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Friday, May 25, 2007
'Weak tea' bags for Reid
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Liberal advocacy group is asking its Nevada members to send Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bags of "weak tea" for voting in favor of the Iraq war funding bill, the group announced Friday.

"We know Harry Reid is capable of strong leadership -- we've seen many shows of strength in the past. Last night, unfortunately, was not one of them," the group said in a letter to its Nevada members. "Can you be 1 of 360 people to send a bag of "weak tea" to Harry Reid's office -- one for every Senator and Representative that defied the will of the American people yesterday?"

Last week, Reid, a senator from Nevada, said he rejected the war funding bill without the deadline for troop withdrawal. He said it was "very weak. A cup of tea that's been sitting on counter for a few weeks, Mr. President. You wouldn't want to drink that tea."

--CNN Associate Producer Lauren Kornreich
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