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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
War protesters disrupt presidential forum
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A presidential forum in the nation's capital was disrupted Tuesday by anti-war protesters, in what is becoming a common tactic being used by opponents of the Iraq war on the 2008 campaign trail

Five members of "Code Pink," a feminist anti-war group, were escorted out of the Communication Workers of America forum prior to Sen. Hillary Clinton's, D-New York, address to the organization.

CWA official Barbara Easterling said she agrees with the group's cause, but preferred they did not disrupt forums such as these.

"The group shows up anytime Hillary Clinton shows up and disrupts it," Easterling said. "We don't need that to dominate the news media today."

The Code Pink members stood on a platform on the side of the room, wearing hot pink letters that spelled out "No War."

"We are trying to reach all presidential candidates," said Lori Perdue, a member of Code Pink who was escorted out of the forum. "We want to tell them, no money for war and bring our troops home now."

-- CNN's Lauren Kornreich
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