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CNN's Peter Hamby looks at how Hillary Clinton is handling herself in Iowa -- site of a hard loss in the 2008 presidential caucus.

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The final steak fry: Honoring Harkin with a large helping of politics updated 4 hours 14 minutes ago

The Tom Harkin steak fry, a must-stop Iowa political event for 42 years, will be held for the last time Sunday after 42 years.

The "Inside Politics" forecast: Michelle Obama's push to fire up the base updated 5 hours 50 minutes ago

Another big challenge facing President Obama and some new twists on key 2014 dynamics and players during our trip around the "Inside Politics" table.

Bernie Sanders calls for 'political revolution' in Iowa updated 8 hours 2 minutes ago

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont talks in Iowa about the middle class, health care, and the degrading influence of money in politics.

Kerry: Countries 'in the region' willing to aid strikes against ISIS updated 10 hours 52 minutes ago

Secretary of State John Kerry said some countries "in the region" are willing to aid in strikes against ISIS.

Mark Sanford says he and fiancée have broken up updated 11 hours 10 minutes ago

Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina announced in a 2,300-word Facebook post Friday that he and his Argentine fiancée have broken up.

Nice words but limited commitment so far for Obama's ISIS coalition updated 12 hours 34 minutes ago

So far, it least, it looks like a coalition of the not-so-willing to help President Barack Obama combat ISIS.

Justice Dept. invokes 'state secrets privilege' to block lawsuit updated 1 days ago

The Justice Department on Friday invoked the government's "state secrets privilege" to intervene in a private legal dispute between the owner of a Greek shipping company and a U.S. nonprofit that advocates against Iran's nuclear program.

The fight against ISIS: That which we call a 'war' ... updated 1 days ago

Shakespeare's famous "What's in a name?" comes to mind given confusion over what to call Washington's military action against ISIS.

Senator reimburses federal government more than $30,000 in travel spending updated 2 days ago

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu's campaign paid for more than 12 years of wrongfully taxpayer-funded travel, her office announced on Friday.

Poll: Iowa Senate race is extremely close updated 2 days ago

Only one percentage points separates Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst in the race to represent Iowa in the U.S. Senate.

Women senators demand 'zero tolerance' in NFL on domestic violence updated 2 days ago

A bipartisan group of women senators waded into the ongoing drama over the NFL, Ray Rice and domestic violence.

Like predecessors, Obama drawn back into Iraq updated 2 days ago

Like most Americans, President Barack Obama is tired of war. Unlike most Americans, he just started another one.

Clinton tops Democrats in Iowa while Huckabee leads Republicans updated 2 days ago

The poll leaders for 2016 presidential race in Iowa: Hillary Clinton for Democrats and Mike Huckabee for Republicans.

When Clinton almost became 'Madam President' updated 2 days ago

Grandson of Maya Angelou makes quip about Hillary Clinton as president at memorial service.

Coordinating ISIS coalition familiar ground for Allen updated 2 days ago

John Allen, the former commander of American forces in Afghanistan, will coordinate the coalition to battle ISIS, Secretary of Sate John Kerry announces.

GOP reminds Iowa of Clinton's past failure in state ahead of her return updated 2 days ago

The last time Hillary Clinton was in Iowa, she was limping away from a disappointing third-place finish in the 2008 Iowa caucuses.

Palin family attended party, where fight broke out updated 2 days ago

It's not the latest reality television show but real life for the Palin clan, at least according to reports from bloggers.

McCain claims victory in policy fight with Carney updated 2 days ago

An elephant never forgets, they say, especially a veteran political one like Republican Sen. John McCain.

Obama's critics dismiss Yemen, Somalia airstrikes as model to fight ISIS updated 3 days ago

When President Obama cited strikes in Yemen and Somalia as a tactic , it drew a swift rebuttal from some top Republicans.

Is Obama's plan for confronting ISIS legal? updated 3 days ago

Experts are discussing whether President Obama has legal authority to take military action against ISIS under a 13-year-old measure to counter al Qaeda.

Senator's fund-raising appeal: Michelle Obama may run for Senate updated 3 days ago

Michelle Obama hasn't given any indication that she'll run for political office, but Sen. Mark Kirk is suggesting otherwise.

Survivalist senators go to deserted island; can they save democracy? updated 3 days ago

Two senators -- one Republican, one Democrat -- spent a week on a deserted island as part of a survivalist adventure.

Wendy Davis violated Texas election law, GOP opponent alleges updated 3 days ago

Republican campaign battling Democratic nominee Wendy Davis for the Texas governorship files a complaint accusing Davis of violating state election law.

Boehner hits Obama for ruling out boots on the ground updated 3 days ago

House Speaker John Boehner says he'll support President Obama's ISIS plan but is still very skeptical about it.

First lady to campaign for Democrat in tight Iowa Senate race updated 3 days ago

First lady Michelle Obama is heading to Iowa next month to campaign in one of the closest Senate races of the 2014 midterms.

Hambycast: Want to be president? Talk to this guy updated 3 days ago

It's September of 2014, but Bakari Sellers is already getting calls and visits from the small crop of Democrats considering a 2016 presidential bid.

Democratic candidates finding distance from Obama on ISIS updated 3 days ago

Democratic senators in tough re-election races found a multitude of ways to distinguish themselves from President Barack Obama after his ISIS speech

Showdown: Jay Carney, John McCain face off on CNN updated 3 days ago

Jay Carney, who's now a political analyst for CNN, entered a rare, public dispute with Sen. John McCain on CNN.

Ari Fleischer details 9/11 with President Bush updated 3 days ago

Former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer sent out a series of tweets Thursday detailing what took place 13 years ago on the day of the September 11 attacks.

5 takeaways from Obama's ISIS speech updated 3 days ago

When President Obama announced his plan Wednesday night to launch air strikes in Syria against ISIS, he opened a new chapter in the American war on Islamic extremism. Click here to get all the facts on President Obama's speech to the nation on his new strategy to combat ISIS with air strikes in Iraq and Syria. Or click here to read the transcript.

How did Americans rate Obama's ISIS address? updated 3 days ago

How did viewers react to President Obama's speech on a plan to defeat ISIS? Overall, Americans gave the it high marks, but party lines did show.

Ted Cruz booed at Christian unity dinner updated 3 days ago

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was heckled and booed until he left the stage at an annual gala celebrating Middle Eastern Christians on Wednesday.

Flashback: What's different about Obama's September 10 speech this year? updated 3 days ago

President Obama gave a speech on Syria exactly one year earlier than the one he gave Wednesday night. They had similarities and differences.

Obama escalates ISIS campaign in Iraq, broadens it to war-ravaged Syria updated 3 days ago

It was a speech that Barack Obama -- a war-stopping, Nobel Peace Prize-winning President -- never wanted to give.

Strong reaction to Obama statement: 'ISIL is not Islamic' updated 3 days ago

President Barack Obama was trying to make a broader point when he uttered "ISIL is not Islamic," but the phrase could still come back to haunt him.

Romney before Obama speech: 'We don't have a President that knows what to do' updated 3 days ago

Republicans Mitt Romney and Chris Christie took the opportunity of Christie's birthday party Wednesday to blast Barack Obama on his foreign policy.

Analysis: Obama speech a do-over on 'no strategy' comment updated 3 days ago

Consider tonight's speech by President Obama to be the antidote to his now-infamous comments that his administration lacks a strategy for combating ISIS

Super PAC ad: Obama 'willfully blind to the threats we face' updated 3 days ago

A new super PAC is urging voters to vote with national security as a top priority.

Obama outlines ISIS strategy: Airstrikes in Syria, more U.S. forces updated 4 days ago

President Obama: U.S. airstrikes have been hitting ISIS targets in Iraq. Those strikes will be expanded to Syria.

Transcript: President Obama's Speech on Combating ISIS and Terrorism updated 4 days ago

My fellow Americans -- tonight, I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.

CNN poll: Spike in American fears of terrorism around 9/11 anniversary updated 4 days ago

The number of people who say that acts of terrorism are likely to occur around the anniversary of 9/11 has significantly increased from three years ago.

Carney: Obama would give more speeches if networks would let him updated 4 days ago

Former White House spokesman Jay Carney is back in the media game as a political analyst for CNN.

Democrats' favorite bogeymen fight back updated 4 days ago

After several years of attacks, allies of the conservative Koch brothers, who in past years rarely publicly contested critics, are now fighting back.

Jay Carney joins CNN as commentator updated 4 days ago

Jay Carney, who stepped down as White House press secretary in June, is stepping back into the political fray as a commentator for CNN.

Bernie Sanders challenges Hillary Clinton: 'Is [she] going to say that?' updated 4 days ago

Bernie Sanders wants you to know he's talking about the issues that Hillary Clinton is not.

As Obama prepares for ISIS fight, where are the doves? updated 4 days ago

Two of the most antiwar members of Congress are considering supporting expanded military action against ISIS.

Top question for Obama: What's his plan for ISIS? updated 4 days ago

President Obama will address a nation that's simultaneously war-weary and ready for military action against ISIS

Cheney rips Obama's foreign policy, tells GOP to focus on defense in midterms updated 4 days ago

House Republicans sought the counsel of former Vice President Dick Cheney on foreign policy.

Rancher Cliven Bundy hits the campaign trail in Nevada updated 4 days ago

Defiant Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has hit the campaign trail in Nevada for tea party candidates.

CNN/ORC poll: Most think Congress is worst in their lifetime updated 4 days ago

Eight weeks before the midterms, new CNN poll shows voters in key regions favor Republicans , highlighting challenges for Democrats trying hold the Senate

National security hawks call for airstrikes targeting ISIS leaders updated 4 days ago

On the eve of President Obama's speech on his strategy to combat ISIS, national security hawks are demanding U.S. airstrikes against the group's leaders.

Hoping for '16 payoff, Ready for Hillary greases midterm wheels updated 4 days ago

Ready for Hillary is trying to win over important state parties by exchanging data with other Democrats.

VA inspectors say Phoenix was in total 'chaos' and warn of more risk updated 4 days ago

The Phoenix VA was in total "chaos" with patients needing urgent care, the Inspector General's Office testifies at a Senate hearing Tuesday.

Obama to Congress: No vote needed on ISIS strategy updated 5 days ago

President Barack Obama told congressional leaders on Tuesday he has the authority to carry out his planned strategy against ISIS fighters.

Could Cruz's immigration move lead to shutdown fight? updated 5 days ago

Sen. Ted Cruz says Congress should "use all means necessary" to stop President Obama from granting what Cruz considers amnesty to more illegal immigrants.

Same-sex marriage advocate backs Republican in Senate race updated 5 days ago

In her Senate bid in Oregon, Republican Monica Wehby enlisted the help of a prominent gay rights activist to unveil her support for same-sex marriage.

Ray Rice firing not enough, says senator who wants 'special scrutiny' of NFL updated 5 days ago

Commenting on the Ray Rice firing, Sen. Richard Blumenthal says NFL needs to do more to combat domestic violence, league "deserves special scrutiny."

Republican ad slams Democratic candidate ... and 14 GOP senators? updated 5 days ago

The latest video ad from the Republican Senate campaign arm accuses Michelle Nunn, the Democratic Senate candidate in Georgia, of supporting amnesty.

Terror fears could help GOP in midterms updated 5 days ago

Poll numbers indicate the 2014 midterms may turn into a wave for Republicans. Concerns of terrorism could play a role, CNN's John King observes.

Congressman: Reid runs the Senate 'like a plantation' updated 5 days ago

Rep. Bill Cassidy, running for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana, is taking heat after he said Harry Reid "runs the Senate like a plantation."

Kerry's mission: Mideast buy-in for anti-ISIS effort updated 5 days ago

Secretary of State Kerry left for the Middle East with a single sales objective: Shore up support to defeat what he calls ISIS' "genocidal agenda."

A year later, Obama again addresses nation on Syria updated 5 days ago

A year later, President Obama will talk differently about attacking Syria when he addresses the nation Wednesday.

Would Hillary Clinton top Chris Christie in New Jersey? updated 5 days ago

Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck in New Jersey governor's home state, according to poll on hypothetical presidential match-up for 2016.

Senator apologizes for invoking names of slain journalists in policy argument updated 5 days ago

Sen. Mark Udall apologizes for suggesting that the two beheaded U.S. journalists would agree with his view that a cautious approach is needed against ISIS.

Michelle Obama hits the campaign trail updated 6 days ago

Michelle Obama makes her campaign trail debut Monday in the hotly contested Georgia race for U.S. Senate.

CNN poll finds majority of Americans alarmed by ISIS updated 6 days ago

Americans are increasingly concerned that ISIS represents a direct terror threat, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll.

Congress to-do list: Avoid shutdown, go campaigning updated 6 days ago

Members of Congress returned to Washington on Monday from a five-week summer break. And they already can't wait to go back home.

Obama: Golfing after Foley statement was a bad idea updated 6 days ago

President Obama said he should have known better than to go golfing immediately after speaking about the beheading of an American journalist.

Five reasons Obama's delay on immigration is political updated 6 days ago

Five reasons why President Obama's delay on unilateral immigration reforms is political.

Perry: I am not a French king updated 6 days ago

Lawyers for Texas Governor Rick Perry filed a motion Monday to toss out last month's grand jury indictment.

Ebola is a 'national security priority,' Obama says updated 6 days ago

President Barack Obama signals he is likely to send U.S. military resources to help fight the Ebola outbreak in several countries in West Africa.

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush yuk it up updated 6 days ago

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush's relationship was on full display on Monday as the two joked, praised and laughed with each other.

Democrats blame GOP for Obama immigration delay updated 6 days ago

Democrats are trying to shift blame from President Obama to Republicans over the delay on immigration action.

Foodies beware: The FDA is coming for your French cheese updated 6 days ago

America's food police are patrolling and arresting suspicious French cheese for bacteria.

Lyndon Johnson's 'Daisy' ad, which changed the world of politics, turns 50 updated 6 days ago

The "Daisy" ad run by President Lyndon B. Johnson's campaign aired 50 years ago this week. It's widely viewed as the first political attack ad.

Panel suggests fixes for death penalty in U.S. updated 6 days ago

Federal and state governments should move to a single lethal drug for executions instead of complex cocktails that can be botched, a group of criminal justice experts said in a new review of the death penalty in the United States.

Obama: U.S. to 'start going on some offense' in ISIS fight updated 6 days ago

Obama will deliver a speech about ISIS on Wednesday to explain to the nation "what our game plan is going forward" in the fight against the group.

The 'Daisy' spot and five other compelling political ads updated 7 days ago

It was a one-minute spot that aired just one time, but with an ominous countdown and a mushroom cloud. Lyndon B. Johnson's 'Daisy' ad aired 50 years ago.

Lawmakers urge Obama to work with Congress on immigration updated 7 days ago

One day after Obama said he is delaying executive action on immigration, lawmakers urge him to ditch plans for an executive action and work with Congress.

As 2016 nears, Rubio and Cruz show interest in running for president updated 7 days ago

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas say they're interested in running for president in 2016.

The 'Inside Politics' forecast: The Chamber's next target -- Iowa updated 7 days ago

Major decisions for President Obama, a peek inside Pat Roberts' new campaign playbook, and reminders of how important Nevada and Iowa are in politics.

Christie: I won't state position on immigration unless I run for President updated 7 days ago

Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday in Mexico City that he won't lay out his position on immigration reform unless he decides to run for President.

Obama: Waiting will make immigration executive action 'more sustainable' updated 7 days ago

President Barack Obama will not take any executive actions on immigration until after November's elections.

Key White House adviser: U.S. will fight ISIS with a coalition updated 9 days ago

A key White House adviser believes the U.S. will "absolutely" secure an international coalition to defeat ISIS.

Challenges to predicting the November election result updated 9 days ago

How do the pundits get some races so wrong, and what does that mean for November's congressional elections?

Modern-day 'news poet' Bruce Morton dies updated 9 days ago

LBruce Morton, a longtime CNN national correspondent, passed away Thursday at his Washington home. He was 83.

Hillary Clinton to decide on 2016 presidential run around end of year updated 9 days ago

Hillary Clinton told an audience in Mexico City on Friday that she'll make her presidential decision around the first of 2015.

CNN Poll: Key Arkansas Senate race a dead heat updated 9 days ago

Rep. Tom Cotton has a 2-point lead over Sen. Mark Pryor in new CNN/ORC International poll of the political knife fight for the U.S. Senate seat in Arkansas

Chris McDaniel takes primary fight with Thad Cochran to Mississippi high court updated 9 days ago

State Sen. Chris McDaniel filed an appeal Friday with the Mississippi Supreme Court over a decision to leave Sen. Thad Cochran the winner of GOP primary.

Romney, Clinton duel in op-eds updated 9 days ago

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton have dueling opinion pieces about foreign policy.

Elizabeth Warren's unvarnished view of Hillary Clinton in 2004 updated 9 days ago

Elizabeth Warren spoke candidly in 2004 about how the Senate changed Hillary Clinton, proving that the Senate has changed her, too.

Del. governor's office says racy tweet was accidental, apologizes updated 9 days ago

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell's office apologized Thursday for a tweet accidentally containing a link to a racy photo.

Deval Patrick: 'Maybe' on running for president someday updated 10 days ago

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick seemed to inch forward Thursday in his thinking about possibly running for president.

Clinton: Republicans are denying the United States clean energy jobs updated 10 days ago

Hillary Clinton used a softball climate change question on Thursday to step up her political rhetoric and hit Republicans

Former GOP spokesman comes out, pushes for same-sex marriage updated 10 days ago

James Richardson is gay. He's a Republican. He wants you to know that he wants to get married.

Republicans have 'whiplash' over ruling in Kansas Senate race updated 10 days ago

Republicans are scrambling to aid Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, whose re-election bid suddenly became more competitive.

Former Virginia governor found guilty in influence-peddling case updated 10 days ago

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife are convicted in their influence-peddling trial.

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