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President Obama welcomed previously Ebola-stricken nurse Nina Pham to the White House for a visit and a hug Friday.

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Poll: Coakley trails GOP challenger in Massachusetts updated 19 hours 14 minutes ago

Massachusetts Democratic governor hopeful Martha Coakley is falling behind her Republican challenger Charlie Baker, a new poll shows.

Latino millennials want to end Cuba embargo updated 19 hours 16 minutes ago

Cuban-Americans have had an outsized influence in keeping the U.S. embargo. Now a younger generation sees things differently.

President Obama hugs Ebola-free nurse updated 19 hours 34 minutes ago

Before Nina Pham headed back home to Dallas, Texas, she made one exciting final stop.

Viewers passionately weigh in on New Hampshire Senate debate updated 20 hours 14 minutes ago

Listening to the Jeanne Shaheen-Scott Brown Senate debate, New Hampshire voters react in real time on Microsoft Bing Pulse.

Scott Brown on Ebola: No time for "political correctness" updated 21 hours 14 minutes ago

New Hampshire Senate Candidate Scott Brown responded to news that a new case of Ebola has been diagnosed in New York City.

Jeb Bush talks 2016 run with donors updated 21 hours 18 minutes ago

Jeb Bush was blitzed with questions Thursday about his presidential ambitions in a private session with top South Carolina donors and business leaders.

Government report finds Monica Lewinsky was mistreated in affair investigation updated 22 hours 33 minutes ago

A government report obtained by the Washington Post on Thursday states that government agents and lawyers mistreated Monica Lewinsky.

Democratic candidate doesn't want Harry Reid in charge updated 22 hours 35 minutes ago

South Dakota Democratic candidate Rick Weiland opposes the party's leader in the chamber.

New York governor on Ebola fears: I'll ride the subway today updated 22 hours 40 minutes ago

To quash what he described as "irrational fear," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he'll ride one of the three subway lines taken by the latest Ebola patient.

CNN Poll: Georgia Senate race statistical tie updated 1 days ago

Democrat Michelle Nunn has a slight edge over Republican David Perdue in the Georgia Senate race, according to a new CNN/ORC International survey.

Hambycast: The nerd science of campaigning updated 1 days ago

Have you heard that it all comes down to turnout? Of course you have, because politicians say it every November.

Latest White House fence jumper has mental health problems, father says updated 1 days ago

A man who jumped the White House fence Wednesday night suffers from mental problems, and has been arrested there before, according to his father.

Elizabeth Warren: Dems must "stand up and fight" updated 1 days ago

While President Obama seems to be on a self-imposed Rose Garden strategy this election, one Democrat is in demand: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Rand Paul plants feet between both sides of foreign policy debate updated 1 days ago

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, paints himself in a major speech as a champion of "conservative realism" in U.S. foreign policy.

Will last minute strength be enough for Dems? updated 1 days ago

Democrats in key Senate races are showing some strength in the final stretch of election season -- but it may not be enough to keep the chamber.

'Rational fear' and 5 other key moments from New Hampshire Senate debate updated 1 days ago

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen repeatedly accused Republican challenger Scott Brown of "fear-mongering" -- on Ebola, ISIS and more.

Ebola, 'fear-mongering' dominate New Hampshire debate updated 1 days ago

Republican Scott Brown used the latest potential Ebola case -- this time, a doctor in New York -- to blast President Barack Obama.

Poll: Dead heat in New Hampshire Senate race updated 1 days ago

A new CNN/ORC poll shows a statistical dead heat for Senate in New Hampshire between incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and her GOP opponent Scott Brown.

Hillary Clinton is returning to Iowa updated 1 days ago

Hillary Clinton is headed back to Iowa on October 29, according to a Democratic source with knowledge of the trip.

Sarah Palin finds a Democrat (and an independent) she can support updated 1 days ago

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed an independent candidate for governor and his Democratic running mate.

Ernst skips Des Moines Register meeting updated 1 days ago

Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst canceled a meeting with the Des Moines Register newspaper editorial board Thursday.

Washington monitoring Canada shootings updated 1 days ago

Washington -- one of the world's most secure cities -- is reacting cautiously following the attacks at Canada's Parliament Hill.

Labor chief: 'Christie's got his head in the sand' updated 1 days ago

Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Thursday panned New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's comments that he's "tired" of the minimum wage debate.

Hillary Clinton's midterm campaign schedule updated 1 days ago

Clinton is helping campaign for Democrats in 2014, work that will help her if she runs for president in 2016.

Moms focus group: Washington doesn't get me updated 1 days ago

A focus group of mothers NC had the same thing to say on Monday: Politicians don't understand their struggle.

Alaska pol offends high school reeling from suicide updated 2 days ago

Rep. Don Young has never been known for mincing words, but his comments Tuesday regarding suicide to an Alaska High School took the "breath away" from his audience.

Koch-backed super PAC puts $1.1 million in Kansas race updated 2 days ago

The super PAC backed by the Koch brothers is making its final push in Kansas on Thursday.

Holder interview: What we learned updated 2 days ago

Here are things we learned from the Eric Holder interview.

First on CNN: Mitt Romney to campaign in key North Carolina race next week updated 2 days ago

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is heading to North Carolina next week to campaign with Republican Senate nominee Thom Tillis, CNN has learned.

Obama calls, thanks Ebola hospital workers in Dallas updated 2 days ago

President Barack Obama on Wednesday thanked health care workers at the hospital in Dallas where a patient died of Ebola and two nurses became infected.

How did Florida's candidates for governor rate? updated 2 days ago

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist took aim at each other during a bitter debate on Thursday night.

Independent candidate: No 'bromance' with GOP opponent updated 2 days ago

Don't expect a chest bump on election night this year in Maine.

Poll: Georgia Senate race statistically tied updated 2 days ago

Neither candidate in the crucial Georgia Senate race appears poised to cruise to victory in less than two weeks, a new poll released Wednesday shows.

Hagan absent, Tillis faces off against empty chair updated 2 days ago

This is not your Clint Eastwood empty chair moment from the 2012 Republican National Convention -- but it's close.

DSCC back on the air in Kentucky updated 2 days ago

Democrats will soon return to the airwaves in Kentucky to back Alison Lundergan Grimes, according to a source at the DSCC.

Koch brothers PAC ads 'close out' with $6.5 million for 6 races updated 2 days ago

A super PAC backed by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch is dropping $6.5 million into six competitive Senate races in a final ad push.

Day one for Ebola czar Ron Klain updated 2 days ago

The seasoned Democratic operative President Barack Obama tapped last week to head his administration's Ebola fight got to work on Wednesday, though Ron Klain's new job is expected to unfold out of public sight.

Obama, Pelosi star in GOP ads updated 2 days ago

President Obama and Nancy Pelosi not on campaign trail but are featured in GOP campaign ads.

Senator's "Wastebook" has everything that will fit in a pork barrel updated 2 days ago

Senator's "Wastebook' notes that getting rid of the practice of pork barrel spending is next to impossible.

Obama's ISIS, Ebola "mission creep" updated 2 days ago

Barack Obama is loading new missions on the U.S. military with fast-expanding mandates and no certain end dates as he grapples with ISIS and Ebola.

Emotional reunion as Jeffrey Fowle, held by North Korea returns to U.S. updated 3 days ago

After five months of detention in North Korea, Jeffrey Fowle arrived home in Ohio early Wednesday for an emotional reunion with his family.

Elizabeth Warren: I've been treated differently updated 3 days ago

Sen. Elizabeth Warren told CNN she has been treated differently as a woman in the clubby upper chamber.

Ex-counterterror chief: U.S. lost track of terrorists after Snowden updated 3 days ago

Ripping the cover off top-secret U.S. surveillance programs pushed foreign terrorists underground and out of intelligence services' reach, Olsen says.

Ernst's new hog ad: 'Too many politicians full of...' updated 3 days ago

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst is making the internet squeal, again, with a new ad that features her dozens of hogs.

Palins describe brawl in police recordings updated 3 days ago

Bristol Palin describes being dragged through the grass and called a series of obscenities during a massive brawl last month in recordings of Anchorage police interviews that CNN obtained through a public records request.

Florida debate turns bitter over executions updated 3 days ago

The third and final debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist got off to a breezy start-- with no fan on stage for Crist and no protest from Scott.

What key Senate race means for 2016 updated 3 days ago

Sen. Kay Hagan should be toast by now.

Journalists react to 'icon' Ben Bradlee's death updated 3 days ago

Journalists react to the death of Ben Bradlee, the iconic editor of The Washington Post who oversaw the paper's coverage of the Watergate scandal

American released from North Korea updated 3 days ago

American Jeffrey Fowle has been released and is on his way home, a senior State Department official told CNN.

Hillary Clinton finds a campaign message in personal speech updated 3 days ago

Clinton used her Tuesday appearance to court women with a message about her life, successes and future hopes.

Former U.S. counterterror chief: 'Imminent threat' remains updated 3 days ago

The former head of U.S. counterterror operations said on Tuesday the "imminent threat" posed by an al Qaeda offshoot hasn't lessened after airstrikes.

This man could flip the Senate updated 3 days ago

A quiet lobbying campaign by a low-key man from Maine could determine which party controls the Senate next year.

The race to 50? Same-sex marriage spreads in 'red' states updated 3 days ago

It's a big week for same-sex marriages in the United States, following a court decision and a new, tougher stance from President Obama. Meanwhile, there are growing concerns that some opponents may be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

San Diego DA clears DeMaio of sexual misconduct, accuser of break-in updated 3 days ago

A former aide to congressional candidate Carl DeMaio will not be charged with breaking into DeMaio's campaign office, according to the San Diego district attorney.

White House corrects record on 'unpaid bills' updated 3 days ago

The White House has now issued a corrected official transcript of a speech President Barack Obama gave Monday.

The 'why bother?' election updated 3 days ago

But many if not most Americans see the midterm election two weeks from Tuesday as likely to change little or nothing of consequence.

Chicago man to Obama: 'Don't touch my girlfriend' updated 3 days ago

The woman who voted next to President Barack Obama on Monday says she was "embarrassed and just shocked," after her fiancé jokingly told him "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend."

Obama makes push for Nunn on Atlanta radio updated 3 days ago

President Barack Obama said political candidates who are running ads against him personally should motivate voters to get out to the polls even more.

Travelers from West Africa restricted to five U.S. airports updated 3 days ago

All travelers flying into the United States from the West African countries most impacted by the Ebola virus can only enter the U.S. through five airports.

Michelle Obama rights Braley-Bailey slip updated 3 days ago

The first lady came prepared Tuesday and corrected herself during a rally for Braley in Iowa City.

Senate slates Ebola hearing as calls for ban grow updated 3 days ago

Barbara Mikulski plans to hold a hearing on the government's handling of the Ebola outbreak on Nov. 6 -- two days after the midterm elections.

Gov. Jindal orders restrictions for West Africa travelers updated 3 days ago

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed an executive order to monitor those who have visited Ebola countries.

Report finds drug war fail: $7 billion spent, record opium poppy crop updated 3 days ago

America's drug war in Afghanistan is failing badly, according to a new report from a U.S. government watchdog.

'You lie,' American yells in Qatari court after being accused of starving child updated 4 days ago

Matthew Huang, an American held in Qatar, has an outburst after a Qatari prosecutor tells a court that he and his wife let their daughter starve.

Holder "cautiously optimistic" on legal pot updated 4 days ago

The outgoing U.S. attorney general said he is "cautiously optimistic" when it comes to Washington and Colorado's experiment with marijuana legalization.

Clinton family remembers Oscar de la Renta updated 4 days ago

Oscar de la Renta was known for being a designer to first families, and the Clintons were no exception.

Kasich in interview: Obamacare here to stay updated 4 days ago

A repeal of President Barack Obama's signature health care law is "not gonna happen" even if the GOP takes the Senate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said.

CNN Florida governor debate: 7 things to watch updated 4 days ago

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist face off Tuesday night in a debate hosted by CNN and Jacksonville affiliate WJXT.

Lewinsky makes emotional plea to end cyberbullying updated 4 days ago

Monica Lewinsky told an audience in Philadelphia on Monday that her new mission in life was to end cyberbullying. Her speech -- and her goal -- come as the former White House intern steps into the public eye after years of trying to live privately.

Bill Clinton: Stop the Ebola 'blame game' updated 4 days ago

When it comes to Ebola, former President Bill Clinton says politicians and the media need to quit playing the "blame game."

Obama: Endangered Democrats 'all folks who vote with me' updated 4 days ago

President Barack Obama says his feelings aren't hurt by Democrats who don't want to campaign side-by-side with him.

Cuomo confronts and pokes fun at Biden's LaGuardia Airport "third world" joke updated 4 days ago

Remember that time Vice President Joe Biden compared New York City's LaGuardia Airport to a "third world country"?

Eric Holder: Panetta book 'unfortunate' updated 4 days ago

Attorney General Eric Holder took aim at former Defense and CIA chief Leon Panetta.

Poll: Roberts, Orman tied in Kansas Senate race updated 4 days ago

A new poll shows independent Kansas Senate hopeful Greg Orman tied with incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts.

Grimes and her family's Hugh Jass Burgers updated 4 days ago

Alison Lundergan Grimes has barnstormed Kentucky, talking up her support for raising the minimum wage and criticizing the GOP's so-called war on women.

Michigan GOP airs 'Sharknado'-inspired ad updated 4 days ago

Michigan Democratic Senate hopeful Gary Peters is the target of a Sharknado-inspired cartoon, but supporters say the ad "jumped the shark."

Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter: '#HereWeGo' updated 4 days ago

Monica Lewinsky took another step into the public spotlight on Monday when she joined Twitter.

Barack Obama votes Monday in Illinois updated 4 days ago

President Barack Obama is home to cast his ballot Monday, the day early voting begins in Illinois, and he isn't afraid to reveal whom he's casting his ballot for.

Would a surgeon general help in Ebola response? updated 5 days ago

As newly picked Ebola czar Ron Klain gets started, some are wondering if America could also use a new surgeon general.

Donald Trump: 2016 decision comes early next year updated 5 days ago

Donald Trump told an Iowa audience not to count him out -- at least not until he makes his decision about running early next year.

What does Ted Cruz want a Republican congress to do? updated 5 days ago

Don't say Sen. Ted Cruz doesn't have a plan.

Recovering political strategist turns restauranteur updated 5 days ago

Josiah's Coffee House and Café is a must-go destination for melt-in-your-mouth fresh baked goods and a perfect cup of coffee.

First on CNN: Obama will name Ron Klain as Ebola czar updated 5 days ago

President Barack Obama will appoint Ron Klain his "Ebola czar," knowledgeable sources tell CNN.

Supreme Court allows Texas voter ID law for now updated 5 days ago

U.S. Supreme Court said Saturday that Texas' controversial voter identification law can go into effect for now.

'Inside Politics' forecast: GOP voters see a growing immigration crisis updated 5 days ago

CNN's John King and other top political reporters empty out their notebooks each Sunday on "Inside Politics" to reveal what will be in the headlines.

Eric Holder's legacy stretches from Guantanamo to Ferguson updated 5 days ago

Attorney General Eric Holder strode in to a raucously triumphant welcome at Justice Department headquarters on cold, sunny February morning in 2009, less than a month after the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Midterm Mile Markers: On the road to Election 2014 updated 6 days ago

An Ebola travel ban would be completely unprecedented -- Here's why updated 6 days ago

There's a lot of information out there on the Ebola crisis. And now, the issue's gone political with increasingly vocal talk on Capitol Hill and in midterm campaigns calling for a travel ban to keep the disease from spreading in the U.S.

Who is Hunter Biden? updated 7 days ago

Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's son, was discharged from the Navy Reserve this year after failing a drug test, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday night.

Biden's son discharged from Navy after testing positive for cocaine updated 7 days ago

The Navy Reserve discharged Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter this year after he tested positive for cocaine, U.S. officials confirmed.

DeMaio accuser turns to lie detector to bolster harassment claims updated 7 days ago

A former campaign aide who accused GOP congressional candidate Carl DeMaio of sexual harassment released the results of an independent lie detector test.

Your questions for the Florida debate updated 7 days ago

We're looking for your questions for the seeking the Florida governorship? Now is your chance to ask Gov. Rick Scott or former Gov. Charlie Crist directly about the economy, immigration, or any other issue that you do not think has been addressed yet.

Your questions for the New Hampshire debate updated 7 days ago

We're looking for your questions for the candidates seeking New Hampshire's U.S. Senate seat. Now is your chance to ask Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and former Sen. Scott Brown directly about the economy, immigration, or any other issue that you do not think has been addressed yet.

Madeleine Albright is on the cover of a Wheaties box updated 7 days ago

Well, here's a first. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is on a Wheaties Box.

Is this the 'Wille Horton' ad of 2014? updated 7 days ago

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee released an ad linking Democratic challenger in a Nebraska House race to a convicted serial killer.

GOP slams Klain pick as Ebola czar updated 7 days ago

Republicans who pressed Pres. Obama for a more coordinated federal response to the Ebola outbreak are blasting the appointment of Ron Klain as "Ebola czar."

Obama's credit card declined at fancy restaurant updated 7 days ago

Ever had your credit card turned down at a fancy restaurant? President Obama can commiserate.

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