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Political attacks have really gone to the dogs.

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Surprisingly reasonable voice on immigration: Mitt Romneyupdated Fri Dec 05 2014 08:49:36

It can't be. The Republican Party's wise new sage on immigration is ... Mitt Romney?

Obama's immigration order is no free ride for undocumentedupdated Sun Nov 30 2014 20:44:07

President Obama's critics have the right to be upset by his decision to shield from deportation, at least temporarily, some groups of undocumented immigrants. But they don't have the right to twist the facts, use inflammatory language and create confusion.

Why Obama immigration speech won't change thingsupdated Thu Nov 20 2014 14:04:48

Talk about wasted energy.

Chill out; it's not an impeachable offenseupdated Sun Nov 16 2014 19:55:39

Like misery, failure loves company. Look at the immigration debate and how both liberals and conservatives -- and elected officials in both parties -- bungle it.

Presidential candidates: Don't apply if you're over 60updated Thu Nov 13 2014 07:41:33

"Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans -- born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage ..." ? John F. Kennedy, inaugural address, 1961

Obama, GOP, get going on immigration reform updated Fri Nov 07 2014 07:47:47

Mr. President, the midterm elections are over. You're out of excuses. Your stalling has worn thin. And the hour is late.

The politics of fear isn't workingupdated Thu Oct 30 2014 19:25:10

Politicians in both parties might have seriously miscalculated. The election returns aren't in yet, so we can't know for sure. Still, if trends continue, this could turn out to be a bad year for fear.

Ease up on the boy who shot albino deerupdated Tue Oct 28 2014 11:22:56

Warning: This isn't exactly a heartwarming story about a boy and his deer. Only one of the characters makes it to the closing credits.

Where are Mexico's lost boys?updated Fri Oct 24 2014 18:35:09

Where are the lost boys of Mexico? That's what many people, in that country and around the world, want to know. The answer could say much about the new narrative that has been pushed about the country.

Did White House cover up Secret Service scandal?updated Tue Oct 14 2014 19:18:28

It's time to deal with another scandal involving the Secret Service ? one that leads directly into the White House.

Common Core, a good idea gone bad?updated Mon Sep 29 2014 10:19:10

This academic year, the major lesson in America's public schools will be on the civil war.

Miley Cyrus' trifecta of bad tasteupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 07:38:09

What's Spanish for "twerk?"

Spanking isn't child abuse; it's common senseupdated Thu Sep 18 2014 08:32:19

So now we're having a debate about spanking.

To get immigration reform, elect a Republicanupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 08:10:28

Now that President Barack Obama has broken his promise to take executive action on immigration, and put off the thorny issue until after the midterm elections -- and I predict, for the remainder of his presidency -- many immigration reform advocates are angry, surprised and disappointed.

Rick Perry's 'ISIS at the border' soundbiteupdated Tue Sep 02 2014 07:45:13

Not so long ago, we defined relations between Mexico and the United States by how its president got along with our president. Yet, when the U.S. chief executive is distracted by events in Russia and the Middle East, what counts now is how Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto relates to the governors of U.S. states.

Navarrette: Don't be afraid of America's changing demographicsupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 17:52:20

For many Americans, the scariest phrase in the English language is "changing demographics."

Border crisis: GOP falls into a trap updated Mon Aug 04 2014 07:43:58

Monitoring the immigration crisis requires keeping one eye on Washington and one on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Should 80-year-old homeowner be charged with murder?updated Thu Jul 31 2014 07:46:39

Tom Greer is an 80-year-old crime victim who had the absolute right to use deadly force to defend himself when a pair of burglars -- a man and a woman -- broke into his home in Long Beach, California, and began assaulting him. And yet, if there is any justice, the 80-year-old should spend the remainder of his golden years in prison.

What Rick Perry's 'army' will do on the borderupdated Tue Jul 22 2014 18:08:12

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is right to immediately send 1,000 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in response to the border kids crisis.

Border crisis could last a long timeupdated Tue Jul 15 2014 06:58:28

As we try to grasp the enormity of the crisis involving at least 57,000 unaccompanied minors from Central America who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border looking for safe haven, Americans should stop casting blame and be realistic.

What Obama could learn on the borderupdated Thu Jul 10 2014 14:28:55

It's the law of unintended consequences.

Send U.S. marshals to the borderupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 13:34:52

President Obama needs to send U.S. marshals to Southern California. They can protect the Central American women and children whom the federal government has sent out West, with more due to arrive every 72 hours under an immigrant redistribution plan hatched by the Obama administration.

The right fate for immigrant kidsupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 09:39:34

It's time to get beyond the question of who's to blame for the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, where tens of thousands of children -- three-fourths of them from Honduras, Guatemala, or El Salvador -- are streaming into the United States and overwhelming our border enforcement apparatus.

The undocumented are usupdated Fri Jun 27 2014 08:48:08

Sometimes a filmmaker makes a documentary to have an impact on a national issue, and the finished product impacts him in profound and lasting ways as well.

What Clinton doesn't get on immigration updated Wed Jun 18 2014 10:38:12

Hillary Clinton wants Americans to believe that she made difficult decisions as secretary of state. That's the premise of her new book, "Hard Choices."

Border detention of children shames Americaupdated Thu Jun 12 2014 13:25:01

Where did our country go? Americans are known around the world as a good and compassionate people -- with a soft spot for children.

Undocumented fed up with partisan politicsupdated Fri Jun 06 2014 08:49:29

The immigration debate in the United States should be guided by what is in the best interests of the United States. Take it from a fifth-generation American whose maternal ancestors have been in Texas since the Lone Star State was more commonly referred to as "Northern Mexico."

Why Julian Castro said yes to Obamaupdated Mon May 19 2014 13:21:33

Normally, when an elected official has to make difficult choices, balancing ambition with practical concerns, it boils down to a personal decision. But when the official is a political rock star who might just be the first member of his community to become president, the whole decision-making process plays out in public.

Don't meddle with driver's licenses for undocumentedupdated Tue May 13 2014 07:25:05

When it comes to giving driver's license to illegal immigrants, California has spent nearly two decades embroiled in a never-ending saga.

Homeowner deserves blame for setting deadly trapupdated Wed May 07 2014 16:10:42

As you have probably noticed, human beings will sometimes do dumb things. Like step onto someone else's property late at night or in the early morning hours, whether innocently or not so innocently. But that doesn't give other people license to overreact and use deadly force to kill an unarmed trespasser. The law of man says so but so does the code of common decency.

Why a minority opposes affirmative action updated Thu Apr 24 2014 14:33:36

When it comes to thinking about affirmative action, there's an old way and a new way.

Racism isn't just a GOP problemupdated Thu Apr 17 2014 08:01:01

There are two groups of Republicans: Those who pander to nativists by encouraging anti-Latino prejudice and exploiting the fear and anxiety that come from changing demographics, and those who tolerate the first group.

California's Hispanic milestoneupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 07:49:26

Twenty years ago, an editor at the Los Angeles Times told me the newspaper had changed the way it reported on Mexico. "Now we cover it as a local story," he said.

Obama's school discipline plan is overkillupdated Fri Mar 28 2014 08:42:59

When the worlds of federal bureaucracies and public schools collide, what results is often a teaching moment for all involved.

A toddler, a cupcake, and a mob of critics updated Thu Mar 20 2014 08:34:30

An amusing video is posted showing an adorable 3-year-old boy asking his mom for a cupcake with the determination of a first-year law student.

Deportations will leave aftershocks for yearsupdated Thu Mar 13 2014 07:27:07

This week, there was a massive attempt to gate-crash on the U.S.-Mexico border, part of the "Bring Them Home" campaign. A better name for it would be "Operation Return to Sender."

Will cops use common sense on drivers and cell phones?updated Fri Mar 07 2014 09:05:36

The most important tool that law enforcement officers have at their disposal is common sense. This is especially true with that segment of the force that spends the most time interacting with the public: traffic cops and highway patrol officers who enforce the vehicle code.

Give Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta his Medal of Honorupdated Fri Feb 28 2014 19:44:03

Why only reach back to right a wrong from a half-century ago? Why not correct a travesty that is occurring right now?

Clarence Thomas is right about raceupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 12:29:26

Clarence Thomas has an abundance of two things that are often in short supply whenever Americans talk about race: courage and common sense.

Deport Justin Bieber? updated Fri Jan 24 2014 16:11:18

Canada's most valuable export? Oil. Its most problematic? Justin Bieber.

'Bachelor' anti-gay remark doesn't speak for Latinosupdated Mon Jan 20 2014 12:43:36

The Bachelor sounds like a bigot.

Christie bridge: Get over itupdated Thu Jan 16 2014 17:42:35

Tom Brokaw has had enough of "bridgegate."

Cops must face justice in killing of homeless manupdated Tue Jan 14 2014 11:03:38

What is it with juries in high-profile cases in Southern California? Over the years, they've become a national joke. But no one is laughing.

States take the lead in immigration gameupdated Tue Jan 07 2014 08:25:32

My son has a new video game, and I have a new problem.

Lesson of the Romney adoption joke storyupdated Fri Jan 03 2014 07:41:23

A recent dust-up at MSNBC is driving the latest round of "gotcha" between the right and the left.

'Duck Dynasty' network's hypocrisyupdated Tue Dec 24 2013 14:39:05

This Christmas, enjoy the turkey and roast beef. But do yourself a favor, and skip the duck.

U.S. owes India apology over strip-searchupdated Wed Dec 18 2013 16:46:02

Here's a scary thought: There's a country where officials are suggesting that the visas of gay partners of U.S. diplomats be revoked and these individuals be put in jail -- not because the country recently outlawed same-sex relationships but to crack down on Americans.