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Charlie Sheen in hospital for drug, alcohol problems

May 22, 1998
Web posted at: 1:47 a.m. EDT (0547 GMT)

THOUSAND OAKS, California (CNN) -- Actor Charlie Sheen was admitted Wednesday to a Los Angeles hospital after consuming excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Sheen's body "gave out" as a result of the drugs and alcohol he had consumed, according to a spokeswoman for Los Robles Medical Center. The actor's condition is reported to be stable Thursday, and he is expected to recover.

"He's eating. He's talking. He's aware," said Chris Caraway, spokeswoman for the medical center.

Los Angeles County paramedics took Sheen, accompanied by his personal trainer, from the actor's Malibu home and arrived at the hospital about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Sheen was conscious but complained of tingling in his hands and difficulty walking, Caraway said. He was immediately taken into the intensive care unit, but later transferred to the less-serious critical care unit.

Caraway said Sheen was being treated for a drug overdose, but she didn't know what kind of drugs he used.

'Not an easy moment in our lives'

Martin Sheen
Sheen's father Martin talks about his hopes for his son's recovery at Los Robles Medical Center press conference
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His father, actor Martin Sheen, arrived at the hospital and said his son had been tested for drug use.

"My son is here because of a drug overdose," Martin Sheen said, choking back tears.

"This is not an easy moment in our lives, but it's a necessary one. Our hope is that he will accept recovery and be fine."

Sheen, 32, who starred in "Wall Street," "Platoon" and "Hot Shots," is the son of Martin Sheen and the brother of actor Emilio Estevez. His latest film was 1997's "Money Talks."

In 1990, he checked into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility because he was "suffering from extreme exhaustion due to an arduous filming schedule," publicist Jeff Ballard said at the time.

In 1995, a woman sued Sheen alleging the actor struck her in the head several times when she refused to have sex with him.

He also admitted in videotaped testimony at the 1995 federal trial of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss that he ordered her call girls at least 27 times, running up a tab of more than $50,000.

In early 1996, Sheen announced that he planned to divorce model Donna Peele after less than six months of marriage.

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