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Mighty Mighty Boss Stone: Actress Sharon Stone is currently in two movies that don't thrust her into the spotlight

Sharon Stone chasing new goals

Web posted on: Thursday, October 08, 1998 10:40:52 AM

From Correspondent Paul Vercammen

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Her voice is heard in the number one movie at the box office: "Antz."

But Sharon Stone's mind and spirit are far from the blockbuster mode. She has a new film that won't be as widely distributed, but is close to her heart.

In "The Mighty," Stone plays the working-class mother of a boy battling a degenerative childhood disease. The role is light-years away from the days when her sexuality-laden characters caused a stir in movies like "Basic Instinct."

Stone plays a mom in "The Mighty"

'I have other goals'

"I'm taking on different roles now," she says. "I used to take on movies that I wanted to carry them to the blockbuster thing. I loved that.

"But it's not very interesting to me anymore. I have other goals for myself as an artist. I need to take what I know about life and apply it to my work differently."

Hence, the wrenching, tragedy-laced supporting role in "The Mighty," which is based on the acclaimed novel by Rodman Philbrick. Stone says her time on the set was emotionally draining.

"I was in a full-blown rage the full time I was there," she admits. "I was not easy to get along with. I was wrestling with my emotions every day on that movie."

Watch the theatrical preview for "The Mighty"

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'Get a picture for me'

Stone's production company co-executive produced the tale of two boys who strike up an chivalrous alliance.

The boys are played by Elden Henson as a gentle giant struggling in school, and Kieran Culkin, who's reckoning with Morquio's Syndrome, a disease that leads to dwarfism and often, mental damage.

"It was astonishing to me how gifted those kids are," says Stone.

So, what was it like for the young boys to work with a Hollywood goddess?

"I told a lot of my friends before I went I was going to meet Sharon Stone," recalls Culkin, the younger brother of more-famous Macaulay. "A lot of them had different reactions: 'Tell her I said hello and get a picture for me.'"

"She's one of those people you just learn by being around her," says Henson. "You see the way she works and what a great actress she is."

But Stone shies away from such compliments.

"I'm like everybody's mom. I have this wonderful crew that I work with from movie to movie," she says. "They bring me presents on Mother's Day and cards. This year I said 'That's it. I want to be one of the guys.'"

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