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The 'Seinfeld' E-mail from
CNN Interactive

April 15, 1998

SHOWS TO GO: There are just four new episodes left!

ON THIS WEEK: Not one rerun but two. (Sigh.) On its regular Thursday slot, NBC shows "The Strong Box," in which Jerry keeps stumbling over the strongbox key Kramer hid in his apartment; George's girlfriend (played by Alex Kapp) refuses to break up with him; and Elaine suspects her new boyfriend is married.

Then, in its new not-official-but-might-as-well-be Wednesday evening slot, "The Apology" airs, at 8:30 p.m. EDT. Jerry discovers some naked truths about "good naked" and "bad naked" when he dates a woman who likes to walk around in the buff; a co-worker questions Elaine's personal hygiene; and George waits for an apology from a friend going through a "12-Step" program.

RATINGS: Viewers aren't making any extra effort to watch "Seinfeld," even in original episodes, just because it's going off the air. "Seinfeld" took Nielsens' second place again for the week of April 6, with "ER" regaining first place after coming in lower for several consecutive weeks. Nielsen Media Research reported that the new "Seinfeld" episode took a 19.9 rating, up from 16.4 last week, while "ER" took 20.7, and third-place "Veronica's Closet," 15.8. A ratings point represents about 1 percent of the nation's homes with televisions, or about 980,000 households.

Larry David
Larry David yaks it up on CNN Showbiz Today   
WRITER TALKS: Larry David is under a lot of pressure lately. As the writer of the Big Finale, the co-creater of "Seinfeld" says everybody wants to know how it ends, especially his mother. "She's afraid I'm going to kill the characters," said David, who returned to produce and write the much-awaited final episode after leaving in 1996. While he said he tells his worried mother nothing -- "I say, 'That's up to me, not you,'" he told The New York Times -- he may have hinted at the characters' safety when talking to Showbiz Today's Laurin Sydney on Tuesday. You be the judge:

SYDNEY: Just a quick yes or no answer, please. Your mom doesn't even know what happened, yet she has a feeling you're going to kill off some of the characters. Yes or no.

DAVID: She doesn't know what happened, no.

SYDNEY. Yes or no. No?


SYDNEY: Ooh, I think that was an answer, so let's leave it at that.

David's new screenplay, "Sour Grapes," which he was promoting on the show during that interview, opens nationwide Friday.

FIGHTING FOR THE SPOILS: Two entertainment museums are already laying claim to props from the set of "Seinfeld." The Hollywood Entertainment Museum, which already has the bar from "Cheers," is aiming for the Seinfeld soup kitchen. And The Smithsonian -- yes, the one in Washington, D.C. -- is angling for Seinfeld's apartment. It already houses the "Superman" set and various "Happy Days" memorabilia.

WHAT SCARES SEINFELD? Commitment, according to the ridiculously successful Jerry, who talked to Vanity Fair for an article about his life and his show. "I guess the scariest thing I haven't done is get married," Seinfeld said. "I still feel I'm not old enough. I think your 50s would be a wonderful time to get married. Right now, I'm too busy with other things to really look at my relationship in a serious way."

He also told the magazine his fascination with the number nine figured in to his decision to pull the plug on "Seinfeld." "Nine is cool. When I was thinking about quitting the show, I thought, nine. People said, 'Ten -- why not 10?' But 10 is lame. Nine is my number. And then I found out that nine in numerology means completion."

BEST QUOTE: "Swarm, swarm, swarm!!" -- A Brentano's book store security guard to his cohorts, after Jerry points out that his Uncle Leo is shoplifting a book and asks them to "put a little scare in him."

VIDEO PICK: Jerry -- "I can't believe it's nonfat yogurt!" Need to see more? Download it!
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