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Ronald Reagan restored faith in Americaupdated Wed Feb 02 2011 12:03:32

The 100th anniversary of the birth of our 40th president, Ronald Reagan, is Sunday. On that day and during the year ahead, there will be many celebrations of the life of a man who remains one of the most beloved and respected of our modern presidents.

Obama gave a good speech; now for the hard partupdated Wed Jan 26 2011 12:36:41

The president showed his greatest talent last night in his State of the Union speech -- and that talent is making a speech that makes everyone feel good.

Palin should follow Gingrich's advice -- and so should Newtupdated Wed Jan 19 2011 07:35:13

Sarah Palin made it clear Monday in an interview on Fox's Sean Hannity show that she is not going to "sit down or shut up."

Tax deal makes everyone unhappy -- except most Americansupdated Wed Dec 15 2010 07:33:26

Liberals are unhappy and think their leader, President Obama, has surrendered on raising taxes to the rich without a fight.

Palin, I knew Reagan. You're no Reagan.updated Wed Dec 01 2010 10:11:47

The first date is over. Not much happened. President Obama and his new governing partners, the House and Senate Republicans, met at the White House along with the Democratic leaders and discussed the unsolvable issues between them.

GOP newcomers must fix Washingtonupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 07:55:06

This is Orientation Week for the 100-plus new members of Congress. After the drama of a yearlong campaign and the excitement of victory, the coming days will be full of briefings, meetings, social events, picking new offices and staff and the realization that a new and challenging part of their lives is just beginning.

Don't underestimate Palin for 2012 runupdated Thu Nov 04 2010 07:38:55

The 2010 election is over and the voters have made an overwhelming statement: "Things need to be different in Washington and across the country." They have chosen representatives at every level to make that happen. The election results are historic and far-reaching.

Why your vote mattersupdated Tue Nov 02 2010 07:33:32

Even though the American elections won't be decided until the polls close tonight, the Irish bookies late last week started paying off bettors who predicted Republicans would win a majority in the House of Representatives. And they stopped making new bets. That's a pretty definite statement!

In politics, only the strong surviveupdated Fri Oct 22 2010 08:06:45

Since 2000, one of the most popular television reality programs has been a CBS show called "Survivor." It's a show in which contestants compete against each other in a variety of humiliating and difficult tasks until one is declared the winner.

White House's charges are falseupdated Wed Oct 13 2010 07:25:29

Sorry, Mr. President. Nobody's listening.

Why Democrats are going negativeupdated Wed Oct 06 2010 10:51:43

Since the early '80s, nearly every major boxing championship or featured bout has had a golden-voiced announcer, Michael Buffer, who began the bout with the pronouncement "Let's get ready to rumble!"

Democrats, don't insult the votersupdated Wed Sep 29 2010 07:31:16

I have seen many campaigns in my four decades in politics, but this one is the strangest. With a little more than a month to go and many races still very close, the Democratic message to their faithful is mind-boggling.

White House losing control of its storyupdated Thu Sep 23 2010 07:01:07

The oldest rule in politics is to control your story.

Primaries prove Palin, Tea Party are for realupdated Wed Sep 15 2010 17:24:32

The preliminaries are over; let the battles begin. With less than seven weeks to go, here are the conclusions of the primary season completed yesterday.

Obama shouldn't be campaigner-in-chiefupdated Wed Sep 08 2010 07:33:41

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel may have gotten his get-out-of-jail card in just the nick of time.

Obama's lame speeches on economy, Iraqupdated Wed Sep 01 2010 16:47:18

In the first two days back from his Martha's Vineyard family vacation, President Obama gave two speeches on two important subjects.

Political earthquake shakes GOPupdated Wed Aug 25 2010 15:35:06

Republican primary voters yesterday sent shock waves of earthquake proportions from Florida to Alaska.

Obama stumbles as parties get desperateupdated Wed Aug 18 2010 10:31:16

With a little more than 10 weeks left to go, the rhetoric has accelerated and both sides are trying to find an issue that changes the dynamics of Election Day 2010.

GOP victories this fall not guaranteedupdated Wed Aug 11 2010 09:08:53

Trying to read the tea leaves and predict elections this year is a gut-wrenching exercise in futility. And my party's march to Election Day glory is having a lot of bumps along the way.

Why GOP wants to run against Pelosiupdated Thu Jul 22 2010 10:50:50

It's become apparent that the president and his party want to run in November against George W. Bush and Denny Hastert and the alleged mess they left him. The problem with that strategy is the former president and former House speaker are long gone from the D.C. scene.

Salute the soldiers -- and the generalsupdated Fri Jul 02 2010 07:54:10

As I watched the split screen of the Petraeus hearings and the Kagan hearings this week, two views of what makes America great were clearly on display.

Byrd loved West Virginia and the Senateupdated Mon Jun 28 2010 11:19:23

The Senate lost a giant and America lost a patriot with the death of Sen. Robert Byrd early Monday morning.

BP's Hayward and Gen. McChrystal: What were they thinking?updated Wed Jun 23 2010 07:30:04

Two leaders have been called on to resign this week by critics and media analysts. Both men damaged their credibility by their own actions and no one else's.

Mr. President: Enough talk, now action!updated Wed Jun 16 2010 07:47:19

President Obama has given a lot of speeches. He's given hundreds since he became president. He's given six in the last two days on his trip to the Gulf.

Politicians' sideshows beat reality TVupdated Wed May 19 2010 15:20:14

Who needs reality TV when we have reality politics? In spite of voters telling pollsters they are fed up with elected officials and reaffirming those sentiments by firing them at the voting booth, the politicians still aren't getting the message.

Crist a victim of Tea Party -- and himselfupdated Thu Apr 29 2010 14:39:08

The governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, is announcing today that he will not run as a Republican for the open U.S. Senate race, but will seek that office as an independent.

Is Wall Street too big to cheat?updated Wed Apr 21 2010 11:34:07

As the Tea Party movement has become the vehicle for the frustration of hundreds of thousands of Americans against elected officials and the government bailout of Wall Street, I've thought many times about Gordon Gekko, the fictional character in the superb 1987 movie "Wall Street."

With voters divided, GOP shows strengthupdated Wed Apr 14 2010 17:31:16

The political campaign season is off and running, whether you're ready or not. According to the latest CNN poll, registered voters share the polarization that now rules Washington.

Guess who really pays for health care?updated Wed Mar 03 2010 09:41:59

If President Obama had been forthright last week at the health care summit, he would have opened the meeting by stating: "If you have health coverage, under our reform bills you are going to pay more and get less. If you are one of the 45 million elderly or disabled people on Medicare, you are going to get less. There is no such thing as free medical care. Somebody has to pay! And in the end it is you."

A worried Congress won't take risksupdated Wed Feb 17 2010 09:43:24

In the week we celebrate Valentine's Day, honor our first president, George Washington (and all the other past presidents) and begin the season of Lent, there is much to reflect on.

A Tea Party incumbents won't enjoyupdated Thu Feb 04 2010 07:25:13

A grass-roots movement is growing across this country, and like the Ross Perot movement of 18 years ago, it will turn the political landscape upside down, with the consequences being felt long afterwards.

Another shock to the Washington systemupdated Thu Jan 21 2010 16:08:42

Still reeling from Tuesday's shocking upset in the Massachusetts Senate race, the political class got hammered again Thursday by the Supreme Court, which, for all practical purposes, outlawed campaign finance rules and made the already irrelevant Federal Election Commission obsolete.

Chilling message from unhappy votersupdated Wed Jan 20 2010 09:18:48

The voters in Massachusetts sent a message loud and clear. Maybe even a "shot heard around the world." At least the political world. Tuesday night's victory for Scott Brown for the vacant seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy for 46 years was a massive win for disenchanted voters everywhere.

What's serious -- and silly -- in Washingtonupdated Wed Jan 13 2010 09:17:46

As our nation's politicians return from their holidays, the agenda they left behind is still front and center. Getting an acceptable compromise of the very different Senate and House health care bills is still the president's and the Democratic leadership's priority. Stopping it is still the Republicans' priority. The final details may antagonize some of the Democrats' most important constituencies and the grumbling has already started.

The case for firing Janet Napolitanoupdated Wed Jan 06 2010 11:43:47

On the second page of the executive summary of the 9/11 commission report is a line we should all remember: "[T]he 9/11 attacks were a shock but they should not have been a surprise. Islamist extremists had given plenty of warning that they meant to kill Americans indiscriminately and in large numbers."

Harry Reid playing Santa with your moneyupdated Wed Dec 23 2009 06:42:13

We are approaching the eve of Christmas and maybe in that spirit, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid morphed into Santa Claus, giving out presents to the little boys and girls who were naughty and (not so) nice this year.

Obama's decision an act of leadershipupdated Tue Dec 01 2009 22:29:37

After months of review, President Obama has made a decision that will not please the base of his party. The majority of Democrats in Congress are opposed to expanding or prolonging the war in Afghanistan. Many Americans share their concern.

Dobbs and CNN were no longer in syncupdated Wed Nov 18 2009 07:29:16

In this past week of very important news -- when the president presided over the memorial service for the slain soldiers of Fort Hood and departed on his first Asia trip, and the attorney general made the controversial decision to treat the mastermind terrorist of 9/11 as a criminal to be tried in a Manhattan civilian courtroom -- the story of the departure of longtime CNN anchor Lou Dobbs still jumped out.

Commentary: Obama not an MVP yetupdated Fri Oct 09 2009 15:54:35

Congratulations, Mr President.

Commentary: Will 'SNL' skit sink hopes for Obama?updated Wed Oct 07 2009 07:26:34

Since its debut on October 11, 1975, "Saturday Night Live" has spoofed, ridiculed and hammered presidents and other political figures without regard to political affiliation or any other sensitivities.

Commentary: Haters of America are still out thereupdated Wed Sep 30 2009 06:32:47

The president had his first foray into the byzantine world of U.N. politics last week and walked away cheered on by the anti-America crowd.

Commentary: Obama's NY week starts shakilyupdated Wed Sep 23 2009 07:48:44

On the international stage, this week is President Obama's most important since taking office.

Commentary: Carter is wrong on Obama's oppositionupdated Thu Sep 17 2009 10:09:42

President Obama is about to undertake a full-scale blitz of all the Sunday talk shows to try to convince the American people one more time of the merits of his health care plan.

Commentary: Obama's speech a heavy liftupdated Wed Sep 09 2009 06:33:06

The president is making a major address to the Congress and the country Wednesday night. This speech is high risk for him.

Commentary: Kennedy was a worthy adversaryupdated Wed Aug 26 2009 12:38:46

The political arena is an emptier place today. A brave and courageous warrior has left the battlefield. He will not be quickly forgotten or replaced.

Commentary: Salute the 'bravehearts' of Iranupdated Thu Jun 18 2009 06:42:29

One of my favorite movies is the Academy Award-winning best picture "Braveheart," a fictionalized retelling of the story of William Wallace, the Scots knight and resistance leader during the Scottish independence wars of the 13th century.

Commentary: Obama and our kids' futureupdated Thu Jun 11 2009 11:05:36

My 14-year-old daughter graduated earlier this week from middle school (8th grade) and she begins high school in the fall. As I watched her and her classmates receive their diplomas, I reflected on the world they are going to inherit from us.

Commentary: Don't go to war over Sotomayorupdated Thu May 28 2009 06:37:11

Almost everybody cheers for the underdog -- maybe not those born to upper-class standing with great advantages, but those of us who weren't always want the little guy to be victorious.

Commentary: Washington week of torture, sex and Twitterupdated Thu May 21 2009 09:18:15

The past week has not been what one would call a great week for our political leaders.

Commentary: Stop throwing dirt on GOP 'grave'updated Thu May 14 2009 07:28:44

My message to the national media and political pundits on their premature obits on the Republican Party: Quit throwing dirt on our graves!

Commentary: Jack Kemp, quarterback of GOP ideasupdated Thu May 07 2009 06:40:46

The world of politics has many players but few giants. One of the giants left the stage last week.

Commentary: Is Obama a Clinton or a Carter?updated Wed Apr 29 2009 08:18:42

Today is the 100th day of the Obama administration. Judging a president after 100 days is not realistic -- and may be absurd.

Commentary: Obama waffled on torture -- and looks weakupdated Thu Apr 23 2009 06:39:45

Like so many politicians I have known, the man we elected president wants to be loved. He wants to be loved passionately and daily by the 69 million who voted for him and even some of the 60 million who voted for John McCain.

Commentary: Obama made right call on rescueupdated Tue Apr 14 2009 07:19:41

A president makes many decisions, but none is more important than those he makes as commander in chief. Committing young men and women to war zones where their lives are at risk is a decision that can't be easily reversed, and the consequences can be fatal.

Commentary: Obama's liked, but is he respected?updated Thu Apr 09 2009 06:30:00

President Obama has returned from his first trip abroad with praise ringing in his ears from the media elite and barely a word of protest from the Republican opposition.

Commentary: Obama finds a world that blames U.S.updated Thu Apr 02 2009 06:41:54

After firing the CEO of General Motors and putting Chrysler on a path that could lead to bankruptcy, the still-popular President Obama moved from the domestic battlefield to the international one. But the subject is the same, with no relief in sight: the woeful world economy.

Commentary: Ron Silver, an extraordinary friendupdated Thu Mar 19 2009 07:18:05

The lights on Broadway were dimmed Wednesday night to honor Ron Silver, the Tony-award winning actor who was buried Wednesday after a courageous battle against cancer of the esophagus.

Commentary: Slow down, Mr. Presidentupdated Thu Mar 12 2009 06:36:11

Every great athlete has a pace. A pace is a certain speed at which they can run for very long periods of time without damaging their bodies and wearing themselves out before the race is over.

Commentary: Rush Limbaugh GOP debate is idioticupdated Thu Mar 05 2009 07:34:19

The cold winds of March have obviously affected the intelligence and thought processes of people who need to get their thinking straight.

Commentary: Can Obama make the tough choices?updated Thu Feb 26 2009 06:24:12

President Obama technically didn't give a State of the Union speech Tuesday night and therefore didn't have to report on the state of the union.

Commentary: What Congress needs is a pestupdated Thu Feb 19 2009 11:04:05

I first arrived in Washington in January 1973 as a new member of the Nixon team working in congressional relations for the administration.

Commentary: Obama should have told us the whole sad truthupdated Thu Feb 12 2009 06:29:21

President Obama had his first prime-time news conference Monday, and 60 million viewers tuned in.

Commentary: Daschle did the honorable thingupdated Tue Feb 03 2009 16:02:37

Sports fans argue that the National Football League is the toughest game outside of war. I would argue Washington politics is also a pretty rough arena.

Commentary: Obama's just the kind of hero we need nowupdated Tue Jan 20 2009 17:49:10

President Barack Obama, our newly inaugurated 44th president, showed the millions watching around the world and the freezing millions there in person on the Mall why he won the election -- and why so many believe he can lead us in these troubled times.

Commentary: Bush still doesn't get itupdated Tue Jan 13 2009 12:10:00

One week from today, a historic presidency begins and a tarnished presidency ends.