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CNN's Jason Carroll looks at how the situation in Japan is being compared to previous nuclear accidents.

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Why won't Paterson resign?updated Tue Mar 02 2010 21:09:50

CNN's Jack Cafferty asks: Why do you suppose New York Governor David Paterson won't just resign?

Too early for Obama 2012?updated Wed Feb 24 2010 19:45:07

Jack Cafferty asks: Is it too early for President Obama to be planning his re-election campaign?

Blue states turning red?updated Thu Feb 18 2010 06:31:29

CNN's Jack Cafferty asks: Why are some of the states President Obama won in 2008 leaning Republican now?

Should euthanasia be legal?updated Wed Feb 17 2010 21:30:42

In the Cafferty File, CNN's Jack Cafferty asks: Should euthanasia be legal?

Voting against the incumbent?updated Fri Jan 29 2010 21:43:13

Jack Cafferty asks: Are you willing to vote against the incumbent?

Cafferty on health care reformupdated Sat Jan 23 2010 09:07:02

CNN's Jack Cafferty asks if Congress should give up trying to pass health care reform.

Commentary: Prosecute sins of Bush-Cheney eraupdated Tue May 19 2009 05:44:41

It doesn't go away by itself.

Commentary: War on drugs is insaneupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 07:06:20

Here's something to think about:

Commentary: Is the American dream dead?updated Tue Mar 24 2009 06:32:03

There is a chill wind blowing across this land of ours.

Commentary: Obama a leader who actually leadsupdated Tue Mar 17 2009 06:57:55

What a welcome change to feel like someone is running the country instead of running it into the ground.

Commentary: GOP becoming a cartoonupdated Tue Mar 10 2009 06:27:22

The Republican Party is becoming a cartoon.

Commentary: My crush on Michelle Obamaupdated Tue Mar 03 2009 07:09:03

I think I am developing a crush on America's first lady. Michelle Obama is more compelling than her husband. He's good, but she's utterly fascinating.

Commentary: This is not your father's country anymoreupdated Tue Feb 24 2009 06:24:09

I think this time, it's different. I have this uneasy feeling our country is in the process of changing forever, and not necessarily for the better -- unless our perspective changes with it.

Commentary: Stimulus bill a sorry spectacleupdated Tue Feb 17 2009 06:37:35

What a joke. Your Congress has voted to spend almost $790 billion of your money on a stimulus package that not a single member of either chamber has read.