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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
GOP Slogan: 'Punch Foley for Negron'
HUTCHINSON ISLAND, Florida (CNN) -- Just five weeks ago, the Republican Party of Florida chose Joe Negron, a Florida state legislator, to be their pinch hitter in the race for Congress, replacing Rep. Mark Foley after he resigned in disgrace.

But it was too late to get Foley's name taken off the ballot, so the Negron campaign had to come up with something to let voters know who the real candidate is.

Their answer? "Punch Foley for Negron," a slogan that acknowledges voter disgust with the Foley scandal, while still urging them to vote for the Republican candidate.

The only catch is, voters here don't "punch" a hole in a paper ballot anymore. After the "hanging chad" debacle in the presidential race in 2000, the machines are all electronic.

Nonetheless, the Negron campaign hopes voters get the message in this neck and neck race.

-- CNN Correspondent Susan Roesgen
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