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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Bush and Pelosi rally base voters
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Voters received direct appeals from President Bush and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Tuesday morning as the party leaders sought to rally their respective political bases.

With the to-the-point subject line, "Vote," President Bush urged supporters on the Republican National Committee e-mail list to "cast your ballot for Republican candidates who will keep America on the offense in the War on Terror, keep taxes low to grow our economy and work for our conservative values."

Bush also issued a warning: "Our country cannot afford to elect a Democrat Congress that would abandon our strategy for victory in the War on Terror and raise taxes to pay for their reckless spending."

Pelosi, who would likely become the first woman House Speaker if the Democrats pick up 15 or more seats tonight, told supporters "This is the most crucial midterm election in decades."

"Victory is finally within reach," Pelosi wrote in a note sent to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee e-mail list.

Pelosi also encouraged supporters to get their friends and families to the polls. If Democrats win a majority of seats in the House and she is elected speaker then the California Democrat would be in-line for the presidency.

"I am sure you know of a voter who wants our country to move in a new direction, but doesn't vote in non-presidential years," Pelosi stated. "We need to convince them to go to the polls and make their voice heard -- because every vote matters."

CNN's Stephen Bach
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