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'Juror' stars give media a blunt verdict

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February 2, 1996
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From Correspondent Paul Vercammen

HOLLYWOOD, California (CNN) -- Two of the biggest names at the movie house, Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore, are headed to the courthouse this weekend as they match wits in "The Juror." The adversaries in the movie are united off-screen in their disdain for sensational stories about them.

Anyone would want to dodge jury duty after watching Demi Moore as a single mother and artist who gets manipulated while serving on a mob trial.

Alec Baldwin plays The Teacher, a twisted mercenary for the mob who threatens Moore in a scheme to acquit a Mafia boss.


The juror is seduced. "For me, it's the way he looked in conjunction with the fact that he's so intelligent. That's the optimum," Moore says.

"Doing these parts is not fun," Baldwin says. "It's challenging, but no fun. It's creepy. I would rather play the guy that throws the touchdown pass and gets carried off the field."


"They're willing to suck in all this crap that comes over the television."

-- Baldwin

But as The Teacher, Baldwin can kill and spy with the best of them. He rigs the pivotal juror's home with an array of surveillance equipment.

Recent media tangles

the Baldwins

What Baldwin believes was an invasion of his family's privacy led to his arrest on a misdemeanor charge. Baldwin allegedly slugged a photographer after he and wife Kim Basinger had arrived home with their 3-day-old daughter.

Baldwin believes that there's too much of a demand of information by the media. "Their product is information and if we don't have any really valid information we're going to make it up, we going to manufacture it," Baldwin says.

Moore and her husband, Bruce Willis, are often the focus of tabloid tales, including criticisms of Moore for taking it off in an upcoming movie "Striptease" and raves for her figure. "The majority of (what you read) has no bearing in reality at all. Before I became the body beautiful, they said that I was fat and shouldn't be doing the movie at all and had some sort of distorted picture of me, which thank God I would have never seen. But they needed to show me that I looked like a Sumo wrestler," Moore says, laughing.

Baldwin also criticizes viewers who, he says, perpetuate what tabloid TV generates. "They've got a generation of people now who, their conception of their intake of information parallels their intake of calories. They're happy with a bag of Doritos and a Dr. Pepper, and they're willing to suck in all this crap that comes from the television," Baldwin says.

But you don't have to partake; they'll have popcorn at the movie theater this weekend.



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