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Chan swings into action in 'Rumble'

Hong Kong star wants to become Hollywood star

February 23, 1996
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From Entertainment Correspondent Bill Tush

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, Jackie Chan has been a household name for years. In fact, nine of the top 10 films in Hong Kong star the martial arts hero. But Chan has never made it big in Hollywood, and he wants to change that.

In 1980, Chan hoped his performance as a Japanese race car driver in the action comedy "Cannonball Run" might be such a kick with American audiences that stardom would come his way. But that didn't happen, so some 16 years later, Chan's giving it another try with "Rumble in the Bronx."

"Bronx" is a film that showcases many of Chan's winning formulas. For years, he has drawn large Hong Kong audiences with high kicks, fast punches, and a dash of comedy. Chan believes the American audience will understand his style, if given a chance. And besides, he says, he doesn't want to become an action superstar in Hollywood. Chan just wants to be noticed for his work. (111KB AIFF sound or 111KB WAV sound)

While he might be compared to such U.S. action stars as Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is one major difference. Chan does all his own stunts.

In fact, doing his own stunts is a Chan trademark, and he has the scars to prove it. In "Rumble in the Bronx," he broke his ankle. But Chan says injuries just come with the territory. He gets hurt in almost every film.

"I just finished a film, 'Police Story, Part IV.' I just cut my finger, and I broke my mouth here. It's OK; if I don't have to go in the hospital, it's a piece of cake. I hate to have to got to the hospital."

Luckily for movie-goers, they always get to see the full effect of Chan's injuries. The accidents usually end up on the film.

"Those type (of actions) we have three cameras, five cameras rolling," he says. "One time, no matter accident or not, just one time. So this why you can see in my movie there's a lot of accidents."

There will be plenty of accidents and action in "Rumble in the Bronx." But -- we almost forgot -- the movie has a plot as well. Chan plays a Hong Kong policeman who comes to New York for his uncle's wedding, then gets involved in a heist or something ... But you know what, that doesn't really matter, because it's the classic Chan action sequences that will steal the show.

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