1954 Balitmore examines changes in the way society worked through the eyes of a Jewish family and their friends. Joe Mantegna, Bebe Neuwirth star. Official site.

Sleepy Hollow
Release date: November 19
Director Tim Burton brings his own vision of Washington Irving's classic legend to the big screen. Johnny Depp plays constable Ichabod Crane, who is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate murders allegedly committed by a headless horseman. He tries to win the love of Katrina Van Tassel, played by Christina Ricci. Official site.

All About My Mother (limited)
Release date: November 19
Pedro Almodóvar directs this film about a woman named Manuela who travels to Barcelona to seek out the long-lost father of her son Esteban, who died in an automobile accident on his 17th birthday. She wants to tell the father that their son's last written words were directed toward him, even though Esteban never knew his father. Official site.

Dreaming of Joseph Lees (limited)
Release date: November 19
This romance is set in rural England in 1958. Eva (Samantha Morton) has a crush on her older cousin Joseph Lees (Rupert Graves), whom she hasn't seen since she was 14 years old. She finally gives in to the romantic overtures of a local pig farmer (Lee Ross) because he's persistent and available. But guess who comes on the scene to complicate matters?

The Legend of 1900 (limited)
Release date: November 19
Giuseppe Tornatore ("Cinema Paradiso") directs this story about a down-and-out jazz musician who tries to save the life of a piano prodigy who lived his entire life on a ship, never getting off -- even to pursue the girl he loves. Official site.

The World Is Not Enough
Release date: November 17
The 19th installation in the James Bond franchise stars Pierce Brosnan as Bond. This time, the international espionage expert must race to defuse an international power struggle, with the world's oil supply hanging in the balance. Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards co-star. Official site.

Mansfield Park (limited)
Release date: November 17
This movie version of the Jane Austen novel stars Frances O'Connor as an impoverished girl who finds her soul mate after going to live with wealthy relatives at Mansfield Park. Official site.

42 Up(limited)
Release date: November 17
Every seven years, director Michael Apted revisits a group of Brits to document how their lives have changed. When he started, his subjects were 7 years old. Now, they're 42.

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Release date: November 12
Milla Jovovich plays the title role in this story about Joan of Arc's quest to save France. Supporting cast members include John Malkovich as Charles VII, Faye Dunaway as his mother-in-law, Yolande D'Aragon, and Dustin Hoffman as The Grand Inquisitor. Official site.

Release date: November 12
Two fallen angels, played by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, attempt to use a loophole in Catholic doctrine to return to heaven (by way of New Jersey) in this Kevin Smith comedy. Official site.

American Movie (limited)
Release date: November 12
Chris Smith directs this documentary about aspiring filmmaker Mark Borchardt, who is trying to make a short horror film called "Coven" to earn money for his dream feature film on his hometown of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Official site.

Anywhere But Here
Release date: November 12
Fleeing small-town boredom, a restless mother (Susan Sarandon) drags her reluctant teen-age daughter (Natalie Portman) to Beverly Hills and a new and sometimes difficult life. Adjusting to their new environs and ever-changing relationship, mother and daughter struggle together. They finally reach an understanding as the daughter prepares to leave for college. Official site.

Felicia's Journey (limited)
Release date: November 12
Atom Egoyan wrote and directed this thriller about a catering manager (Bob Hoskins) with a history of befriending, then killing, young women. The drama unfolds when he crosses paths with Felicia (Elaine Cassidy), a naive, pregnant 17-year-old who has traveled from Ireland to find her boyfriend. Official site.

Light It Up
Release date: November 12
Following an accidental shooting in a battered urban high school, a group of students hold a wounded police officer hostage. As media and public interest in the standoff intensifies, the classmates band together to help themselves and their school. It's written and directed by Craig Bolotin. Official site.

Pokémon: The First Movie
Release date: November 10
In his quest to become the ultimate Pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum must do battle with a new strain of Super-Pokémon created by the creature Mewtwo. Official site.

The Bachelor
Release date: November 5
Chris O'Donnell stars in this romantic comedy as a bachelor who has 24 hours to get married in order to receive a $100 million inheritance from his grandfather. He tries to reconcile with ex-girlfriends played by Renée Zellweger, Brooke Shields and Mariah Carey.Official site.

The Bone Collector
Release date: November 5
A diabolical serial killer is loose in Manhattan. He's left behind a trail of cryptic messages hidden at the scene of each crime. A quadriplegic homicide detective (Denzel Washington) and rookie cop (Angelina Jolie) must catch the terrifying madman before he strikes again. Official site.

The Insider
Release date: November 5
This drama is based on the true story of former tobacco executive Jeffrey Wigand, who exposed confidential company secrets in a "60 Minutes" interview. Official site.

Body Shots (limited)
Release date: November 5
Eight 20-somethings set off for a wild night in Los Angeles. What they end up getting is a crash course on the turbulent world of sex and dating. Official site.

House on Haunted Hill
Release date: October 29
A remake of the cheesy 1958 horror classic, in which a group of desperate people are offered $1 million each to spend a single night in a haunted house. Directed by William Malone; starring Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, Taye Diggs. Official site.

Music of the Heart
Release date: October 29
Not your typical offering from horrormeister Wes Craven: Meryl Streep stars in a drama about a single mom who takes a job teaching violin to inner-city students to make ends meet. Singer Gloria Estefan also stars, in her motion picture debut. Official site.

Being John Malkovich (limited)
Release date: October 29
Spike Jonze directs John Cusack and Cameron Diaz in this film about a man who discovers a hole in his office through which you can see the world through famed actor John Malkovich's eyes for 15 minutes. Official site.

Princess Mononoke (limited)
Release date: October 29
Based loosely on Japanese folklore, this animated film tells of the war between man and the beast gods of the forest to keep the balance of nature. Directed by Japan's leading animator, the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki. Official site.

The Best Man
Release date: October 22
Taye Diggs stars as a writer whose relationship with a bride-to-be surfaces -- in a book he got published -- shortly before he's to be the best man at her wedding. Official site.

Bringing Out the Dead
Release date: October 22
Nicolas Cage stars as a troubled paramedic who sees the ghosts of people he's lost on the job. Ving Rhames, Patricia Arquette co-star in this Martin Scorsese film. Official site.

Body Shots
Release date: October 22
Eight young adults embark on a wild night of drinking, sex and regrets in this feature film. Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Tara Reid. Official site.

Release date: October 22
Genetically mutated bats attack the small town of Gallup, Texas; the government recruits an eminent zoologist (Dina Meyer) to contain them. Lou Diamond Phillips plays the town sheriff trying to help her out. Official site.

Crazy in Alabama
Release date: October 22
Antonio Banderas tries out the director's chair for the first time in this film about a small-town Alabama woman (Banderas' wife, Melanie Griffith) who leaves her husband for Hollywood, where she hopes to fulfill her dreams of TV stardom. Official site.

Release date: October 22
Elisabeth Shue stars as Molly McKay, a mentally disabled woman whose genius is unleashed after she undergoes a series of highly experimental treatments. Aaron Eckhart stars as her brother. Official site.

Three to Tango
Release date: October 22
Matthew Perry plays a young architect who, while competing for a major building contract with a business tycoon, is also persuaded to spy on the tycoon's mistress (Neve Campbell). Unfortunately, both the tycoon and the mistress believe him to be gay. Official site.

Fight Club
Release date: October 15
Starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter. Brad Pitt sets up bloody, no-holds-barred fights in a secret club. Official site.

The Omega Code
Release date: October 15
The so-called "Bible code" shows up as a plot device for a turn-of-the-millennium horror film in which a prophetic code hidden within the Torah reveals the existence of a power-crazed madman who could be Satan himself. Casper Van Dien stars. Official site.

The Story of Us
Release date: October 15
Rob Reiner directs Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer in a romantic comedy about a couple married 15 years and wondering why the things that attracted them to each other are now the same things tearing them apart. Official site.

The Boys
Release date: October 15
David Wenham plays an ex-con returning to his working-class Sydney, Australia home after spending a year in jail on an assault charge. Formerly the head of his household, he's been displaced in his absence -- so he employs a dangerous tactic to regain control. Official site.

Fever Pitch
Release date: October 15
A British romantic comedy based on the book by Nick Hornby, this film follows a man in love with Arsenal, England's number one soccer team, and follows the team's 1989 championship win. Starring Colin Firth ("Shakespeare in Love," "The English Patient.")

Julien Donkey-Boy (limited)
Release date: October 15
The latest from controversial director Harmony Korine ("Kids," "Gummo") focuses on the effects of schizophrenia on family life. Official site.

That's the Way I Like It (limited)
Release date: October 15
A 20-something guy with a dead-end job enters a disco competition to win enough money for his dream motorbike. He starts to rediscover life while rehearsing for the contest with his childhood friend. Starring Adrian Pang, Madeline Tan. Official site.

The Limey
Release date: October 8
Steven Soderbergh directs Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda in this film about an English ex-con who goes to Los Angeles to avenge his daughter's death. Official site.

Random Hearts
Release date: October 8
Heavy-duty manpower: Sydney Pollack directs, Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas star. A bereaved husband bent on uncovering the truth about his wife after she dies in a plane crash, persuades the wife of another of the crash victims that her husband's life might have been entwined with his wife's. Official site.

Release date: October 8
Molly Shannon takes her "Saturday Night Live" character, Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher, to the big screen, where Gallagher pursues fame and fortune. Official site.

Guinevere (limited)
Release date: October 1
Sarah Polley ("The Sweet Hereafter") plays a college-bound girl seduced by a photographer who promises to teach her the trade. Official site.

Happy, Texas (limited)
Release date: October 1
Two escaped convicts steal an RV with the intent of fleeing Texas -- but when they learn the RV belongs to a gay couple who was to prepare a group of preteen girls for a beauty pageant, they decide to play out the roles. Official site.

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
Release date: October 1
Sesame Street puppet Elmo learns about unselfishness from a villain voiced by Mandy Patinkin. Official site.

Plunkett & Macleane
Release date: October 1
Two robbers circa the mid-1700s discover that by teaming up, they can more successfully steal from the rich. Official site.

Three Kings
Release date: October 1
As the Gulf War draws to an end, three soldiers who fought there plot to go home rich. Starring George Clooney, Ice Cube and Mark Wahlberg star. Official site.

Double Jeopardy
Release date: September 24
Ashley Judd plays a housewife whose husband frames her for his (faked) murder. Convicted and in jail, she decides to go after him for real; after all, she's already been found guilty for the crime. Tommy Lee Jones pursues her after her jailbreak. Official site.

Jakob the Liar
Release date: September 24
Robin Williams plays a Polish Jew who lifts the spirits of fellow ghetto inhabitants by pretending to have a radio, and making up newscasts about the Germans losing World War II. Official site.

The Minus Man
Release date: September 24
Hampton Fancher makes his directorial debut with a movie about a wanderer who uncovers the tortured lives of a husband and wife when they rent him a room in their home. Official site.

Release date: September 24
Lawrence Kasdan directs this comedy about a psychologist (Loren Dean) who sets up shop in a small town, where he dispenses no-nonsense advice to quirky locals. Official site.

American Beauty
Release date: September 17
Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening star in this movie about a suburban family breaking apart under the facade of normalcy. Official site.

Blue Streak
Release date: September 17
A master jewelry thief (Martin Lawrence) had to pretend he's a detective in order to get back jewels that he hid before he was jailed. Also starring Dave Chappelle, Luke Wilson. Official site.

For Love of the Game
Release date: September 17
Kevin Costner returns to the realm of the baseball saga with this, the tale of an aging Major League pitcher whose new girlfriend struggles to understand why he won't retire. Official site.

Get Bruce
Release date: September 17
Documentary about comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, who's written for everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Lily Tomlin, and even helped Billy Crystal with his Oscars hosting script. Official site.

Sugar Town
Release date: September 17
A look at the lives of struggling, Los Angeles rock musicians follows one woman (Jade Gordon as Gwen) on her quest for stardom. Directed by Allison Anders ("Gas Food Lodging") and Kurt Voss.

B. Monkey
Release date: September 10
Based on the best-selling novel by Andrew Davies. A romantic young schoolteacher falls head-over-heels in love with a wild young girl who hopes to escape her life of crime. Official site.

Black Cat, White Cat
Release date: September 10
Emir Kusturica's 1998 film, which won the Silver Lion in last year's Venice Film Festival, opens in the United States. A hustler and a big-time gangster try to arrange the marriage of their son and sister, respectively -- but neither the prospective groom nor bride cares much for the plan. Official site.

Love Stinks
Release date: September 10
French Stewart ("3rd Rock From the Sun") stars as a comedy writer who falls in love with a girl he meets at a friend's wedding -- then, when he realizes she's looking for marriage, now, can't get rid of her. Official site.

Release date: September 10
Patricia Arquette, Jonathan Pryce, Gabriel Byrne star. The spiritual implications of a young woman's brutal battering drive a Vatican official to send a priest to investigate. Official site.

West Beirut
Release date: September 3
A story of teens looking for their next adventure during 1975 Beirut, as the town is split in two by political factioning.

Chill Factor
Release date: September 1
A slacker (Skeet Ulrich) winds up in charge of a dangerous chemical when his fishing buddy, a former government scientist, is fatally wounded. The substance must be kept frozen, or it could kill every living thing for hundreds of miles around. Gooding drives the ice cream truck that will bring the chemical safely to its destination. Official site.

Outside Providence
Release date: September 1
The latest offering from the Farrelly Brothers ("There's Something About Mary"). Growing up in a blue-collar Rhode Island town. Timothy Dunphy goes from a broken home, a three-legged dog and a full-blown attraction to trouble straight to prep school. Official site.

The Muse
Release date: August 27
Starring Jeff Bridges, Sharon Stone, Martin Scorsese. Albert Brooks directs this film about a neurotic screenwriter and his modern-day muse. Official site.

A Dog of Flanders
Release date: August 27
Starring Jon Voight and Cheryl Ladd. A young boy orphaned at birth and living with his grandfather sets out to become a great painter like his idol, Rubens. Official site.

Dudley Do-Right
Release date: August 27
Brendan Fraser, who played George in the live-action film take on the cartoon "George of the Jungle," now takes on cartooning's "Dudley Do-Right," another character created by Jay Ward. Official site.

The Astronaut's Wife
Charlize Theron's astronaut husband returns from a mission into space, during which he was struck by an unclassifiable lifeform and loses contact with mission control. When he returns, something about him seems odd, leading her to wonder just what happened to him in space? Official site.

The 13th Warrior
Release date: August 27
Antonio Banderas plays an emissary kidnapped by a band of warriors, and forced to join their quest to battle mysterious creatures legendary for consuming every living thing in their path. Based on Michael Crichton's best-selling novel "Eaters of the Dead"; directed by John McTiernan. Official site.

Better than Chocolate (nationwide)
Release date: August 27
A lesbian romance about a woman (Karyn Dwyer) who meets the girl of her dreams (Christina Cox) hours before her mother and brother are to move in with her. She tries to keep the affair a secret when the four wind up sharing a loft. Official site.

The Dinner Game (limited)
Release date: August 27
The movie stars Thierry Lhermitte as Pierre Brochant, a well-heeled publisher who is searching for the perfect idiot for his cruel "dinner game" with other rich friends. The object of the game is for each person to bring an unsuspecting idiot, let them talk and pick a winner. Brochant finds his choice in accountant François Pignon (Jacques Villeret), who reproduces famous landmarks with matchsticks. Official site.

In Too Deep
Release date: August 25
A rookie detective (Omar Epps) who believes he was born to be an undercover agent takes on the city's top gangster (LL Cool J). Official site.

Mickey Blue Eyes
Release date: August 20
Hugh Grant plays an English man with a Queens girlfriend who discovers that his beloved's father is a prominent mobster. Jeanne Tripplehorn stars as the girlfriend, with James Caan as her dad. Official site.

Teaching Mrs. Tingle
The newest in wicked comedy from Kevin Williamson ("Scream"). A high school student (Katie Holmes) has to figure out how to outsmart her terrorizing history teacher (Helen Mirren) to win an "A" in the class and capture her school's only scholarship. Also starring Jeffrey Tambor, Molly Ringwald, Vivica A. Fox.

Release date: August 13
A shameless wannabe producer can't get the big-name action star he wants to for his movie -- so he stalks him instead, to get footage for his film. Starring Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Heather Graham, Christine Baranski. Official site.

Detroit Rock City
Release date: August 13
Former KISS bandmember Gene Simmons produces this film about a group of teen-age guys in 1978 Cleveland, Ohio who go on a road trip to see KISS. Official site.

The Thomas Crown Affair
Release date: August 11
Rene Russo ("Leathal Weapon 4") stars in this remake of the 1968 Steve McQueen flick as a clever female detective suspects a seemingly innocent self-made billionaire of stealing a priceless Monet painting. Official site.

Mystery Men
Release date: August 6
Ben Stiller stars in this comedy about seven wannabe superheroes called upon to use their dubious powers to save the city when Captain Amazing is kidnapped. Based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name. Official site.

The Iron Giant
Release date: August 6
Based on poet laureate Ted Hughes 1968 story, "The Iron Man," about a giant metal machine that drops from the sky and frightens a small town in Maine in 1958. It turns out to be friendly, and teaches the town to be vigilant of fear and prejudice. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick, Jr. Official site.

The Sixth Sense
Release date: August 6
Bruce Willis' newest project is the story of a young boy with paranormal powers; He can see the dead. The young boy, with the help of an intrigued phychologist, attempts to discover the truth about his supernatural powers. This psychological thriller, however, gives the two much more than they expected to learn. Official site.

Release date: August 4
Comedy about two high school girls who wander off during a class trip to the White House and meet President Richard Nixon. The two become informers during the Watergate scandal in attempts to finish a research project. Cast includes Michelle Williams, teen idol of the WB network's "Dawson's Creek." Official site.

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