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Publicity cobbled up for 'Peach' on video

October 15, 1996
Web posted at: 4:15 p.m. EDT

From Correspondent Dennis Michael

lotsa cobbler

A "peachy" record. The world's largest peach cobbler was cooked up at the Georgia National Fair on Friday, partly as a tasty plug for the release of "James and the Giant Peach" on home video. The cobbler was 20 feet long and contained 260 pounds of sugar, 130 pounds of butter, 33 gallons of milk and 750 pounds of peaches.


"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" appears to have cast a spell over ABC executives. The new sitcom is going to survive its first season. Daily Variety reports the network has ordered nine more episodes, making for a total of 22.


Teri Garr has a new project in the works. The actress will star in "Ronnie and Julie," a retelling of "Romeo and Juliet" for Showtime. The Hollywood Reporter trade paper says this version has a pair of teen-agers falling in love despite the fact that their parents are rivals in the race for the Spokane mayor's office.

Patrick Bergin and Virginia Madsen are at work on the film "The Apocalypse Watch" for ABC. Shooting for the film is taking place in Prague and England. ABC plans to air the four-hour miniseries version of the Robert Ludlum novel later this year.


The Hollywood Reporter trade paper reports that Nick Nolte is set to star in "Application," to be directed by Paul Schrader. Nolte will play a small-town sheriff forced to face his failings as a law enforcement officer and his deteriorating relationship with his father. James Coburn and Sissy Spacek will also star.


Rebecca DeMornay is working on a new project. The actress will star in "The Winner," according to the Hollywood Reporter trade paper. The film, based on the stage play "A Darker Purpose," is about a major con game in the world of gambling. Look for it to open in the spring of next year.

Billy Zane has decided to join the crew of "The Titanic." Daily Variety reports the actor, last seen as the comic strip hero "The Phantom," is joining the cast of Jim Cameron's movie about the voyage of the doomed ocean liner.

Jeanne Tripplehorn, Amy Irving and Lili Taylor are cast to play the "Three Sisters." The Chekhov play is set to run in New York later this year. Eric Stoltz may join the play as one of the male leads.


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