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Friday, May 04, 2007
Republicans upset with intelligence study on global warming
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- House Intelligence Committee Republicans are upset about a Democratic proposal to require a study of the effects of global warming on national security.

The provision is part of the intelligence authorization bill passed by the full committee earlier this week.

In a written statement, the committee Republicans complained the provision would divert scarce intelligence resources to study a "politically correct" issue.

Republican committee spokesman Jamal Ware said that with a "finite number or resources and a finite number of analysts," the intelligence community should be focused on critical national security issues such as terrorism, Iran, North Korea and "stealing secrets."

The committee's chairman, Rep. Sylvestre Reyes, D-Texas, argued Democrats are taking the advice of former military commanders who believe climate change could have "a serious impact on military operations and exacerbate global tensions." Reyes pointed out that intelligence analysts are already reviewing the issue and that the committee request only requires the review to be a formal national intelligence estimate.

-- CNN National Security Producer Pam Benson