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Former President George H.W. Bush has improved, but will remain in the hospital through the weekend.

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Revenge of the Democratic techies? updated 1 days ago

Even as Republicans made strides in digital campaigning in 2014, Democrats retain a culture of innovation and an army of geeks that outpaces the GOP.

Obama commutes eight drug offenders' sentences, why not others? updated 1 days ago

The Obama administration has consistently supported measures aimed at reforming mandatory minimum prison sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders. But President Barack Obama's recent decision to commute the prison sentences of only eight federal inmates -- incarcerated for drug crimes -- has left advocates wanting more.

Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized as precaution updated 3 days ago

Former President George H. W. Bush has been taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure after experiencing shortness of breath.

CNN/ORC Poll: Americans having a 'Holly Jolly Christmas' updated 3 days ago

It is indeed the season to be jolly for Americans, who are experiencing their lowest levels of holiday stress in years, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Booker offers hairstyle advice to Paul updated 3 days ago

Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Rand Paul tweeted about hair on Tuesday. Because of course.

5 takeaways from Jeb Bush emails updated 3 days ago

A trove of emails from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's time in Tallahassee reveal a hands-on chief executive who was a prolific Blackberry user.

FBI reaching out to theaters screening 'The Interview' updated 3 days ago

The FBI is reaching out to the slightly more than 200 theaters which plan to screen "The Interview" on Thursday, warning of potential threats.

GOP moves early to court conservative Christians updated 3 days ago

The first votes of the 2016 campaign won't be cast for another year but there's already a race well underway: The Christian primary.

U.S. pays Alan Gross $3.2 million in settlement updated 3 days ago

The U.S. Agency for International Development has paid Alan Gross $3.2 million, settling a claim over the former contractor freed last week by Cuba after five years in prison, a spokesman for the federal agency tells CNN.

With a new budget director, will the price be right for Republicans? updated 4 days ago

It's one of the most influential offices in a building full of partisan bickering and mudslinging -- and its leader is supposed to rise above politics.

A felon serve in Congress? Michael Grimm will test House updated 4 days ago

After pleading guilty to a judge Tuesday on a felony tax evasion charge, New York Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican, pledged to reporters he would also stay in Congress.

De Blasio consoles NYC in wake of police shooting updated 4 days ago

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took on the role of the city's consoler on Tuesday.

CNN/ORC Poll: Obama ends year on an upswing updated 4 days ago

Improving views of the economy have helped hike President Barack Obama's approval rating to a 20-month high, a new CNN/ORC poll showed Tuesday, as markets climbed to record levels at news of an economy in overdrive.

Play is verbatim D.C. sex scandals updated 4 days ago

Mark Twain first told us that truth can be stranger than fiction, which is of course true. But in this instance, it's funnier, too.

Congressman Grimm pleads guilty updated 4 days ago

2:20 p.m. update: Rep. Michael Grimm pleaded guilty to one charge of tax evasion.

CNN/ORC Poll: Americans side with Obama on Cuba updated 4 days ago

President Barack Obama is taking some heat from Republicans on Capitol Hill for reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, but a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday shows he has the public's backing.

Rand Paul celebrates Festivus on Twitter updated 4 days ago

Sen. Rand Paul got in the holiday spirit on Tuesday — the Festivus holiday spirit, that is.

Poll: De Blasio popular in NYC before police shooting updated 4 days ago

A majority of New York City residents rated Mayor Bill de Blasio positively in a new survey.

Just got your drone? Here are 5 things you need to know updated 4 days ago

So, you got a drone for ChrismaHanuKwanzakah, huh? You could be among thousands -- potentially tens of thousands -- of new drone users after this holiday season, according to industry leaders.

Issa's final IRS report spreads blame, slams 'culture of bias' updated 4 days ago

The latest report from House Republicans on IRS targeting of conservative groups - their sixth - says the tax collection agency "systematically targeted" conservative groups over the course of two years and ties the behavior to a "culture of bias" among IRS employees.

CNN/ORC poll: Americans believe Sony overreacted to hack updated 4 days ago

More than 6-in-10 Americans believe that Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the release of "The Interview" was an overreaction, according to a CNN/ORC poll released on Tuesday.

De Blasio facing tensions further strained by police shootings updated 4 days ago

The point-blank shootings of two police officers in Brooklyn, New York this weekend have shined a harsh spotlight on the city's mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Christie: Obama Cuba policy is 'awful idea'; President not assertive on Sony updated 4 days ago

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sharply criticized President Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba, saying he did not get enough out of the deal. In a one-two punch, Christie also charged the President with not being assertive in the wake of the Sony Pictures hacking incident.

John McCain's next comeback updated 4 days ago

John McCain is still angry. But soon, he'll have power and an old enemy, President Barack Obama, is already in his sights.

Controversial VA projects waste billions, say government reports and lawmakers updated 4 days ago

The VA has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on controversial projects across the country, according to government reports and members of Congress.

Christie says Jeb Bush's 2016 ambitions are not a factor updated 5 days ago

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Monday night that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's steps toward a run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination would have no bearing on his own decision about whether to jump into the race, a decision he will make later this year.

Politics Year in Review 2014 updated 5 days ago

It started with an ambitious State of The Union address and turned into year of tension and transition. There was a Republican wave, Bridgegate, Hobby Lobby, President Obama's immigration action, same sex marriage, Ferguson, and net neutrality.

Michele Bachmann tells the remarkable history of the women's restroom on Capitol Hill updated 5 days ago

When nature calls for male members of the House of Representatives, they only have to walk steps to answer.

Bergdahl case moves up chain of command updated 5 days ago

The investigation into U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier who was released by the Taliban in a prisoner swap this May, has been kicked up the chain of command.

GOP Senator still thinks Spring Break can solve Communism in Cuba updated 5 days ago

Sen. Jeff Flake is one of the few Republicans to support President Barack Obama's decision to relax sanctions against Cuba.

Cuomo calls for cooling off period after police murders updated 5 days ago

New York Gov. Andrew Cumo is calling for calm amid a back-and-forth of finger-pointing between activists, police leaders and elected officials.

CNN / ORC Poll finds racial divide on police, justice system updated 5 days ago

There is a defined racial divide in America between how whites and non-whites view police and the criminal justice system, according to a CNN / ORC poll released Monday.

At Christmas party, Bachmann tells Obama to bomb Iran updated 5 days ago

Outgoing Rep. Michele Bachmann had some parting advice for President Barack Obama at the White House Christmas Party: Bomb Iran.

Survey: Obama gets thumbs down from the troops updated 5 days ago

President Barack Obama has struggled with sagging approval ratings over the last year, but the commander-in-chief's numbers may have dropped further among active-duty troops.

Inside the push to draft Ben Carson for president updated 5 days ago

John Philip Sousa IV is ready to transition his super PAC into full-time White House campaign mode for Ben Carson.

Best Instagrams in politics 2014 updated 5 days ago

These 2016 long-shots think they can win? updated 5 days ago

No one knows your name so here's an idea: why not run for President?

Obama: North Korea's hack not war, but 'cybervandalism' updated 6 days ago

President Barack Obama says he doesn't consider North Korea's hack of Sony Pictures "an act of war."

Christie to Obama: Tell Cuba to hand over cop killer updated 6 days ago

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate -- finally broke his silence on President Barack Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba in a letter to the President issued on Sunday.

Blame piles on NYC mayor for cop shooting updated 6 days ago

Several police officials and politicians are pointing fingers at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after two New York City police officers were murdered on Saturday, following weeks of protests against police treatment of minorities in New York and around the country. And one is pulling the President of the United States into the fray.

Rubio continues fight against Cuba deal updated 6 days ago

Sen. Marco Rubio, who is considering a presidential run, said Sunday that President Barack Obama has thrown away valuable leverage to bring about political changes in Cuba. He also took another opportunity to attack his potential opponent for the Republican presidential nomination, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who agrees with Obama's decision to switch course on Cuba.

Obama's briefing room gender gap motivated by 2016 politics? updated 6 days ago

Girl Power was a first-time topic for our Sunday trip around the "Inside Politics" table, along with some key things to watch for as we leave 2014 behind.

8 best vines in politics 2014 updated 6 days ago

Whether it's competing in a guitar battle or doing a karate kick in costume, there's a lot a politician can do in six seconds. With that, I give you the best Vines in politics for 2014:

McCain hits Obama on North Korea hack, Russia updated 6 days ago

President Barack Obama and John McCain are once again at odds over national security: this time, it's over the North Korean cyberattack on Sony Pictures.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's son robbed updated 6 days ago

The 17-year-old son of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was the victim of an assault and robbery, a spokeswoman for the mayor told CNN on Saturday.

Obama to do 'everything I can' to close Gitmo updated 6 days ago

President Barack Obama says he plans to push to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility during his final two years in office -- potentially fulfilling a major campaign promise that he hasn't yet accomplished.

Obama: Putin is no chess master updated 6 days ago

Critics have pounded President Barack Obama for being upstaged by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Russia's economy is plunging into a recession and Obama's got more to back up his tack on the world stage.

Sony hack renews cybersecurity push for 'zombie bill' updated 8 days ago

White House Economic Council Director Jeff Zients pointed fingers at Congress on Thursday for not acting fast enough on cybersecurity legislation, in the wake of news that North Korea was behind the Sony Entertainment cyberattack.

Obama: Sony 'made a mistake' updated 8 days ago

President Barack Obama on Friday said that Sony Pictures made a mistake in canceling the release of a movie after a cyberattack from North Korean-backed hackers.

Obama takes questions from only female reporters updated 8 days ago

President Barack Obama took eight questions during his Friday press conference — and all of them from women.

Upbeat Obama bids goodbye to tough year updated 8 days ago

Barack Obama actually looks like he's having fun being President.

Obama applauds LeBron's 'I Can't Breathe' shirt updated 8 days ago

President Barack Obama praised basketball star LeBron James for wearing an "I Can't Breathe" protest shirt during his pre-game warmup last week.

Rick Perry is really really really very wrong about Hanukkah updated 8 days ago

Texas Gov. Rick Perry compares Hanukkah to the Boston Tea Party, but Joel Baden says he gets some historical facts wrong.

Obama on race: Americans carry 'hidden biases,' but are 'basically good' updated 8 days ago

In some of his broadest remarks on racism yet, President Obama said Friday that he believes people are "basically good" and want to address racism.

Obama's year-end message: North Korea, Cuba and Congress updated 8 days ago

President Barack Obama prodded Congress to eliminate the United States' decades-old Cuba embargo Friday, saying that improving relations with the communist country will help open its "hermetically sealed society" -- even if changes come in "fits and starts."

Michele Bachmann's not so quiet exit updated 8 days ago

Statuary Hall inside the Capitol is the storied site of many key moments in U.S. history -- from heated debates about slavery to inaugural lunches with presidents.

Rubio and Paul spar over Cuba updated 8 days ago

Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Rand Paul traded barbs on Friday over their divergent opinions on the Obama administration's move to normalize relations with Cuba.

The lame duck is loose updated 8 days ago

The lame duck is loose. Little more than two years before the moment he stands next to his successor at the presidential inauguration of 2017, President Barack Obama is feeling unshackled from the constraints of eyeing the next election cycle after last month's disastrous midterms for Democrats.

Government hacks and security breaches skyrocket updated 8 days ago

The North Korean hack of Sony Pictures that unleashed proprietary information, leaked embarrassing emails and brought the multi-billion dollar company's operations to its knees was unprecedented. But cyber security and intelligence experts warn that this is only the beginning.

McCain to hold cybersecurity hearing after Sony attack updated 8 days ago

Sen. John McCain, the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, will hold a hearing into the cyber attack on Sony Pictures in the first two weeks of the next Congress.

Washington outraged over Sony decision updated 8 days ago

From Hollywood to Washington, the outrage is spreading over Sony Pictures' decision to cancel a movie release following a cyber attack and threats from a group of North Korea-backed hackers.

The Pentagon has a new name for ISIS updated 8 days ago

There's yet another new name for ISIS among those fighting against the terror group. Daesh.

5 burning questions for Obama updated 8 days ago

President Barack Obama is set to close a week jam-packed with news of a breakthrough with Cuba and new tensions with North Korea on Friday with a 1:30 p.m. EST news conference.

2016 Republicans slam Cuba announcement updated 8 days ago

President Barack Obama's historic move to loosen the U.S. embargo on Cuba set off an immediate clash with Republicans keen to use the dramatic foreign policy shift to further their own White House aspirations.

Colbert says farewell with a little help from Washington updated 8 days ago

Comedian Stephen Colbert bid farewell on his final show Tuesday night with the help of a pantheon of celebrities, including an array of Washington notables.

Investigators think hackers stole Sony passwords updated 8 days ago

U.S. investigators have evidence that hackers stole the computer credentials of a system administrator to get access to Sony's computer system, allowing them broad access, U.S. officials briefed on the investigation tell CNN. The finding is one reason why U.S. investigators do not believe the attack on Sony was aided by someone on the inside, the officials tell CNN.

Obama and Putin: From frosty to frozen updated 8 days ago

The tanking Russian economy seems to be doing little to encourage President Vladimir Putin to repair relations with the West.

Report: Secret Service stretched 'beyond its limits' updated 8 days ago

The Secret Service is stretched "beyond its limits" and needs more training, more staff and a director from outside its ranks -- and the White House needs a better fence -- an independent review has found.

Cuba decision boosts Rubio's profile updated 9 days ago

Sen. Marco Rubio seized on the Obama administration's announcement on Cuba to regain some footing nationally.

Obama looks to Cuba to test an old theory updated 9 days ago

Barack Obama made a pledge -- to talk directly with America's enemies -- that most other politicians found naive.

Military could release Bergdahl court martial determination updated 9 days ago

A senior administration official tells CNN that the Pentagon may soon, perhaps even before Christmas, announce whether or not Army Sgt. Bowe Berghdahl will face a military court martial.

The wait for Cuban beaches and cigars continues updated 9 days ago

The end of the 50-year freeze in diplomatic relations with Cuba will mean many more U.S. travelers could be on their way to the neighbor island, only 90 miles from Key West, Florida.

Wikileaks: Classified report detailed assassination shortcomings updated 9 days ago

Targeted assassinations or the capture of senior insurgent leaders in larger counterinsurgency operations can provide both positive and negative outcomes according to a classified CIA document posted by the anti-secrecy group Wikileaks on Thursday.

When Fidel Castro sent FDR fan mail updated 9 days ago

President Barack Obama jolted the long, tumultuous relationship between the United States and Cuba with his decision to normalize relations.

Jeb Bush's banking career ripe for attack updated 9 days ago

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's decision to step down from his advisory role at British bank Barclays at the end of the year became the latest indication he's gearing up to jump into the presidential race — and underscored one of the main liabilities he could face if he does run.

U.S. airstrikes kill 3 top ISIS leaders updated 9 days ago

U.S. airstrikes have killed two top-level and one mid-level ISIS leader, a senior U.S. military official tells CNN.

The wait for Cuban beaches and cigars continues updated 9 days ago

The end of the 50-year freeze in diplomatic relations with Cuba will mean many more U.S. travelers could be on their way to the neighbor island, only 90 miles from Key West, Florida.

Grimes: Paul can't run for two offices at once updated 9 days ago

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is threatening to ask courts to stop Republican Rand Paul from running for the Republican presidential nomination and re-election to the Senate at the same time.

Rand Paul backs Obama on Cuba updated 9 days ago

Sen. Rand Paul broke with the field of Republicans considering a 2016 presidential run on Thursday, calling President Barack Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba a "good idea" since the American embargo against Cuba "just hasn't worked."

Poll finds Americans split on government's role updated 9 days ago

Americans' pessimism about the nation's economic conditions contributed to Democrats' losses this cycle.

Rick Perry really likes Jeb Bush, but for how long? updated 9 days ago

As Rick Perry sat in the Texas governor's mansion about a month before he prepares to hand over the reins after 14 years in office and contemplates another run for the White House, he fondly remembered his "good friend" Jeb Bush, who announced this week he is "actively" exploring his own presidential run.

Carter: Obama's 'long overdue' Cuba decision 'courageous' updated 9 days ago

Former President Jimmy Carter lauded the decision to normalize diplomatic relations with and ease sanctions imposed on Cuba, steps he said would benefit the Cuban people and not the country's autocratic rulers.

Cuba-U.S. relations change: Bells ring in Havana, anger erupts in Miami updated 9 days ago

Church bells began to ring in Havana, harking history -- Cuba and the United States are easing relations after decades of ice-cold tension.

Obama: 'Go to the movies' updated 10 days ago

President Barack Obama says Americans should "go to the movies" without fear, despite hackers' threats against venues that show a controversial film that Sony has now decided to pull.

What Congress can do to block Obama on Cuba updated 10 days ago

President Barack Obama's move to relax travel, trade and economic restrictions with Cuba set off a firestorm from opponents on Capitol Hill, who immediately vowed to block the new policy.

Clinton backs Obama's Cuba moves updated 10 days ago

Hillary Clinton backed President Barack Obama's historic easing of decades-old sanctions against Cuba on Wednesday and said she is "deeply relieved" by the release of U.S. contractor Alan Gross.

9 questions you were embarrassed to ask about the Cuban embargo updated 10 days ago

President Barack Obama will ease sanctions imposed against Cuba under the U.S. embargo after Cuba agreed to release American aid worker Alan Gross.

Gross release: How it happened updated 10 days ago

Alan Gross was in a Cuban prison Tuesday morning when his attorney, Scott Gilbert, phoned to say Gross would soon be released.

Pope plays key role in historic Cuba deal updated 10 days ago

Pope Francis was key in bringing about the change in U.S.-Cuba policy, including release of Alan Gross.

Historic thaw in U.S., Cuba standoff updated 10 days ago

A political standoff that spanned five decades and 10 presidents began to crumble Wednesday with President Barack Obama's move to normalize relations with Cuba.

Could Obama go to Cuba? updated 10 days ago

President Barack Obama could be among the Americans traveling to Cuba now that restrictions on passage to the island are being loosened.

Rubio pledges to block vote on Cuban ambassador updated 10 days ago

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on Wednesday outlined plans to protest President Obama's move to thaw diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Rick Perry compares Hanukkah rebels to the Boston Tea Party updated 10 days ago

Rick Perry may not be dancing with rabbis this Hanukkah season, but Texas' outgoing chief is still looking to find common ground with the Chosen.

GOP's McSally wins last unresolved House race updated 10 days ago

Republican Martha McSally won the last unresolved House race of the 2014 midterm election, ousting Democratic Rep. Ron Barber the Arizona district once represented by Gabby Giffords.

Cuba releases American Alan Gross, paves way for historic easing of American sanctions updated 10 days ago

U.S. contractor Alan Gross, held by the Cuban government since 2009, was freed as part of a deal with Cuba that paves the way for a overhaul in U.S. policy.

McConnell: Keystone bill first up in new Senate updated 10 days ago

The Republican-led Senate plans to force a showdown with President Barack Obama over the Keystone XL pipeline as soon as new members take office in January.

Obamas say they're still affected by everyday racism updated 10 days ago

They're the most powerful couple in the country but President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama say they're sometimes still treated like help.

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