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February 13, 1996
Web posted at: 3:00 p.m. EST

From Entertainment Correspondent Dennis Michael

HOLLYWOOD, California (CNN) -- It's a small galaxy. Actor Michael O'Hare returned to the set of "Babylon 5" last week. Fans of the cult syndicated show will remember that O'Hare's character, Captain Sinclair, left the cast after the first season. The story line sent him off to distant places, and Bruce Boxleitner took over as Captain Sheridan. Both captains appeared together in a two-part episode of "Babylon 5" called the "War Without End." It's scheduled to air late this season.

It's a reunion on "Frasier." Shelly Long appears on this weeks episode of the NBC situation comedy, reprising her longtime role as Diane Chambers, whom she originally played on "Cheers."

It was a spotlight premiere in Hollywood last week. International star Jackie Chan led the pack for the debut of "Rumble in the Bronx" at the landmark Manns Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The film opens nationwide late this month.

Broken Arrow

John Travolta is getting set to work with John Woo again. Daily Variety reports that the comeback star and the top action director who collaborated on "Broken Arrow" are preparing to make "The Face Off," another hot action film, later this spring.


Whoopi Goldberg is turning to drama for her next project. Daily Variety reports the actress is in final negotiations to star in a movie based on the story of black civil rights leader Medgar Evers. She'll play the slain leader's wife and widow. Rob Reiner is expected to direct the Castle Rock film that will co-star Alec Baldwin.

Michael J. Fox isn't returning to television, at least not yet. Daily Variety reports the actor turned down a new TV show from Wind Dancer Productions that would have cast him as an ex-hockey player-turned-sportswriter.


A new gig for Kelsey Grammer. The star of "Frasier" will serve as host of the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in early March on UPN. The show honors favorite films, home videos and music releases voted on by Blockbuster Video customers.

The muppets are returning to prime time with some big star power. "The Muppets Tonight" will debut on ABC in early November with guest star Michelle Pfieffer.

Toy Story

The toys are coming home. Disney Home Video has announced plans to release the groundbreaking animated film "Toy Story" to Home Video in late October.



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