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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Senate Dems strategize on Iraq response
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Senate Democratic leaders and key Iraq-related committee chairs are meeting in Majority Leader Harry Reid's office at this hour to strategize their response to President Bush's expected announcement Wednesday to increase the number of troops in Iraq.

"This is the first in a series of meetings with some of the key players in this debate to talk about how to proceed; how Congress will respond to Bush's proposal and what we're going to do" a Democratic leadership aide told CNN.

The senators are discussing a number of recent proposals to prevent the troop increase. They include: Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy's proposal to require congressional authorization before new troops are sent in; Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's proposal to limit funding just for the increase while not limiting funds for troops already on the ground; a proposal by Pennsylvania Rep. Jack Murtha outlined in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday that, "would restrict any troop surge if it meant depleting readiness at home or extending the tours of troops now in the war zone;" and other proposals.

-- CNN Congressional Producer Ted Barrett
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