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Dr. Chase Meridian from Batman Forever

Nicole Kidman on 'Dr. Chase Meridian'

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June 26, 1995

JIM MORET, Anchor: Nicole Kidman is one of the big reasons for Batman's success, because while `the Caped Crusader' is battling two villains, he's also busy with a beautiful criminal psychologist played by Kidman. Bill Tush talked with the actress about playing opposite an on-screen hero and about her life off-screen married to movie superstar Tom Cruise.

BILL TUSH, Senior Entertainment Correspondent: Following in the footsteps of some classic Batman vixens comes Nicole Kidman, 'Dr. Chase Meridian.'

NICOLE KIDMAN, Actress, 'Batman Forever': I play a criminal psychologist- [laughs] -I- in the movie, who happens to have sort of the perfect blonde hair and the red lips and wear these sort of tight black dresses. So it's a dichotomy - you have the criminal psychologist who dresses like 'Jessica Rabbit.'

BILL TUSH: But, you see, that's OK in Batman's world, especially when it's in the hands of director Joel Schumacher.

KIDMAN: I'd say 'Joel, this is-' [laughs] '-this isn't believable, I can't do this.' And he would say to me 'Nicole, we're not dealing with something being believable. We are dealing with Gotham City, and it's my Gotham City and you can dress any way you want.'

TUSH: To that, Schumacher replies, tongue in cheek-

JOEL SCHUMACHER, Director, 'Batman Forever': -Sure, sure. Don't listen to women, Bill.-

TUSH: [laughs]

SCHUMACHER: -Hasn't anybody- hasn't time taught you anything yet?

TUSH: He may be right, especially when it comes to what Dr. Meridian is saying to Batman. She just might get in the way of his heroic deeds.

KIDMAN: [as `Dr. Chase Meridian'] We could give it a try. I'll bring the wine. Or do I need skintight vinyl and a whip?

KIDMAN: It is one of those movies where you just go `let's have fun.'

TUSH: And that might be a nice break, because these days Nicole Kidman is busier than ever.

KIDMAN: I have two movies coming up. "To Die For" comes out after "Batman Forever." And I'm just now in rehearsals for a movie called "Portrait of a Lady," which Jane Campion is directing.

TUSH: Add to that, she's also a mother and wife to superstar Tom Cruise. Does Tom ever say to you `Why did you do that movie? Now we got to put up with all this.'

KIDMAN: No. [laughs] I should be saying that to him. [laughs] No, I mean, obviously, we're both very supportive of each other's careers. And you have to be when you're a couple, I think. Otherwise, that creates resentment. So he's very supportive of what I do.

TUSH: So was it Cruise who thought she would make a good love interest for Batman?

KIDMAN: No. No. I make my decisions. We'll tell- we'll tell each other, you know, if there's a location involved, we'll talk about that. We have a pact that we'll never be separated for more than two weeks. And if that means flying in for 24 hours to see each other, that's what we'll do.

TUSH: Now, here's where the Bat jet would come in handy.

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