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Bad Guys Win in 'Batman Forever'

June 16, 1995

From Correspondent Carol Buckland

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- One of the most publicized movies of the summer is now playing in a theater near you. CNN's Carol Buckland has this review:

Producers whose movies are competing with "Batman Forever" (480k Quicktime movie) this weekend are likely to be a little nervous. They're facing a phenomenon---not merely a film.

"Batman Forever" is a visual tour de force, a knock-your-eyes-out effort. But it overdoes, overkills. And what starts out exhilarating ends up...exhausting.

Val Kilmer is more stiff than star in the title role, although he and Nicole Kidman (she plays psychologist Chase Meridian) produce a kinky sizzle in a couple of scenes. The best of the good guys is Chris O'Donnell who brings a Generation X edge to the role of Batman's young partner, Robin.

But let's face it: these flicks are really about the villains. Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones is cast as Two-Face, a former District Attorney with a dual personality. It's a cartoon character, and he plays it as such. Jim Carrey is entertainingly over-the-top as the Riddler.(1.1meg Quicktime movie)

Joel Schumacher's direction is dandy in the boom-boom, razzle-dazzle scenes, but he's clueless when it comes to providing any emotional punch. "Batman Forever" fills up the screen, but offers little to nourish the soul.

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Batman Trailer
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Riddler & Two-face
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Riddler & Two-face
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Villains are in the spotlights

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