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Catching the 'Copycat' killer

October 25, 1995
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From Entertainment Correspondent Cynthia Tornquist

Sigourney Weaver

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter delved into the grisly side of criminology to prepare for their roles in "Copycat," a new thriller about a race to stop a serial killer.

Weaver plays a criminal psychologist who retires after one of her subjects tries to kill her. The actress says she researched the role by consulting real-life forensic psychiatrist Park Deitz -- the man who interviewed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

"I watched a lot of tapes of Park interviewing, and someone would tell him something just dreadful, and he would pick up his coffee and go and then he'd ask a technical question about how they did it. I found it difficult to deal with. It was helpful for me to work with him," Weaver said.

For Hunter, who plays a detective, much of the research was hands-on experience.

"I hung around with a couple of homicide detectives near downtown L.A. in a district where they were going out on the most murder calls a week," Hunter said.

Harry Connick, Jr.

Musician Harry Connick Jr. plays a convicted killer who may hold the clue to this mystery. (1.2M QuickTime movie couretsy Warner Bros. pictures.)

"You look at the people who are infamous for committing these crimes and they're not the kind of people you expect them to be. Most of them are fairly meek and fairly articulate", Connick said. (170K AIFF sound or 170K WAV sound)

"Copycat" is directed by Jon Ameil (19K JPEG image) in a style that pays homage to the thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock.

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