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Pamela Lee

Lee gets physical in 'Barb Wire'

May 5, 1996
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From Correspondent Jim Moret

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- If Pamela Anderson Lee comes off like a femme fatale counterpart to Arnold Schwarzenneger or Sylvester Stallone, it is all by design. While "Baywatch" has made Lee one of the most popular television actresses in the world, she hopes her new movie "Barb Wire" will help stake her claim as a big-screen action star with dangerous curves. (102K AIFF sound or 102K WAV sound)

"Finally, a female action hero with all these great one liners for women," Lee said.

"Barb Wire" is the latest big screen incarnation of a comic book character from Dark Horse entertainment, the same people who brought us "The Mask" and "Time Cop."


Set in the future, "Barb Wire" is about a former freedom fighter who is asked for her help in saving the world. (1.2M QuickTime movie)

The demanding shooting schedule and the numerous physical stunts, many of which Lee did herself, may have taken their toll on the actress, however. She had a miscarriage early on, and spent four days in the hospital.

"But fortunately it has a happy ending because I am pregnant again," Lee said. "About to have a baby pretty soon."

Lee is also hoping for a happy ending to another saga. She and her husband, Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee, filed suit recently against several workmen who they contend stole a safe from Lee's home. The contents included an explicit bedroom video and all the couple's photos.

"It's devastating," Lee said. "But I really do believe that if anyone were to print those pictures, because it is stolen property, I really think they are going to pay for that and I really strongly believe and have faith that's going to happen."

If Lee is as much like her character as she claims, her film should teach you: Don't cross "Barb Wire."

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