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Hackers fowl up 'Lost World' site

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May 28, 1997
Web posted at: 2:57 a.m. EDT (0257 GMT)

ATLANTA (CNN) -- They're quacked.

The dinosaurs of "The Lost World" were no match for hackers who broke into their Web site ( and with a stroke of a key changed the film's name to "The Duck World: Jurassic Pond."

An anonymous phone call early Wednesday morning tipped CNN Interactive to the break-in of the Universal Pictures World Wide Web site promoting the film.

Gone was the ferocious dinosaur seen on "The Lost World" logos. In its place was a genial duck and the banner "The Duck World." The page was signed "Hackers." The rest of the web site was apparently untouched.

Internet break-ins have become an increasing concern for U.S. defense and intelligence agencies.

Last December, a hacker pulled a prank on the U.S. Air Force, sneaking onto its Web site and replacing a page of aviation statistics with a pornographic picture.

In September, CNN Interactive received an anonymous call saying Swedish hackers had taken over the Central Intelligence Agency, renaming it the "Central Stupidity Agency."

And in August, hackers broke into the Justice Department's Web site, adding swastikas, obscenities and a picture of Adolf Hitler to the page. Justice officials quickly pulled the plug on the vandalized page and assured that the hackers did not gain access to criminal files.


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